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Vogue Magazine


Executive Summary
This research paper entitled Vogue in the Middle East is based on why Vogue has not been established in the Middle East. Although the magazine has editions in 18 other countries, it still has yet to reach Middle Eastern countries like Iran, Iraq or Saudi Arabia. The purpose of the research was to understand why Vogue wasnt published Middle East and how they should establish relationships in those areas that would eventually lead to publication of the magazine. The paper addressed that the current problems in the Middle East make fashion low on the list of priorities. However it argued that an established fashion magazine in the Middle East would provide an escape for people in the Middle East and give insight of those regions to other parts of the world. In the past, an edition of Vogue published a story about the First Lady of Syria. Posting similar articles landed Vogue editions in Russia, Italy and Turkey. Vogue has the potential to enter government-restricted countries in the Middle East because they have had experience in doing so before. They did this by establishing a Chinese edition of Vogue in 2005. The argument made was that fashion is an art to be enjoyed by everyone. Fashion is just as much an indication of culture as any other art form. And, just like art, fashion is unique to every part of the world. In a way, Vogue is the museum of fashion. Vogue has fashion from all around the world in all of their editions. Although fashion may seem trivial, it is in fact crucial because it is an expression of self-worth, ideas and culture. If more articles like the one about the First Lady of Syria were published in Vogue editions worldwide, the Middle East would have more recognition in the fashion world. The more articles, photographs and fashion excerpts about the Middle East that are published, the more demand will rise for an edition in the Middle East.