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How to perform Swarna Gowri Vrata - FAQ



FAQ of Swarna Gowri Pooja:

Disclaimer: Procedures vary from region to region and vary from paddathi to paddati. It is best to consult elders at Home to know about your paddathi . What ever we have tried to Answer here is as I have seen at my home (we are Hindu-Brahmin- Smartha -Mulakanadu)


What direction should the God face:

Pl. keep the god facing East – Best Option

Or North – Medium Option. Please note that God can be kept facing any in Direction……….

Daivataha : Sarvato mukhaha”….(that means, Gods are facing all directions)……as far as possible, keep god facing in such a way that, as soon as somebody enters the house, they are

able to see the god directly… it is your convenience…

How ever, You must face to the East or

North while sitting for pooja and sankalpa that is important.



What direction we should sit for pooja: Pl. sit facing East or North Direction.


Can I Start the pooja in Raahu Kaala: Pl. Note that the Raahu Kaala is followed only for Journy purpose and starting any big events. But it is not followed for dailyevents and periodical rituals.

This is a periodical ritual (Varshe, Varshe kartavya: …. That means every year ritual….)

so in my

opinion, you need not see rahukaala to observe his vratha. Shara---- Pl. look at rahu kaala if this is first year of your pooja (newly married first timers)


When do I take Mangala Snaana: People who are all doing pooja… sumangalis and the children should take mangala snaana on the previous day of the pooja…. That is on Bidige(2 nd day of the lunar Month) …. On the pooja day (triteeya), you should take normal bath…


How many Threads should be kept for pooja: It depends on how many people are sitting for

pooja. Normally Minimum of two threads are to be made……

Suppose, two of you are sitting,

then two is enough. If three of you are sitting keep 4 like that.



Each Daara should be of how many threads, and how many Gantus.(Knots): the Shastra says,

Shodasha Granthi Sanyuktam, Krutam Shodasha Tantubihi…. That means, it should be made of 16 threads and 16 gantus. But Normally, you take single thread hasi daarada unde, make five

folds of daara with a length of about little more than a mola and put 16 gantus.

Take one

Shavantige hoova and tie it at the center of the daara.

You need to soak the daara with


keep it on viledele (2) and adike(2) and dakshine, keep it in a small plate and place it

on to the right side of the Devi and do Pooja.



What is the procedure to tie this daara(Doora Granthi): Normally, after the pooja, if Husband

is around, (with Panche and shalya),

He will tie this.

Give this Daara to him.

You keep one

taambula with a fruit and dakshine in Both of your hands……

facing North or East…and Sit. Husband will show/touch this daara first to right hand, and later left hand (at the place where you tie watch)……like this for three times and finally tie the daara with three knots on to your right hand. After that, he will put arishina and kumkuma to the knots. You will keep the taambula down,… get up and give him akshaate and do namaskaara.

taambula facing Husband… you

If Husband is not around, next choice is amma, or atte, or any other sumangali around….The daara tieing procedure is same.

8. Minimum - How many co-conuts you need for pooja – Totally 4…… One for Nivedya, one for

if two of you are sitting, you need to keep two

Poorna Phala… Two for Upayana Daana………

more extra …

Multiplies of two for any additional Sumangali sitting for pooja.

9. Minimum How many Bananas You need for pooja


½ KG Banana totaling about 6 in Nos.

10. What is Madhu parka:……

Honey…. Parka me ans Curds… so take a Banana and

peel it from the flower side of the fruit and immerse it in Honey, Sugar, and Curds and keep it on

beetle leaves and beetle nuts with Dakshine and do nivedya after shastriji reciting Mantra……….

Madhu means

11. How many Gowris will have to be kept in this pooja ……. One Maralu Gowri (or Mannina Gowri called saikata Gowri), One Arishina Gowri(called Daakshayini Gowri)…. Five of Mangala Gowri (if applicable to you)…. One Mannina Gowri (called alankaara Gowri)…. One Mukawada (Optional)

12. How to decorate the god for this pooja……. It is actually left to your imagination… but I will tell

you what I have seen……

Stool or Teepai (Center Table)

Tappale with big base and small top… Place it on the stool and fill this with Rice to gain Weight……. And decorate this tappale with Saree nerige and Blouse Piece…… let the fall of the saree come downwards, so that pallu and border are visible… Take one Silver Thatte big and

drape arishina (cotton) blouse piece on the plate and Pour Akki about ½ KG in it…… place the Gowramma on this. Take small silver kalasha and put ganga/water (after gange pooje) in to this and decorate with five viledele….keep a small mirror in front of kalasha….Keep the Mukhavada in the center and keep big bindi of kumkum to the mukhavada….Keep one Gangastaali and one

