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Sydney 25 November 2013

Milson Island Sport & Recreation Centre, designed by Australian architects Allen Jack+Cottier for Communities NSW, has won the highest award in its category (the Silver Medal) at the 2013 International Olympic Committee/International Association Awards for Exceptional Sports & Leisure Facilities around the globe. The award was announced in Cologne, Germany, recently at a ceremony attended by some of the worlds leading sports administrators. Michael Heenan, CEO & Principal of Allen Jack+Cottier, was in Cologne to accept the award. An International Olympic award is the ultimate accolade: given by the worlds leading sporting organisation, won against some of the worlds best sports venues. As a sportsman and an architect, I can say it absolutely doesnt get any better than this! he said.


The Communities NSW building is one of a handful of projects from around the world, to win an award at the IOC/IAKS 2013 awards, and the only Australian project to win. Other finalists include the London 2012 Olympic Stadium, which also won silver, together with indoor venues in Switzerland, Iran and Japan, and a range of stadia and other outdoor facilities. Most importantly, this award shows that Australian architecture is up there with the very best design in the world, and that good architecture doesnt have to be exclusive architecture, Michael Heenan added.
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