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Dear Friend, Heres the collection of emails I wrote when Ed Dale and I released Underachiever Mastery in January of 2005. These emails take on a very personal tone, and are fairly removed from the tabloid style of writing we see in much of the direct response copy written for this market online. The launch resulted in an almost immediate sellout of all 700 copies of the Under Achiever Mastery Formula. The total was $1,047,900.00 in orders. The reason this product worked was two fold: First, there was a demand for this type of product. People wanted it. Our challenge was that the Internet Marketing crowd is highly jaded and skeptical. Plus, we were following in the footsteps of John Reeses now legendary Million Dollar Day launch. Second, we made our launch process fun and entertaining for the readers. I cantt stress this enough to you. You MUST make your presence fun and entertaining. You MUST stand out. Dont do what everyone else is doing. Going against the grain works best. And yeah. its a little scary to do. Especially at first. because logic tells us to
Frank Kern and Ed Dale currently teach advanced Niche marketing strategies to a select group of students. Membership is almost always full. To nd out when slots become available, visit

do what everyone else is doing. After all, it must be working ...right? Otherwise they wouldnt be doing it. ...Right? Think again. You must come across as genuine ...and be entertaining and fun ...but STILL SELL. Its an art form. But not an impossible art form to master. So I hope these unedited launch emails help you on YOUR journey to mastery. I sincerely wish you the best of luck. To your success, Frank Kern Email #1: Subj: Underachiever Launch Date pushed back 2 weeks. Dear <$firstname$>, We've pushed the Underachiever launch date and corresponding events back until 1/30/2005. The reason why is because the finished kit ended up having 21 DVDs in it ...and we grossly overestimated our DVD editing abilities. We'll be ramping up promotion for this release on 1/10 so I'm sure you'll hear from us then. In the mean time, check out Frank's latest newsletter where you can see pictures of Ed Dale and John Reese in a Chinese massage Parlor! (Really!) It's at Talk Soon, Frank and Ed P.S. We're now accepting affiliates for our Underachiever Private Launch Partner program. This isn't open to the public, so if you'd like to be a launch partner let me know. (Just reply to this message).

Email #2 Subj: <$firstname$>: Underachiever Update! (Pictures Even!) Hi <$firstname$> Ed Dale is here with me now and we've just received the 'official final proof copy' of the Underachiever Mastery System. Take a look at the photos here on Ed's blog: Also, you'll see the photos where Ed Dale makes history by being the first Australian ever allowed into the sanctified kitchen of a south Georgia soul food restaurant. Here's the link: Now, let me get serious with you for a minute (egads!) When I released my first pdf ...the one with the pictures of John and Ed getting 'fondled' in the massage parlor, I forgot to include my standard legalese warnings and disclaimers. This has caused quite a stir on one discussion board already. So ... I want to clarify some stuff just to be sure you don't have the wrong impression. Ready? Here goes: 1. When I mentioned that I sold over $460,000 of niche products in 2004, I wasn't implying that you will do

the same if you buy my course. Frankly, I have no idea what you'll do. And I can say with absolute certainty that everyone who buys the Underachiever Mastery system will NOT make money as a result. How do I know this? Common sense. Does everyone who buys a home gym end up looking like a supermodel? No. Does everyone who buys a cookbook make good dinners? No. You get the point. This type of hype free honesty might cost me a sale or two ... but it'll curb the insomnia here in Casa Del Kern. 2. Last year, I said I'd never teach Internet Marketing again ...and now here I am, about to release a course about ...Internet Marketing! How could I do such a thing?? Well. Two reasons: A: Big Ego B: Want money (In that order.)

