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Meeting Goals

• Improve communication of timelines

and priorities between departments
• Ensure priorities are updated
• Utilize TestTrack to capture more

*Nursing Homes Magazine 2004 Survey

Questions to Discuss
• How does R&D know what their priorities are?
• How do other depts. know what’s being worked on?
• How do we track projects like Vigil Link, WEP
firmware if not in TestTrack?
• How are changes to deadlines communicated? i.e.
install dates change
• How do we know what’s been completed?
• Who provides the documentation for the new
• How do we know when the new feature is ready for
• Developers – TT Priority
• Testers – Bug Priority (i.e. Crash with
Data Loss #1)
Installation Performance
• 50 projects completed in FYE2009
• Avg. quoted margin 45%
• Avg. installed margin 54%*
• Avg. of 10% over quoted margin
• Approx $320,000 savings

*Does not include burdening

Installation Performance
Client Training
• On site training
• Web training
• Training videos
• Proactive system monitoring (first 2 wks live
system use) The whole experience with Vigil was
excellent. Everyone we dealt with was
• Newsletter patient. Out of the 10+ companies I have
had to meet with/in-service with for the new
• Proactive calling program project Vigil as far as follow-up, scheduling
ease, organization/presentation, and
• FT Client Trainer x 2 customer service reigned supreme.

Silvia Morici, Administrator

Norwood Crossing
Quality Checks
Criteria Score (out of 10)
Courteous conduct 9.75
Level of knowledge 10
Level of professionalism 10
Communication skills 9.75
All tasks completed to your 9.75
Overall 9.85
Responded 16/30
Customer Support
• CRM Tracking (Salesforce)
• 24 hour support
• Proactive system monitoring (quarterly)
• Third party client satisfaction survey (IMV)
• FT Senior Technical Analyst
• FT Customer Support Representative
Operations - Other
• ISO 9000 based processes/ procedures
• US East Coast presence
– Non cross-border shipping for critical
– Reduced travel expenses
• Subcontractor network
– 17 current Vigil Approved Contractors