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Tyler O'Hara Art Appreciation Brent Shoulders 27 Sept. 2011 Pollock Vs.

Bateman With this there are a lot of artists in the world around us. Some have a big name; others are just now getting started. They also have majorly different styles in how they express on there paintings. Comparing different styles of art and artist can be fun and very entertaining for most people. I will be comparing two very well known American artists, Jackson Pollock and Robert Bateman. First with Jackson Pollock, he was born in 11 Jan. 1912 in Cody Wyoming and died 11 Aug. 1956. He had a very unique style of painting. He was a drunk for the majority of his life that concluded his death, that and his love for speed. He started the abstract expressionist movement. This style was taking a brush, dipping it in paint and just splattering it all over the canvas in a rhythmic and moving pattern. They really dont represent anything or a tangible object. It just creates an emotional response to the viewer. His paintings were very powerful and moving if you looked at them and studied them. He never really got started with this style till after World War II, before when he was a boy he showed a very strong passion for art but it was more naturalistic. In his paintings now there are a lot of energy, desire and selfdetermination. Jacksons work is very energetic. His method of natural growth for experience and style need for new artists to find their own way. His teacher said, Dont paint of nature, but Jackson says, I am nature. He works with space and

time, with an influence of serenity. He will often use a stick or the opposite end of a brush for better control and a different look for the drips and streaks. With this he had a lot of control within his paintings. He only did three paintings when he was sober. In 1952 he had a lot of struggles; drinking was the biggest one of them all. He was always contradicting himself like he was not good enough or something. He had become very desperate later on in life with basically every thing within his life. With his death in 1956 is what made him this famous person that he is today. Next is Robert Bateman, he is the exact opposite of what Pollock was, but also very similar in some ways. Bateman is field person, he loves to be out there in the field and drawing as he sees it. He uses a lot of landscape and subject in his drawings and paintings. Going into nature is a routine thing for him every day. Later on in life he did slide show presentation explain his art to the art enthusiasts. For his paintings he still uses pictures but also goes out and uses real animals. He uses visual and sketches to recall what he his looked at. He is very much a naturalist, and loves bison. He started out with birds, because he saw them as truly free animals. Power, rhythm, form, tones, lights, and darks; these are the criteria he went by in all of his paintings. When he is finishing a painting he will look at it through a mirror to see his imperfections. Also he will ask his wife to get her opinion. He also taught and painted by dividing his time among them, but as he got older he just stayed with painting. He used acrylic and then finished his paintings with oil. He never worked on one painting at one time. He would usually work on about ten at a time. Success to him is how he personally thinks his paintings, not for the fame.

In conclusion Bateman and Pollock were very good well known American artists but with very, very different styles. They loved what they did and there paintings and styles will be around for lifetimes to become.