Let's address the 'Big Ego' bit first. When Ed and I first released what we now call the 'beta' version of this system, we never thought we'd really sell it again. But then we were invited to speak in Australia. We spoke for three straight days and it was exhausting. But it was worth it because people actually came up to us with TEARS OF GRATITUDE in their eyes ... thanking us for sharing this with them. That was amazing. We've kept in touch with the 450 odd people who were at that event and're not going to believe this .. SIXTY ONE OF THEM have actually used what we taught them, found a niche, launched a site ... AND ACTUALLY SOLD SOMETHING! Did they get rich? No. Make a million bucks? No. BUT THEY ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING ...and that, in my opinion, is to be applauded. If you think about it, I'd guess it's safe to say that MAYBE 3%

of the people who go to a seminar or buy a how-to product actually do anything. Most just say 'Wow. That's interesting. I'll try that when I get home.' ...And then they do nothing. But we figure if roughly 13% of our seminar attendees actually went so far as to SELL SOMETHING ...then we're doing a good job. And that was when the 'maybe we should take this a little more seriously' seed was planted. We figured if we had this type of response from the people who were with us live ...I wonder what would happen if we developed an in-depth system for them to reference any time they wanted? We're betting that we'll have even more people ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING when we release our course ...and frankly, that's a huge reward in itself. It does wonders for your ego when you get email and letters from people telling you you've changed their lives. Now let's address the other side of the coin: THE MONEY! If we sell a bunch of these courses and we make a bunch of money,that

would be nice. We'd like that. After all, like you, we're in business to make a profit. But ...and I know I'm harping on this ...we do NOT want you to buy this if you're under any impression that you're likely to make money just because you bought it. That's delusional. No product can just 'make you money.' None. The best Ed and I can say is: 'Here's what's working for us. Do with it what you will.' What's that you say?? What kind of horrible salesman am I where I'd make such a statement? Well ...I'm an honest one. And frankly, if someone's dumb enough to think 'I bought this and I'll make money as a result' then I don't want them as a customer. These courses are limited and I'd rather eliminate those types of people from the 'prospect pool' and make room for someone with some sense. 'Nuff Said. With all this in mind, we now have almost FIVE TIMES as many people on the 'Priority Notification

List' as we have actual copies of the course. Like I've said earlier, the first run version of the course (Now called the 'Outlaw Version') will NOT be reproduced. Once they're gone, they're gone. Also - Ed and I are considering pulling the product from the martket entirely once the first run is sold out. Why? Because neither one of us wants to be a Big Fancy Pants Marketing Guru. Neither one of us likes the limelight. And after a long talk this morning, we both concluded that it's more profitable for us to simply carry on selling to niche markets than it is for us to become 'Internet Marketing Gurus'. So ...not to sound hypey, but if you want this course, you'd be well served to be ready to order it as soon as it's released at 9:00 AM on January 30. Talk Soon, Frank and Ed P.S. Thanks for bearing with me on this rant. Brutal honsety, although not always fun, is always best. Unless someone asks about your weight. Or your age. It's perfectly OK to 'embellish' when

discussing those areas. Oh - and if someone ever asks, 'Do I look fat in this?' ... brutal honesty might not pay off then either. But ...for the sake of this Underachiever course ... straightforward talk is the only way to go.

Email #3: Subj: <$firstname$> - Underachiever teleseminar access codes. Hi <$firstname$>, I'm holding a free teleseminar on Tuesday, January 18th at 8:00 PM Eastern and YOU NEED TO BE THERE. Here's why: 1. For the first time ever, I'll be setting the record straight about exactly what happened between me and the FTC and more importantly, the exact strategies I used to overcome TOTAL FINANCIAL RUIN and create a massive Internet business ....AGAIN. 2. I'll be giving you 100% REAL AND USEABLE CONTENT in regards to Niche Marketing. This is a topic you MUST master if you want to cement your success as an Information Marketer. This won't be a pitch-a-thon. Sure, I'll mention the release of the upcoming Underachiever Mastery System ...but I won't be pitching it since you can't buy it yet. (No point in trying to sell you something that's

not for sale yet.) My goal for you after this teleseminar is for you to hang up the phone and start using the strategies I share with you. That's it. Here are the details for the call. Write them down: Call Time: Tuesday, January 18th at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. The number to call: 646-519-5860 Your passcode: 7341 I look forward to speaking with you in person on Tuesday. Frank P.S. I'm thinking of giving you a copy of my best-selling Niche Marketing course, InfoMillionaire, for free. The reason why is because it's a good PRIMER for what you'll be learning in the Underachiever Mastery System. (The key word to remember here is PRIMER. Consider InfoMillionaire to be about 1/100th of what you'll learn in Underachiever Mastery.) If you'd like a copy, let me know. Email #4: Hi <$firstname$>, As I hinted at Friday, here's your free copy of my Niche Marketing course, Info Millionaire. (The link to it is below).

