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MDQ Academy
Brentwood, New York

Sister Amnas Classroom Newsletter

\We read the story, Abraham Lincoln, this week. It was an informational text on a short historical view of Lincolns life that hi hli hted different as!ects of his whole life. "he com!rehension skill was a#thors !#r!ose. We learned that a#thors write stories to !ers#ade, inform, or entertain. We labeled that $I% to remember. &t#dents heard many short story exam!les and identified the a#thors !#r!ose. 'or a f#n !ro(ect, I ave them a !a!er !late and they had to l#e three !a!er !i))a slices, on it. "hey labeled each slice with the words !ers#ade, inform, and entertain. "hen #nderneath each slice, they had to l#e facts abo#t each ty!e of text*story for assessment to see if they know what everythin meant. "he !i))as, looked delicio#s+ "hey also !racticed ca#se and effect by c#ttin o#t different ca#se and effect sit#ations and matchin them to ether, l#in the on constr#ction !a!er at the end.


&t#dents finished #! cha!ter 0. "hey worked on !roblem solvin with addition and s#btraction. "hey had to fi #re o#t which o!eration to #se based on the !roblem. It will be a ood idea to review the word !roblems in their homework books over the weekend so they can !ractice more on when to add and when to s#btract. We also started the conce!t of m#lti!lication by showin that is a n#mber of items in a n#mber of ro#!s. It is re!eated addition.


&t#dents started learnin abo#t the state overnment. "he leader of the state overnment is the overnor. "he lawmakers and his hel!s are called the Le islat#re. "he (#d e is the !erson who decides if laws are fair and what the conse1#ence will be. &t#dents also ot to meet with their mayor*co#ncil ro#!s from last week to disc#ss another city !roblem and identify different sol#tions.

We reviewed !lant !arts and their f#nctions this week. "hey made a lar e !lant c#t o#t !ro(ect and labeled "o !ractice !ro!er no#ns ,no#ns yo# the !arts and their roles next to each ca!itali)e-, they learned abo#t .a!tain !art on the !a!er. &t#dents ot to see .a!ital the s#!erhero. .a!tain .a!ital that we eat many !arts of !lants. loves to ca!itali)e. I hid different "hey l#ed act#al !lant !arts next to !ict#res of .a!tain .a!ital with their name. /roccoli is a flower. .elery sentences written incorrectly aro#nd is a stem. Lett#ce is a leaf. .arrots are the room. &t#dents worked with flowers. &#nflower seeds are ty!es of !artners to find these hidden !ict#res seeds. "hey l#ed everythin and ot and sentences, and then wrote the to eat the leftovers+ Ive never seen sentences correctly on their !iece of !a!er. "hey kids so excited abo#t eatin had to ca!itali)e all the !ro!er




I ho!e yo# all re #larly check the class website. 2ver the weekends, I #!date the classroom blo section with !ict#res and descri!tions of all the activities done d#rin the week. 3nder the homework section, I write the homework for the week. I #s#ally !rewrite it on 4onday and then #!date it d#rin the week with the Arabic*5#ran and*or any chan es. I also list the s!ellin lists #nder this section. I wo#ld love to see some comments once in a while in the blo section to know that Im not (#st writin to myself++++ Remin+ers to St&+ents/,arents
1. Math test chapter 3 Tuesday. For more practice at home, make and use flash cards for single digit addition and subtraction. Students may do the whole problem correctly, but a silly calculation error can cost them the points for the whole problem. . Sign and return S.S. !ui" 3. There is no official gym class until further notice, so students do not need to wear sneakers on Monday and #ednesday anymore until they are notified.


Ne)t 'ee*s Hi#hli#hts

Reading: Scarcity. Facts and details. R controlled vowels Grammar: singular/plural nouns Social Studies: state govt Science: plant life cycle Math: test chapter 3 Tuesday

U!"omin# E$ents/Re%&ests/Comments
! The last day to send in "oney for #icture $ay is $ec. %nd. %! #arent teacher conference slots are given on a first co"e first serve &asis. ' will send ho"e a confir"ation ti"e sheet. 'f the ti"e differs than the ones you indicated( it is &ecause those ti"es slots have &een filled and 've given you the ne)t open one. 3! *onferences are on +ov. %,th. There is no school for students that day. School is also off the %-th and /! Students have loved the parent "ystery readers co"ing in0 ' have a few lined up for the upco"ing wee1s. 'f you havent signed up yet &ut would li1e to( please e"ail "e so we can set up a ti"e.