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Marcus Moody

My Vision
To one day reach financial independence while maintaining a healthy, organized, enthusiastic and influencing lifestyle.

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Customer Service

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Customer Service

Customer-focused Ownership Respect Teamwork Passion for execution Integrity Meritages Mission
Meritage takes pride in designing and building homes and communities that are innovative, built with care and superior craftsmanship, which deliver enduring value while practicing responsibility stewardship of environmental resources. Meritage strives to provide an exceptional customer experience by respecting employees and trade partners, rewarding high performances and creating an environment of personal growth and fun.

Meritages Core Purpose and Values

Our purpose here at Meritage is to enrich the lives we come in contact with by building the American Dream.
5 Top Values - We must perform our daily activities witht the highest standards of honesty and integrity. - We take pride in everything we do - We value our entrepreneurial culture and the empowerment of employees in the pursuit of excellence - We are committed to excellence and an uncompromising desire to satisfy our customers - We are committed to providing quality and value in every home we build.

Leadership (Men of Change)

The Vision and Objectives: - Develop ideals of brotherhood and services

- Promote -

educational excellence Promote scholarship funding Promote the general welfare and community betterment

As an organization, we are committed to continuous support our young men and women to help them to become industrious, productive citizens within the communities in which they live. My deepest appreciation goes to all the brothers within the Men for Change organization for all of their hard work as well as all of our exceptional sponsors. Men for Change is fully dedicated to education excellence. We are guided by a quote by famous businessman and author Andy McIntyre that says, If you think education is expensive, try ignorance! To that end, MFC has provided 16 scholarships in 2012 with a total value of $24,000 to deserving high school seniors in Fort Bend County.

I was granted the opportunity to be selected as one of three Team Captains for the 2010-2011 Season Helped lead the team to an undefeated season with 12 wins and 0 losses, which resulted in an appearance in the Conference Championship. Also contributed to our win in the Ticket City Bowl against Penn State under head coach, Kevin Sumlin.


To create sales knowledge, advance sales education and develop outstanding sales leaders through exemplary research, learning programs and partnerships.

The Program for Excellence in Selling (PES) prepares students for careers in sales by providing an extensive sales education, facilitating internships and offering job placement. Through a selective and rigorous admission process, PES accepts an average of 70 students per semester. Considered the best undergraduate sales program in the nation, its curriculum offers students distinct learning opportunities. With over 1,200 alumni since 1996, graduates from PES are in demand and have proven to be successful in all industries and trades not just direct sales. They have a willingness to relocate, demonstrate a strong work ethic and understand what it takes to be successful in any role. All that said, PES graduates are eager to begin a career specifically in sales, understand the roles and responsibilities of a salesperson and have proven sales experience and formal sales training.

Marcus Moody is psychology major and a student in the Program for Excellence in Selling, the nations leading sales institute. His background includes three years of sales with two years experience in customer service. He has strong leadership and management skills and also communicates effectively with his peers and customers. While attending the University of Houston he also is co-owner of a local dealership and have helped reach monthly profits which range from 8k-10k.

Marcus Moody
11911 Panay Dr. Houston, TX 77048 713-446-2366