I created this in April of 2003 and it sold like crazy. I stopped selling it in May of 2003 after I was sued by the FTC. They didn't ask me to, I just stopped because ...well, I was all freaked out and I just wanted to 'lay low'. And at that time I'd decided to leave the 'Internet Marketing World' forever and focus on trying to create a new business selling to tiny niche markets that had NOTHING to do with 'making money'. Boy ...let me tell you ...that was the best decision I ever made. Sure, I could have probably sold another $100,000.00 of Info Millionaire (it had already sold close to 2,000 copies when I took it offline) ...but that would have taken my attention away from the real 'Internet Goldmine' ...NICHE MARKETING. (Sorry to use a corny phrase like 'Internet Goldmine' ...I couldn't resist.) Since I 'vanished' in 2003, I've worked like a dog to crack the code on this whole Niche Marketing thing. Last month alone I sold 1,652 downloadable products to small niche markets. None of them were about 'making money' ...and they are all MY products. And let me tell you ...another reason selling to niches is so great is the AMAZING LACK OF ANNOYING CUSTOMERS!

It's awesome! I hardly ever get any support email ...and when I do, it's almost always something like 'how do I download my stuff?' (This is quite a refreshing change from the AVALANCHE of email I got when I was in the 'guru' business.) In fact, Ed Dale and I like being 'Under The Radar' so much that we're only selling 700 copies of our new Underachiever Mastery course. Once all 700 copies are sold (judging from the size of the priority notification list, they'll go fast), WE WILL NEVER OFFER THIS COURSE AGAIN. Why? Because we're not in the 'guru' business. And we don't want to make our livings teaching 'Internet Marketing'. It's too much work and frankly, we think that whole 'follow me and I'll show you the way' scene is LAME. Each Underachiever Mastery course will come with it's own serial number and the ownership rights will be non transferrable. This means if someone buys it, they cannot legally sell it on Ebay or something. Every owner will be recorded and very owner has a unique serial number that corresponds with the serial number of the course they received. And when they're gone, they're gone. End of story. Ed and I will 'vanish' once more and resume focusing on what makes us the most money personally: SELLING INFO PRODUCTS TO SMALL NICHE MARKETS. So why am I telling you this?

Simple: 1. There's a big buzz about this course already. 2. It's being heavily promoted by some of the best Internet Marketers on the planet. 3. There are far more people 'in line' to buy it than there are copies available, and more people are getting in line every day. 4. It will most likely sell out very quickly. 5. It would be very wise of you to order on January 30th when the course is released ..or else you might miss out. Here's the best course of action for you. A. Download Infomillionaire and let that be a 'warm up' for what you'll learn in Underachiever Mastery. B. Remember that Infomillionaire was created in 2003 and A LOT HAS CHANGED since then. But also keep in mind the concepts are very relevant to today's Internet environment. C. WATCH OUT for additional material (ebooks, videos, and audios) I'll be sending your way as we lead up to January 30th. You can download Infomillionaire here: IMPORTANT: Infomillionaire contains links to screencam videos. The links in the book no longer work. I've placed the videos here instead: Enjoy! If you have any questions, let me know. Frank Email # 5 <$firstname$> - tonight's call info Hi <$firstname$>,

Just a quick reminder about tonight's 'Frank Kern Comes Clean' teleseminar. It starts at 8:30 PM Eastern Time, according to The number to call is: 646-519-5860 Your passcode is: 7341 There are now exactly 4,025 people registered for this call. I've been able to bump the capacity from 300 lines to 500 lines. Even with these extra lines, the call will most likely fill up within minutes. At this point, I haven't yet decided to release a recording of the call. The reason why is because of the sensitive subject matter we'll be discussing. So, if you want to join us, make sure you're on time :-) Frank P.S. I have a surprise for you and I'll be sending it out in a few days. I've taken a small portion of the Underachiever Mastery System and converted it to a pdf report for you. This report gives you a real world case study where I was able to have a very sophisticated product created for next to nothing. I think you'll really benefit from it, and it should fill your head with great ideas and possiblilities. More on that to come.

