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My name is Ahdia Fuller. When I first joined Kumon, I was only in Math. I started out in level A.

As I progressed in Math, my parents could see a huge difference in me. My math had excelled at Kumon and, as a result, my math excelled in school. Because of Kumon, I stayed above grade level in school. For example, in the fifth grade, I was at the same level of math as 7th graders. After seeing this achievement, my parents decided to have me do reading in Kumon as well. I started in level DI and worked my way up. It was a struggle for me because I was doing both reading and math. At times I became frustrated because the work seemed too hard and I had a long way to go. For those of you that dont know, the reading program goes up to L and the math goes to O. I completed the reading program on December 2, 2011 and I recently completed the math program on May 31, 2013. Though it seemed like a lot of work, which it is, I found out that if you are really dedicated to achieve then the program is worth it. I am a senior in high school so believe me when I say that Kumon is worth it. In my years of high school, I realized that Kumon was very beneficial to me. The reading program improved my writing a lot. I went from getting 7s on the district writing assessments to getting 9s and 10s. The reading program also helped me on the PSAT, which I took sophomore year of high school. Because of the reading I did in Kumon, I could comprehend the passages that I read on the PSAT. I took the SAT on October 5, 2013 and was really surprised when I read the passages because I could comprehend them as well, even though I completed the reading program two years prior. I realized that all the repetition that I did was not to frustrate me but to make sure that it stayed in my head. The same goes for the math. I was very frustrated because it seemed that the math would never end but I stuck with it and Im glad I did. The math has helped me excel in school. When I took the SAT, the math was very understandable because I had used it before in many Kumon packets. To give you an example of how beneficial Kumons math program is, this year I am not taking a math because my school doesnt have any math for someone of my level to take. In middle school, I completed Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2. Freshmen year, I completed Geometry. Sophomore year, I completed Pre Calculus. Last year, which was my junior year, I completed AP Calculus and past the AP exam with a 4, which means that I obtained college credit for at least one math class in college when I get there. Kumon is worth the effort, time, and money. It has forced me to excel in all parts of school, not just math or reading. I have learned life lessons, like time management. With all this achievement, I couldnt have done it without the incredible, caring instructor, Mrs. Sharon. Mrs. Sharon is the most caring person I have met. She isnt like any other instructor that you will ever meet. She cares about each individual student. She pushes you to do way more than you think you can do because she believes in you. Having someone like her believe in you and push you to do great things definitely will make you achieve at levels you never thought were possible. I couldnt ask for a better instructor. I wish that the teachers at school were as caring as her because she knows whats best and she cares. Its like the quote by John C. Maxwell, People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Mrs. Sharon cares so much for each individual student and it shows. In closing, Kumon is the best educational program and the instructor is the most caring instructor you will ever meet. Thank You!