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Name: Yong Jin Chun Class: Grade 9 Music

Festival of Lights Reflection

Concert Date: Nov. 27th, 2013 Concert Time: 7pm Reflection Date: Nov. 29th 2013 A. Name 3 positive aspects of the class' performance as a whole. Be specific, talk about details like tone quality, blend, articulation, rhythm, etc. and not generalizations. You can be bar or sections specific too. Good example: We played with connected notes most of the time. OR Bar 60-75 was well balanced within the ensemble. Bad example--We did good. 1) While we were playing our music was blending well specially for the music that has a lower part and higher part (Huron Carol and Blue sky). 2) We played Huron Carol, Blue sky, and Hallelujah with a good quality tone and dynamics. 3) We played all three music in good phase and rhythm. B. Name 2 things that you did well as an individual that enhanced the groups overall performanceagain, be specific. 1) As an individual the notes that I played while playing music was correct and accurate. 2) I didn't play the music by my own. I tried to listen to others and played music together with other people. C. Name 2 things that did not go well or could be improved upon before we play again. 1) It didnt really go well when we were playing Huron Carol because we rushed through 2) When we were playing blue sky there were some note errors and also in Hallelujah I think the guitar should have played more softly D. Give a suggestion on how the grade 9 ensemble can improve its performance before next time. In Huron Carol we rushed through a bit from the middle part of first time and until the middle of the second part. We could relax a bit more so we wont rush through. When we were playing blue sky there were some note errors especially at the starting point. Also in Hallelujah I think the guitar should have played more softly when Alfian, Sharaf and Hesper was singing and they should have sing more loudly to keep the balance between melody and singing. E. Did you feel prepared for the concert? Why or Why not? Think about: What about the piece made you feel ready or not ready? Be specific.

Good example: Bars 10-14 was a really tricky part but I was playing it accurately for at least a week. OR I never quite managed to master the tricky part at bars 10-14 Before the concert I memorised Huron Carol and Blue sky notes but during the actual concert I was so nervous that I couldnt really remember the notes. I think that I should have practice more and not just memorise by my head also to make my finger muscle remember what to play. For Hallelujah even though I practice playing I didnt really practice singing while playing guitar still so it was a challenging for me to focus on playing and singing at the same time. Also when it was changing for C chord to D chord really fast. Even though I practiced during the concert I couldnt really move my fingers fast in general because I was nervous of making mistake and I had to sing the course while playing guitar. F. Did you feel other course work was hindered by preparation for the concert? If yes, how? If no, how did you manage your time well? I think other course work was not hindered by for the concert. I basically focused on the schoolwork, homework and exam study during the school week and weekend. However when I was studying I stayed focus on study for 2 house and I took 30 minute every time and during 30 minute break I practice playing guitar. Also I played guitar when I couldn't stay focus to refresh my self. Therefore I could stay focus while I was studying, I could also practice for my concert and I didn't get really tired or feel like not studying because playing guitar helped to refresh my feeling.

G. What will you do the same or differently to prepare for the concert next semester and make sure you feel prepared? From this experience I learned and found out how I am suppose to prepare for next semester concert like this time. I will practice more to memorise notes like how I did this time but also to make the muscle remember by it self what to play next. The reason for that is I got really nervous this time and I couldn't really remember the notes that I already have memorised. So next time I will practice more to memorise note by brain and muscle, therefore even thought I forget the note that I have memorised by my head I will still be able to play because my muscle will remember what to play automatic.

H. Using point form, which of the ten learner profile attributes did you exemplify during this concert and how. List as many as you feel are appropriate. (Caring; Knowledgeable; Thinker; Reflective; Principled; Balanced; Communicator; Inquirer; Open-Minded; Risk-Taker) 1) Balanced I keep a balance between schoolwork and practicing playing guitar for the concert. 2) Risk-Taker I never participated for these concert before, also I never had chance to play some instrument in front of people, but this time I decided to try new experience by being park of the festival of light concert. 3) Open-Minded I thought that the concert take parts in the stage but this time I changed my thought that the concert doesnt always have to be in big and nice stage. Also even though it was not on the stage, our concert was nice, beautiful and unique.

4) Communicator During the concert I got to talk to other people who are my music class but also the other music which I mostly dont get chance to talk to because we are not in same music calls and practice together. 5) Reflective After this concert I thought about the positive side and negative side of my self practicing and preparing for concert this time and I could learn how to prepare for concert better next time. I. Which of 2 the ten learner profile attributes could you focus on more to make the next concert better for you and your classmates? 1) Caring Next time during the concert we can practice more with each other to listen to each other and care more about how other people sound. So that we can blend and match the music together to make it sound better and make the music sound all together. 2) Thinker Next time I think I should think more about managing time and practicing to memorise music but also to practice a lot so that my finger muscle will remember what to play automatically. J. What was your favourite performance by another group? My favourite performance group was Boris and Ji youngs piano performance. The reason why this performance was my favorite because they were so good and it seems like they practice a lot to make it sound together which requires a lot of teamwork. K. Is there a piece of music you would like to learn as a class, for a future concert? What is it? I don't have specific piece of music that I would like to learn as a class but I think we could learn a song that is like famous and well known for all the age group. Also we could also play another instrument with the guitar not only playing guitar to make it sound better. Achievement Chart: Reflection and Evaluation 0





does not reach a standard described by any of the other descriptors

records his or her artistic development and processes with little reflection

reflects on his/ her artistic development and process

carries out a limited evaluation of his or her work

carries out a satisfactory evaluation of his or her work

an informed description of his or her progress at different stages of his or her work identifies some strategies to develop and improve their artistic processes carries out a good evaluation

reflects critically and in depth on his or her artistic development and processes at different stages of his or her work

aspects of the evaluation may be unrealistic or incomplete

shows a considered appraisal of the quality of work produced and details of improvements that could be made

carries out an excellent evaluation of his or her work