Email #6 Subj: <$firstname$>, don't worry, I will come through for you on this one. Hi <$firstname$>, Well ... I dramatically underestimated the amount of people who wanted to get on this call. I really, really apologize if you were one of the hundreds of people who are emailing me right telling me you couldn't get in. The POTENTIALLY good news is the call was PROBABLY recorded. See ...I called Eagle Teleconferencing (the company that handles my conference calls) and asked them to record it just in case. I wasn't really thinking we'd have such a flood of callers ... I was mainly thinking about the HUNDREDS of people in Europe, Singapore, and Australia who wrote me saying they couldn't make it because of the time difference. So, I'm assuming Eagle actually did the recording. I'll know in about 24 hours. And if they did, OF COURSE you can have it. BUT WHAT IF IT WASN'T RECORDED?? Well, if it wasn't then I'll do ANOTHER one for you. Sound good? Again, I didn't realize there would be a flood of people getting on for this. Most of the reservations came in over the last 24 hours.

It kind of took me by surprise. We ended up using every available phone line Eagle had ... and people were still lining up to get in. So will either get the recordings or another call. Maybe both! Frank P.S. I'm getting hundreds of emails right now, literally. Many of them are from people thanking me for sharing my experince with the public. Listen ...I can't respond to all of these emails personally right now. There are just too many. I didn't expect this. And I am not prepared. So, please let me respond now, in this email. I want to say THANK YOU for listening. And thank you for your encouragement along the way. I am very successful now ...even more so than ever. But the time following my FTC experience was INCREDIBLY difficult. I'm honestly not sure if I could have pulled through without the kind words that people like you sent in. Words of support. Words of encouragement. I will forever be grateful to you ..and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Email #7 Subj: <$firstname$> - WE GOT IT! (and more good news inside.) Hi <$firstname$>,

Great news! Thanks to bootleg recordings made by 'Mr. X' and 'Mr. Y', I've been able to post last night's call for you here: You can download it as an mp3 or listen to it straight from the website. -------------------------AND NOW FOR MORE GOOD NEWS -------------------------If you're new to this list (which Ed and I now call the 'Underachiever Army'), you might not have gotten your free copy of Infomillionaire yet. So, let me issue the links for that now. First, there's the book, which is here: The book references some videos. A lot of videos, actually. You can access them here: Please note if you try to access them from the book, they won't work. You need to use that link I just gave you.

----------------------------LET'S TELL ED DALE TO QUIT SCREWING AROUND! ----------------------------You know, I had a blast on last night's teleseminar. So much that I think we should do another one ...and this time we should bring my partner Ed Dale in on it and make him do some work. I was thinking something like this: You send in your most pressing questions about Niche Marketing and Ed and I will answer the most common ones. Sound good? Here's the catch. I haven't talked to Ed about this yet because he's been on a plane from Australia to London to Geneva and back. God only knows what he's doing. Probably visiting spas, shopping, eating at nice bistros, and stuff like that. So I'm going to need your help to make this happen. If you'd like for us to do a call, head over to Ed's Underachiever Blog and DEMAND that he quits goofing off and insist that he does

this call with us. I've set up a special post on his blog just for this purpose. You can see it here: Just go there and reply to the post called 'Tell Ed Dale To Quit Screwing Around.' -----------------------------BEING NICE TO FRANK PAYS OFF! -----------------------------So many people have written me thanking me for giving away Infomillionaire ...and now for sharing my story on the teleseminar ...that I'm having a really tough time replying personally. (But I'm doing a pretty good job of it so far!) And I'll tell you, this whole 'send Frank really nice email' thing is working. In fact, I'm now working on some more cool stuff to give you ...mainly because I like getting nice email. It beats the hell out of not-so-nice email. I've had my share of that as you can imagine. Anyway...

