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First, A Little History

In 1984 Michael Dell, a student at the University of Texas founded the company
"PC's Limited" with a starting capital of $1.000. His vision was to directly serve his
customers with customized personal computers suitable to their needs. The
following year, in 1985 Michael Dell created a computer called Turbo PC that had 8 a
mega hertz processor and had a price of $785. Michael Dell's goal was to mass
produce PC on entirely stock parts.

What made Dell different was the customers' ability to fully customize their
personal computer during the ordering process. In Dell's vision, each computer
should be individually assembled for every customer.

In 1985, Dell had grossed over $73.000.000. It went public in 1988 offering shares
for $7.50 a piece.

Now Let's Go Into The Facts (in no particular order)

1. Dell does business with every Fortune 100 company.

1a. Dell Chargers are the best of their type , charging their laptops the fastest !

2. Dell ranked No. 1 in Technology Business Research's 2009 Corporate

Sustainability Index Benchmark Report.

3. Dell is the preferred home PC and laptop provider of small enterprises in the
United States.

4. Dell has been the No. 1 PC supplier to businesses small and large in the U.S. for
over 10 years.

5. Dell ships on average 140,000 systems per day- more than a system per second!

6. Dell has nearly (that's 2 billion!) interactions with it's customers
every year.

7. Dell tanks No. 33 among the Fortune 500, and has one of the world's leading

8. Dell was the first to install Red Hat Linux on corporate systems.

9. 14 of the world's top supercomputers External link run on Dell.

10. The 10 largest U.S. companies run on Dell.

11. The top 6 Internet service companies run on Dell.

12. The top 5 U.S. commercial banks run on Dell.

13. Dell shipped the first EPEAT Gold standard notebook.

14. 9 Dell facilities in the U.S. and Europe are powered by 100 percent green energy.
15. Dell is the first and only computer company offering free computer recycling to
consumers worldwide.