Annapoorneswari Vigraha for pooja purpose…

and other aabharana items of Gowramma to the right side of Mannina Gowramma……. Keep

one belli (silver)

decorate the table with Balekambha and torana (Mango leaves) and put rangoli… Keep Deepada Kambha on either side of the table (stool)…Keep one small Devi Vigraha in small silver plate at the center of the stool on the ground on a Mane or some thing to gain a little height to enable you to do kumkumaarchane……Please take care to bring only Mud type Gowramma and not plaster of paris and other materials etc.,…. Keep a Devi photo at the back to give more look decorate with Flowers, Torana etc.,….

go near a well or go to

nadi(River) , or kere or any good water body…

white wash the wells for the pooja day)…

kumkuma for the face of the well……



best is to keep God in a Mantapa(Wooden)… otherwise, Take a Clean it…. Put rangoli on it Asta Dala Padma….……. Take Annada


one set of bale, bichole, kaadige, kannadi

Ganesha Vigraha in a separate plate for Ganesha Pooja Purpose…

13. . How to get

Gange(sacred water collection) for this pooja……



the well area…(earlier days, people used to

put arishina

put rangole……. keep deepa(2) there…

small Ganapathi pooja there… ask his permi ssion to

take care of pooja well(NirviGhnam kurume deva, sarva kaaryeshu sarvadaa) …

from the well soak the black blouse and white piece and squeeze it… keep good quality mud ready (taken from tulasi mannu) and little bit of maralu… make maralu gowri and arishina gowri there……… decorate with arishina kumkuma… do small pooja with flowers , gejje vastra etc.,… keep small nivedya as well…. Some people will break coconut here……… make aarathi….with gowri haadu…. Bring it near the door of the house with ghanta naada and haadu etc.,…… do tulasi pooja and hostila pooja…. Keep deepa at hostilu….decorate face of the house door with

get the water

gejje vastra…


put it on gowramma…some people put kari mani sara also…

Do aarathi for gowramma… with ganta naada… place the Gowramma at pooja


adjust to the god centering etc.,….dry this black blouse piece and white blouse piece and

a ganga staali and

annapurneswari vigraha… keep one ganesha vigraha also in separate plate in front for purpose of Ganesha Pooja…. Use the same water for the whole pooja….

14. How many Yele Gejje Vastra Should be there for this vrata…. This is called Swarna Gowri Vrata… please make 16 yele Gejje Vastra….and soak it arishina

15. What are the Nivedya Items for this pooja………. I will tell you only what is minimum required….

Hannu (5 types each two nos.) … tengina Kaayi(1) …Viledele(16), Adike (16), (Adike Pudi --- if you

enough… but normally I have seen… 16 Bele Obbattu,

nivedya (

are doing maha nivedya)…dakshine…


kosambri (2 types), Paanaka, gulpapde….16 nos.-Chigali (16)

with full of the adige what you have prepared … Keep it in silver plate or Baleyele with agra)



16. How to keep these items for Nivedya……. Make a Mandala… take water in you hand sprinkle it

on the floor with full of palm facing down…

put it on the ground… start towards your left…….complete to Make a square…

hand… make a diagonal to end mandala in north east direction… put akshate in all the four corners of the square and a little at the center. This is called mandala. If you are facing north…


you are facing east… use your first three fingers

do not lift your

use your first three fingers

put it on the ground… start upwards… turn right…

complete the

square…. Do not lift the hand…. Complete the diagonal with north east direction…

put akshate

as told above… if you are keeping hannu kayi… keep it on a plate with taambula and dakshine

and keep it at one corner of mandala…… keep fruits also along with it…. All the flowers of the

fruits should be looking up…


with only one banana leave

front of the god with agra facing as though god is eating. That means, if god is facing east, then

agra should come to north…(left hand side of god) ……. first put ghee on to the bale yele with help of flower (paatra abhigara)…. Then start serving in bale yele in the traditional way as we do

leave should be with agra and place it in

you are keeping maha nivedya…. Please use two banana leaves (some people use


keeping papaya……papaya not allowed as an item of



this is wrong)…

with two kosambri, two palya… one payasa

one chitranna… poppu…maggige huli/Kuutu

Obbattu…etc., Lastly serve Anna Two times…now in the end you should put tuppa


(that means… you should not serve every thing in the plate and put tuppa in the kitchen and

bring it keep it in front of god)…

lota…mosaru lota

copper) at the right side of the yele… all the bakshya like obbattu, bonda/bajjji/Aaambode …. should come below chitranna…. And in the end you should put abhigaara to anna first, payasa


in front of yele…….Keep viledele (16 or 5 will do) and adike pudi in a separate plate ……now you do nivedya as per shastry ji’s mantra…….