The first thing you're getting is a small exerpt from the Underachiever Mastery System where I walk you through how I got a very sophisticated product created for peanuts. You'll even see the working website that resulted from it. And what the heck, I'll even give you a copy of the product so you can see a real-world example of what an Underachiever Product looks like. I'll have it all ready for you in about 2 days.

Talk soon, Frank Email #8 Subj: <$firstname$> - Free video preview Hi <$firstname$>, I've just uploaded a free preview video for you and you can get it here now: It's a clip that's taken directly from the live DVDs that come with the Underachiever Mastery System and it shows how our 'test subject' launched a profitable Underachiever site in just 15 days.

Get the full story of how this came about here: Talk soon, Frank P.S. WE MIGHT HAVE TROUBLE. As of the time I'm writing this to you, there are exactly 5,800 people on **MY** priority notification list for the Underachiever Mastery System. That's just MY list. Nitro Marketing have over 6,000 people on THEIR priority notification list as well. Nitro are the affiliates who single handedly sold out the first version of this course. Strong marketers to say the least. But that's not all. Breakfree Events, the team that promoted our conferences in Australia, have over 2,000 people who on THEIR priority notification list ...and these people actually went through the trouble to request information in the MAIL! (Not just clicking a link, mind you ...they got butt off couch and sent for stuff in the actual MAIL.) So ...that's about 13,800 people who have raised their hands and said 'count me in!'

And that number is growing by the day. -----------------------BUT LET's GET REALISTIC. -----------------------I really doubt ALL of those people will buy. However, I want you to consider this: -------------------------------A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF THEM WILL! -------------------------------If 5.2% of them buy, we're sold out completely. Now, like I've said earlier, we will only sell 700 copies of this course EVER. When they're gone, they're gone. -----------------------------------BUT THERE'S SOMETHING I HAVEN'T TOLD YOU YET -----------------------------------We've produced 300 copies of the first run 'outlaw' version of this course. So far, we've sent exactly 53 copies to our launch partners. That means there are only 247 copies in existence right now. Ed and I aren't set on this but here's what will probably happen: ----------------------------------

ONCE THOSE 247 COPIES ARE SOLD, WE WILL **STOP** OFFERING IT TO THE PUBLIC. (For a while.) ----------------------------------And no, this isn't some lame 'you better buy it now' tactic. The reason we're leaning that way (especially me) is because we want to make sure we can do a good job of supporting the customers. And we're concerned that if we sell all 700 copies in one quick burst, we'll be overwhelmed. I'm shooting you straight here even though it may sound kind of stupid. I mean think about it. Are **YOU** prepared to support 700 people who just bought an incredibly detailed info product from you? SURELY we'll get questions. And it's not like we can 'farm out' customer support for something like this. It's important to us that EVERYONE who owns this course gets the support they deserve. After all. This is an expensive product, and our reputations are on the line. So, my vote is to sell the first 247 copies, and then 'let the dust settle'

while we focus on taking care of the new customers. Assuming everything goes smoothly (which I believe it will), we'll re-release the course at a later date. And we'll probably release it in small batches until all 700 are gone. However, if the initial batch of 247 leads to any headaches at all, we reserve the right to not sell any more ever. We are, after all, NOT in the 'Guru' business. So ...I just wanted to clue you in on what's going on. ------------------------------THIS IS NOT A BULLSHIT GIMMICK ------------------------------Frankly, I don't think that's even necessary. We already have 13,800 people in line for this thing. If just 5.2% of these folks buy, we'll sell out all 700. Then if you consider our affiliates are the best marketers on the planet and they're poised for HEAVY promotion on launch day, you'll see my point. The 247 'opening day limit' is NOT yet set in stone, but it looks like it will be. Therefore, I'd like to stress again

that being ready to order on January 30th at 9 AM is a very good idea. When they're gone, they're gone.

