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10 most significant events in Egypts history

Date and name of event Pre-Dynastic Period Around 6,0003,000B.C. Justification of significance People who inhabited along the Nile created villages. They began to settle down in one place. Also, they stated doing agriculture and livestock farming. Early Dynastic Period Around 3,000-2,650B.C. Menes dominated Upper and Lower Egypt. It was the first and second dynasty. The capital city was Memphis. The estimated population at that time is 200 million. Old Kingdom Period Around 2,650-2,180B.C. It was from third to sixth dynasty. Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed at that time. A wall painting describes mediation between Upper and Lower Egypt A wall painting describes situations of ancient agriculture An image of the event or a link to a scholarly site with more information

The picture of Great Pyramid of Giza

Middle Kingdom Period Around 2,040-1,785B.C.

It was from 11th to 12th dynasty. Mentuhotep the Second could unify again. The capital city was Thebes (now is Phthisis) The picture of ancient city Thebes It was from 18 to 20th dynasty. Valley of the Kings was constructed in this era. Also, Tutankamen appeared and dominated Egypt. Exodus of Egypt is happened in this time.

New Kingdom Period Around 1,560B.C.-

The image of Exodus of Egypt

Dominance of the Roman Empire Around 30B.C.-395A.D.

Jesus Christ was born in this period. Christianity became established in Egypt. Some people conducted destroying Egyptian shrine in this time. The image of Jesus Christ

Dominance of Byzantine Empire Around 395-641

The ancient polytheism worship was prohibited and religion was unified in Christianity. The figure of polytheism

Dominance of UK Around 1,882-1,992

UKs troop destroyed the houses in Alexandria. Then, European buildings were constructed in those days. Egyptian Museum was established in this era. The picture of Egyptian Museum Howard Carter found the tomb of Tutankamen which was historical great discovery. Furthermore, Arab-Israeli War was broken out in 1948.

Birth of Kingdom of Egypt Around 1,922-1952

The image of Tutankamens statue and picture of Arab-Israeli War. Birth of Arab Republic The Egypt which is of Egypt consisted of all of Around 1,952Egyptian people was born after an interval of about 2,000 years. The Suez Canal was nationalized in 1956. In addition, Gamal

The picture of Suez Canal

Abdel Nasser was inaugurated as Egypts President in 1958. Moreover, Arab-Israeli Wars happened in 1967 and 1973.

Ex-President Gamal Abdel Nasser