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Human Resource Management


Submitted to: Sir Owais Ijaz Khan

Submitted by: Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Farooq 3440
Muhammad Usman Yasir
Zubair Abdullah Khan
Muhammad Khalil Hussain 3443

Department of Business Administration

International Islamic University Islamabad
Why Human Resource Management is important in

HRM is very important in organization especially in public sector

organization. There are many issues arise in the public sector
organizations which need to resolve and HR managers are the
person who resolve these problems. In universities, there is all kind
of people from President to security guard who should be managed
properly by some one.

• The Foremost and prime HR function in any organization is

recruiting the right person and then getting required quality and
quantity of work in line with organizational goals which uses
various tools and techniques for motivation, appraisal, training,
cross cultural management, emerging issues in personnel laws
like, sexual harassment etc.
• One of the main reason for rise in corruption and selfishness
pursuit by public sector employees is jealousy towards unusually
high wage rates in so called hi-fi and MNC organizations around
the globe, particularly in countries like Pakistan that are having
poor quality of Public Administration, public awareness and legal
• With the help of HRM, loyalty can be developed and maintained
in employees.
• Another challenge facing Organizations is to handle legal
pressures relating to employee related laws of new types like
gender bias, racial or caste bias in employment, sexual
harassment, ethical issues
• Necessary expansion/contraction of work force.
• Training needed to utilize new technology
• Costs for hiring, training.
• Initiatives
• Control
• Job design
• Accountability
• Staff Specialists
• Employee Relations
• Bureaucratic-roles, policies, procedures
• Tight division of labor
• Training and developing people
• Managing employee performance
• Managing conflict in the workplace