Email #9 Subj: <$firstname$> - New free audio and blueprint: How to get multimedia products made. Hi <$firstname$>, I've just created a new 20 minute audio and 17 page blueprint for you here: It's a detailed case study that shows how I got a killer VIDEO product made for a Niche market ...for peanuts. Plus, I show you the website I sell this product from ...and I give you the actual product itself. All free right here :-) The reason I chose this particular topic is simple: THERE'S MORE TO THE UNDERACHIEVER MASTERY SYSTEM THAN **JUST** EBOOKS! You can sell all sorts of stuff to Niche markets! I sell downloadable videos, audios, and even software to my small markets. And in most cases, getting these products up and running is EASIER than doing ebooks! Click here to see a real-world study of how I got one done: Enjoy :-) Frank P.S. I had over 2,000 people join the 'I'm Interested In Getting Your Underachiever Mstery System' list over the weekend. Despite this overwhelming demand, Ed and I will NOT be selling more than 700 copies. Each copy will be numbered, and each person who owns the course will have his or her own course ID number in our system. The ownership rights can NOT be transferred so you'll never see a copy being legally sold on Ebay or anywhere else. We fully expect to sell out ...possibly (and now probably) on the first day. The release date is 9:00 AM Eastern Standard time on Sunday, January 30th. Please be ready to take fast action on that date. When the courses are gone, they are gone forever.

Email #10 Subj: <$firstname$> - new Underachiever video for Friday, January 28th Hi <$firstname$>, I've just finished a brand new video postcard

for you and you can watch it here: This video should PROVE that I really do make my living from selling to small niche markets. In it, I open up my accounting program and show you all of my sales (and refunds) from 2004 up until today. Plus I take you on a tour on a few of the sites that are partially responsible for that income. Here's the video: I literally *just* finished making it for you, and the reason I made it is simple. People are basically wondering: ----------------------------------------IS FRANK KERN FULL OF CRAP?? ----------------------------------------This video gives my answer to the question. I've never been as candid about my business as I am in this video if you want a 'behind the scenes' look into my personal 'Underachiever Empire', this is for you. Also - I reveal my sales figures in this video, and I want you to clearly understand that I'm not showing you this as a way of saying 'Here's how much money you'll make with my product.' My sales results are NOT TYPICAL. I'm NOT implying that anyone (or everyone) who

buys this course will make any money as a result. Sorry to harp on that so much but it's very important to me that you understand where I'm coming from. With that said, go watch the video: 'See' You Sunday, Frank P.S. I just checked and there are now exactly 10,723 people on this list. And you might have noticed that affiliates are really promoting Sunday's launch of the Underachiever Mastery system HARD. In fact, one affiliate, Nitro Marketing, has already built an opt in list of over 9,000 who are asking for details on the course. That's in ADDITION to the list you're on. I don't want to beat this into the ground, but there's a VERY good chance of it selling out within the first few hours of it's launch on Sunday. I will be giving you a SECRET URL where you can order a little bit BEFORE 9:00 AM on that day ...just to make sure you don't get left in the cold. It will come by email Sunday morning. Be on the lookout :-) Email #11 Subj: <$firstname$> - WHOA! (this was sent the same day as message #10) Hi <$firstname$>, Sometimes you get in trouble by trying to be a 'nice guy'... In my last message to you I had this innocent little paragraph near the bottom: 'I will be giving you a SECRET URL where you can

order a little bit BEFORE 9:00 AM on that day ...just to make sure you don't get left in the cold.'

Well, let's just say I thought I was doing you a favor... but all of a sudden my inbox started filling up with folks who were just plain freaking out! They were all worried that some people were going to get an earlier shot at the Underachievers course then they were. You woulda thought I was selling the last two Super Bowl tickets! This is the deal... the people on this list are going to get a little bit of a head start. There are only two gotchas: - One, you have to be on this list. If you are reading this email, then you are on this list... SO RELAX ALREADY!! - Two, you need to be checking your email just before 9:00 am on Sunday. I am not sure exactly when the email will go out, so start checking around 8:00 am. Sorry to make you get up early. (If you have a 2 year old like I do, 8:00 AM is LATE in the day :-) OK, I hope this clarifies things, and people chill out a little bit. If you are still worried, then DON'T forward this email to anyone else, DON'T tell them about this email list, and DON'T go posting the link that I send you on any forum. - Frank P.S. I almost forgot. The video. It's not playing for a few people. I'll try to see what's going on. My guess is it's a big file (10 minute video) and therefore taking a while to load. Especially for folks on dial up. I tested it on 2 computers here and it's working OK for