…. The answer for this is, soon

and to bakshya third…… keep two line rangoli in front of yele…. Keep two tuppada deepa

should come to the left corner of bale yele… keep one glass of water(silver or

Please note that tuppa has to be served in the last after every thing is over…

all the

items like…. payasa lota

paanaka lota… halu

17. When we have to give this shurpa vaayana dana (Baagina)

after the vratha and before lunch… on the same day…

before udwaasana of Gowri…

is before immersion)


if not possible… you should give this

18. How to make ready Baagina for this pooja…… take one set Jodi mora…. Decorate the same with arishina, Kumkuma and color paper etc.,…. Take a small Banana leave and cut it to size, drape it on one of the mora…. Put all types of Bele(pulses like togari, hesaru, uddu, kadale) in zip lock

covers small, Gowri Saamanu, Fruits 5 types, blouse piece, godhi or rave, bella one acchu, all in

arisina kumkuma packet,

jacket piece,Tengina Kayi, silver bowl (optional), Saree (must for taayi baagina)…. Keep one taambula, with one type of fruit on the top while giving away this baagina… ,

19. How many Baaginas for this pooja…… one taayi baagina…. One Gowri Baagina… another three

total five…. Keep it ready before pooja and place it to the right side of the

teepoi or stool. After taayi Bagina and Gowri Baagina,…. you can rotate remaining three

and gowri baagina… and

small zip lock covers and one little big cover of

Rice, bale, bichole

may be optional…

baaginaas between the guests…

please do not mix up taayi baagina

don’t’ indulge in ‘give and take’ of these two baaginaas

20. Can I prepare more baginaas??? How many baaginaas we should keep ready……

Pl. keep

ready minimum two…… or five……if your guest(count sumangalis only)

additional…….pl. note

whatever nos, you have prepared are to be distributed among sumangalis before udwaasana of



type you should give 16 baaginaas for continuous Five years. If not possible to give all the five years, give 16 baaginaas for the first year, and the fifth year.

list is more… then do

first year sumangalis should make ready 16 baaginas…. But the rule is

16 (Sixteen) Baaginas ….

you should not keep it pending with out distributing….

21. How many baaginas for first year(after Marriage) Gowri Pooja

22. Should I put Belli Battalu in all the Baaginaas… Yatha shakti… or One minimum….to taayi Baagina.

23. Is it a Must to put Saree in all Baaginaas…

Yatha shakti… not a must… atleast one in Taaayi

Baagina is a must…. Rest all Blouse Piece will do.

24. How to give baagina to sumangalis…………….preferably make the sumangali sit in East or North

direction. Give Arishina, Kumkuma, Chandra, Prasadada Hoova …

Taambula with fruit on the top of baagina try to balace the fruit or try to keep the fruit (tip use

take the Baagina…. Keep one


holding the baagina you should swing it sideways three times and keep it down. Give akshate

and do namaskaara.

your both thumbs)…. Take baagina along with pallu and hand it over to the sumangali…

25. Should I make baaginas ready for my small daughter/s also…… yes.

baaginaas for daughters also.

samanu in this…. Not a must… but feels good…….

We make ready small

small ata

We keep their interesting items like chocolate and

26. What is uppakki, Poppakki………

Pl. note this uppakki and poppakki is kept before the lunch on

one plate of Rice, one plate of

bele (togari)and keep it ready……Draw go-padma rangoli on a mane (peetha)……keep two plates on this mane….keep this mane near Gowri to the right side…….take one hand full of togari bele

in right hand… take a hand full of

Gowri udwasana day…

this is done after punah pooja…

rice in left hand…



cross the hand three times……tell

“atthe dhandana galagi” and drop rice and bele in a cris cros way on to the plate on the peetha.

Repeat this three times. Pl. note that all the sumangalis who have done pooja, should keep this uppakki and poppakki, after this, madilutumbuvudu should be done.

27. What are all the items for Madilu tumbuvudu…

copra, akki, viledele,dakshine, arishina Kumkuma

28. What is the procedure for madilu tumbuvudu….After udwasana and uppakki, poppakki, keep

and put the Madlakki items one by one in

piece, tenginkayi(coconut), bella(achu),


the whole silver plate down along with gowri Sari…

both hands. Sing Madlakki haadu also…


seeriyalle madilu tumbuvudu.

29. When is madilu tumbuvudu done … after the udvaasane and after upppakki and

udwasane should be done after punah pooja and aarathi and ooota


(Lunch) for that day. Please note that all the sumangalis who have done pooja should participate in this.


30. What is the procedure to do punah pooja…… lamp the deepas…. Do pooja in normal way… take the poornaphala kept at the right side of the god …. Use the same for Nivedya………. And chant yesyessmrityacha……… anena Swarna Gowri Pooja Vidhanena Bhagavathi sarvaatmikaa

swarnaGowri supreeta suprasannaa varadaa bhavatu……. take a spoon full of water, akshate,and flower and leave it in another bowl. Do aarathi with Mangala Haadu and then take permission from elders at home and do udvaasane.


31. When do you do devara kadalisuvudu







panchaanga…. This time, since it has come together, we plan to leave on the same day…….

Otherwise, as per panchanga on the 11 th day(2-09-09).

32. What is the procedure to immerse Gowri Ganesha…. After udvaasane, with ghante and haadu,

keep the god to the east

direction… do the shodashopachaara pooja… do hannu kaayi nivedya


now take gowramma first along with small Ganesha and immerse in water after three rounds of rinsing in water. …Chant Ganapathi mantras and Gowri Mantras… or Haadu… or Ganapathi Bappa mouria, Mangala Moorthy Moria slogan(this is North Style)……. Then take Ganesha and

repeat the procedure….


at the water in the well and do the final namaskaara and come back to house. Do not clean the

pooja area immediately

come near the well … decorate well with rangoli, deepa etc.,

and do mosaru avalakki

do mangalaarati and end the pooja

now do aaarathi… take prasada hoova etc.,…

Now take a piece e of gejje vastra and tie it to your taali sara……

clean the area after some time…. Or probably the next day…

33. What is the nivedya at the time of Idol Immersion

prepare 5 types of rice(chitraanna, puliyogare,shaalyanna,pongal, and normal white rice) this is

for Nivedya for lunch… at the time of immersion, after the pooja near well, please keep - mosaru avalakki, hannu kaayi Nivedya.distribute this mosaru avalakki near the well afte r idol immersion.

person doing vratha

should posses these qualities Kshama(pardon), Satya(truth), Daye(kind to others), Daana(give away), Shuchitva(Cleanliness), Indriya Nigraha(control on your body and soul), Devathaarchane(house hold pooja of your family diety), havana, santhosha(you should be happy), achourya(opp. Of stealing). This is in general…. At the time of pooja, the mind should be calm and concentrated towards the god only. Kanniru surisuvudu (crying) and sittu maduvudu(kopa) is totally prohibited. No use of doing vratha in this mind set.(the house hold GAS burner should be off(joke))

35. What is the procedure to give upaayana daana for Purohit…… Give gandha, then akshate, then keep some prasaadada flowers in a plate and give. Afterwards, give upayanadana after putting

34. What should be the mindset of a person, while doing any vratha……

For the immersion day, you should


a drop of water on to both of the co-conuts. Give along with dakshine. Do namaskaara. Then, purohitaru will accept the taambula and give you flowers with aashirvaada.

Points to note in General:

PS: Please avoid bringing out side food items/ordered food items like obbattu and Ambode etc., and keeping it for nivedya…. It is advisable to do the same at home and keep it for nivedya. Pl. note that Preparing for Nivedya is part of bhakti.

Dress code: Traditional Saree only. (if any other dress like selvar etc.,, it is difficult to give baagina. Pl. avoid such dresses). Traditional saree means, the one with pallu and border on both top and bottom.

Hair do:

doing pooja. This is as per dharma Shaastra) and you should wear a flower also.

While doing pooja, your hair should be well tied(you should not let loose the hair while

About Bale: Pl. wear Minimum Jodi bale at least at the time of pooja. (I mention this because, some wear only one on each hand)

Please avoid keeping bindi while doing pooja… use pudi kumkuma only….

No eat outs please on this day….


required in spite of all the above procedures………….Pl. keep in Mind….









Om Tat Satu………. Shubham

Mangalam…. Kalyanam…

Shivam………Sri Jagambaarpanamastu…