me. Like I said earlier. I *just* made the video and wanted to get it to you as soon as I could. If you're having a hard time with it, just let it load and then hit the 'play' button after a few minutes. I'll be working on it from my end too. Email #12 Subj: <$firstname$> - THE SITE IS LIVE! (for your eyes only) 5:17 AM EDT Macon, Ga Hi <$firstname$>, Friday afternoon I promised I'd give you a secret URL where you can go and get the Underachiever Mastery System way before it was released to the public. Here's that link! I basically stayed up all night writing a letter for you that explains everything you are getting. Well, I actually did sleep for an hour or so but then our 2 year old daughter, Nora, decided to give us a 'concert' ...and I knew I'd never get back to sleep after that :-) (I *know* you fellow parents out there can relate to that one.) Anyway, It took a lot longer to write this letter than I thought it would - primarily because there is so darn much in the course. And I have to warn you... I ended up with a really long letter. Please forgive me for the length. I know that a lot of you

already know that you want to order the course immediately... if that is your situation, then just skip to the bottom, fill out the form, and place your order. On the other hand, I know that some of you really want to see everything that's included in the course. If that's you, then I think I have done a pretty good job of explaining all the various components of the course. If you fall in this latter category, there is one thing I want to stress... I am sure we are not going to sell out all 700 copies in the first hour or two, so don't feel too frenzied when you are reading the letter. (Heck, it's not even 9AM yet!) Take your time and go through the entire letter. In fact, I suggest that you print it out - it will be a lot easier to read that way. Check out everything you get in the course before you make your decision. Here's the site again: Talk soon, Frank P.S. PLEASE don't give this link out. If this thing sold out before 9 AM, I'd get lynched! (I don't think it will, but still. You never can tell.) Email #13 Subj: <$firstname$> do you hear that? <$firstname$>, There's a storm a'comin. (Always wanted to say that, and I'm now sleep deprived enough to do so publicly.) As I type this at 7:22 AM, we have 98 minutes to go until my affiliates unleash their HAILSTORM of promotion

for this course. Hopefully my mail server won't bog down and deliver this message late. In case you didn't get my earlier email, you can grab your copy NOW (before the frenzy begins) here: If you've already ordered, please know I'm not trying to hound you about it. Orders are coming in very fast as I type this, and I haven't been able to take you off this list and put you on the 'Underachiever's Only' list yet. However if you've ordered then you KNOW your order was successful because you've already gained access to the Underachiever's only forum, the extra videos, and our enormous resources section. If you haven't yet placed your order, now's the time to do it. Why? Because the affiliates are coming! (I feel like Paul Revere when he rode through town and warned that the British were coming :-) Really ... these folks are NOT messing around. In a matter of minutes, some of the best marketers on the planet are going to pull the trigger on MASSIVE promotions for this course. And that means the number of available kits will dwindle even faster. Here's the link especially for you, my personal subscriber: Please don't share it with anyone. Thanks, Frank

P.S. Amazingly, I STILL get email from people asking if we're really only going to sell 700. The answer is YES. That's all. Period. I know this defies logic to some. The typical guru crowd would try to sell a zillion. Then come out with a Super Duper version in a few months. And maybe even a Super Duper Coaching Club to top it off. But not us. Ed and I are not 'Internet Marketing Gurus' nor do we want to be. 700 new customers is plenty. We're very honored and blessed to have them ...but that's all we can take care of and still do a good job of it. So ...I hope this puts any 'are they serious?' questions to bed. Here's the link: HYPERLINK "" Email #14 Subj: <$firstname$> - Underachiever going off the Internet Hi <$firstname$>, The Underachiever Mastery Offer looks like it's going to be taken offline today, even if it doesn't sell out. Here's why: 1. First, it may very well sell out. We've already sold 394 copies just to this list you're on. Nitro Marketing is promoting it *really* hard as well, and you probably remember they're the folks who single-

handedly sold ALL of the copies of the Beta version. I've been unable to reach Matt Gill, the president of Nitro so I'm not sure how many they've sold. (They take the orders themselves so they can pay *their* network of affiliates out of their commissions. That's why I don't have this data in front of me.) I'm VERY concerned about selling more than I said I would. In fact, I won't let it happen. If more than 700 are sold by accident due to miscommunication, I'll refund those orders above #700 and not ship them. (I'll be embarrassed as hell, but I'll do it anyway.) It you're on the fence, you might want to go ahead and secure your copy. If you don't like it, you can always send it back. Here's the site: 2. Email trouble. If you've written me this week, you know I like to respond to everybody PERSONALLY. And I've been doing a pretty good job of it up until this morning at about 9:15. Since then, I've been getting one email every four seconds or so. This isn't a bad thing in my opinion, but I'm very concerned about not getting back with everyone as quickly as you're used to. At this rate, it'll probably be Tuesday before I can work my way through all these incoming messages. And that's got me thinking that even if we don't sell out, I should probably pull the offer until the dust settles. That way none of the new Underachievers will fall through the cracks :-) As of the time I'm writing this, the offer is still valid. And courses are being snatched up at a fast and steady clip.

You can get yours here: 3. Natural disaster! Well, not that dramatic but Macon was hit HARD by an ice storm yesterday. I lost heat, electricity, and Internet access on Saturday morning around 10 AM ...and have been up in a hotel ever since. The Internet connection here is VERY spotty right now, and I'm a little worried we'll lose it and be knocked offline. (Ice is freezing on tree limbs, which is making them fall and hit the power/cable/phone/DSL lines ...therefore knocking out connections like crazy.) If I think I'll lose my connection, I'll take the sight down immediately. The reason why is I don't want to leave it up all afternoon and risk overselling the course. So, here's the site. As I typed this, nine copies were sold here. (I just checked): Talk soon, Frank P.S. Note that the courses have been getting snatched up at pace of nearly 100 kits per hour ever since we went 'live' at 9 this morning. ...At this pace, they'll be gone by 7:00PM. When they're gone, there will be no more. Here's the site: P.P.S. If you've been trying to reach me, please bear with me while I get through this email and deal with the failing Internet connection here. I *will* respond :-)

Email #15

<$firstname$> - the course is no longer for sale. Hi <$firstname$>, I meant to send you this last night, but good ol' Murphy's Law, Mother Nature, and Georgia Power foiled my plans :-) The Underachiever Mastery system is no longer for sale at ANY price. We have 132 courses remaining out of the 700, and we may or may not release them at a later date. Ed and I want to focus on servicing our current batch of 568 new Underachievers before we sell any more courses or do any more promotion. (When was the last time you heard something like THAT??) If you've tried to reach me since yesterday, chances are your email has gone unanswered. There are two reasons for that: 1. I've received close to 550 emails in the past 24 hours. 2. There is currently a MAJOR outage of electricity and Internet access throughout the city. This has been going on since Saturday. I've only been able to get online for a short period of time. The connection comes and goes here in the hotel where I'm staying. (No electricity at home.) However, we have ED DALE to the rescue! If you're a new Underachiever and you need help, you can write to our UNDERACHIEVER CUSTOMERS **ONLY** address which is Please, if you're not a new customer, don't write us there. This address is ONLY for new customers. Also - if you want to get on the waiting list for

the last remaining copies (assuming we release them at all), you may do so here: Talk soon, Frank 'Swiss Family Robinson' Kern P.S. I'd like to thank everyone who wrote me with their kind words yesterday. I'm sorry I haven't responded to many of you personally yet. I will though! And I don't know about you, but I've had a good time in the days leading up to this launch. It's been fun doing teleconferences with you, giving you free reports, free ebooks, free audios, and free videos. So there will be more of that to come :-) P.P.S. Despite our TOTAL ineptitude, the Underachiever Blog has somehow crept it's way up to the top 10 in Yahoo ...and is now syndicated to over 600 RSS feeds worldwide. I take no credit for this. Ed built it, and he did it by using Stephen Pierce's 'How To Blog' course. I'm working on setting up a free teleseminar with Stephen and Ed where they show us how to set up Blogs for Niche Markets. I'll keep you posted :-) Oh - here's the Blog: