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Date: Thursday, October 24, 2013 Subject: Student Teacher Mid Term Eval - Langin To: maycunichj@imschools.


School Information District Name = IRON MOUNTAIN District Name Other = Building Name = North Student Teacher First Name = Marybeth Last Name = Langin NMU IN = Placement Information Term = Fall 2013 Grade Level = 3 Certification Level = Elementary Main Subject Taught = ELEMENTARY Other Subject Taught = Other Subject Taught: Supervising Teacher First Name = Jodi Last Name = Maycunich

Select the competency level of your student teacher according to the following scale and briefly comment on your ratings. P - Proficient; consistent, appropriate application, a solid performance I - Improving; moving towards becoming proficient B - Basic; minimal achievement, appropriate to situations NC - No Comment A. KNOWLEDGE BASE Content areas. - Level I - Understands the subject matter and current research. I - Demonstrates accurate, appropriate, and comprehensive knowledge about the subjects taught to the degree needed to effectively teach the curriculum. I - Engages students in practical activities that demonstrate the relevance,

purpose and function of the subject matter. I - Integrates and transfers knowledge across subject areas. Comments: Marybeth understands the subject matter but she is also learning as she goes like we all do. She goes above and beyond to make sure she has a secure grasp of the subject matter before she presents her lesson. I believe integrating and transferring knowledge across the subject area is an art that she will learn to implement as she continues to teach on a regular basis.

General knowledge. I - Improving - Level I - Has an understanding and appreciation of the humanities, social sciences, arts, mathematical and natural sciences and technology. I - Communicates the value of liberal arts knowledge to their students, including the appreciation of the interrelationships among subjects. I - Demonstrates a global and multicultural perspective. I - Accesses and uses updated information and procedures. Comments: Marybeth is constantly accessing and using updated information to teach.

B. INSTRUCTIONAL COMPETENCE Communication skills. I - Improving - Level I - Communicates what is to be learned so that students understand and value the learning. I - Demonstrates effective speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. I - Uses appropriate and grammatically correct language. I - Has congruent verbal and nonverbal communication. Comments: Marybeth is very good at communicating to the students what is expected to be learned. She works very hard on her language skills to be grammatically correct and use language appropriately. Mrs. Langin is also working diligently on using nonverbal communication with the students. Her comfort level of moving around the classroom continues to increase.

Management of students' behavior. I - Improving - Level I - Controls classroom behavior in an effective and fair manner. I - Organizes and manages classroom to maximize learning.

I - Establishes and carries out effective classroom rules, procedures and routines. I - Provides a positive learning environment. I - Encourages individual responsibility. I - Respects individual rights. Comments: Mrs. Langin has outstanding classroom management for a beginning teacher. She is extremely organized which helps her manage her teaching effectively. The children are very aware of Marybeth's rules, procedures, and routines. She encourages individual responsibility. Mrs. Langin has a great deal of respect for her students and they in turn respect her which reflects in her success of managing a 3rd grade classroom.

Management of learning progress. I - Improving - Level I - Manages learning progress so that the curriculum is covered appropriately and efficiently. I - Makes smooth transitions and is able to handle varying ability levels and activities. I - Manages assignments and time efficiently. I - Ensures quality time on learning tasks and accomplishes what has to be done. I - Demonstrates knowledge about instructional management resources. I - Uses high expectations for optimal achievement. Comments: Mrs. Langin has high expectations for her 3rd graders. She manages assignments in a timely manner which allows her to give immediate feedback to each and every student. Marybeth spends every recess in the classroom to assist students who need help in any subject matter.

Management of contingencies/ emergencies. P - Proficient - Level P - Applies district and building policies. P - Reasonably and responsibly copes with the frequent contingencies and occasional emergencies of classroom teaching. P - Demonstrates critical and creative thinking abilities through effective decision making under pressure. P - Ensures a safe and orderly environment conducive to learning. Comments: Mrs. Langin ensures a safe and orderly environment that is conducive to learning. When it is work time the students know it and work accordingly.

When it is free time the students are expected to treat each other with respect and dignity which ensures a safe environment for all 3rd graders.

Lesson/unit planning. I - Improving - Level I - Develops effective lessons and units within the contexts of the curriculum and assessment. I - Uses curricular frameworks as a means to developing student's inquiry and thinking skills. I - Applies knowledge of human growth, development and learning theory. I - Plans instruction to accommodate diversity. I - Uses a variety of methodologies, technologies, and techniques. Comments: Marybeth plans instruction to accommodate diversity. She is very well aware of the diversity of learners present in her classroom. She uses whole group, small group, partner, and individualized instruction to assist learners at every level. Mrs. Langin also uses a variety of techniques to teach from direction instruction, peer tutoring, or one on one to reach all learners.

Lesson/unit presentation. I - Improving - Level I - Presents lessons and units so that the instructional objectives are efficiently realized. I - Creates meaningful learning experiences that help all students understand the subject matter based on each student's abilities, attitudes, effort, culture, and achievement. I - Expands cognitive, affective, physical and social capabilities of students. I - Uses a variety of teaching methodologies, technologies, and techniques. Comments:

Use of materials and resources. I - Improving - Level I - Is familiar with and able to use a variety of literacies, materials and resources. I - Selects, creates and incorporates appropriate instructional techniques, technology, and materials needed for instruction. I - Demonstrates current knowledge about instruction, resources and

technology. I - Helps students access and use information technology and other resources to become independent learners and problem solvers. Comments: Marybeth is familiar with a variety of resources to incorporate into her teaching. She is truly a lifelong learner and is continually sharing information with me that she has found that makes us both better teachers. Mrs. Langin works hard to create materials needed for instruction. Her next reading story needed a web for paragraph writing and she created her own using Microsoft word that was very appropriate for her lesson. Mrs. Langin loves to use technology to supplement her lessons. She continually searches online for ideas to use to enhance her teaching.

C. ASSESSMENT COMPETENCE Selection, creation, and use of student assessments. I - Improving - Level I - Understands evaluation and assessment, including test construction and administration. I - Knows and uses multiple approaches to assess student abilities and the merit of a student's work. I - Values and develops a variety of reliable and valid assessment measures. Comments: Mrs. Langin implements a variety of assessment tools. She uses daily classroom work, weekly tests, unit tests, and classroom observation to evaluate each student.

Grading and reporting student achievement. I - Improving - Level I - Understands and appreciates and grading/ranking/scoring process and how to report achievement. I - Grades and reports fairly, honestly, clearly, consistently, efficiently, and helpfully. I - Uses technology to organize, manage, evaluate and communicate information about student performance. Comments: Mrs. Langin is currently solely responsible for daily grading and attendance. She uses our Powerschool system to manage and evaluate student performance.

Evaluation of teaching, materials, and curriculum. I - Improving - Level I - Assesses instructional, assessment, and professional competence of themselves and others. I - Self-evaluates and reflects on the course, materials, and curriculum and makes improvements. I - Uses assessments to inform instruction. Comments: As stated earlier in Mrs. Langin's first evaluation, she is a natural when it comes to self evaluation. When she is finished with a lesson she immediately evaluates herself on whether she did a good job or she needs to reteach. This skill is so important and she already possesses it.

D. PROFESSIONALISM Professional ethics. I - Improving - Level I - Understands the value of education and the role of intellectual and ethical values. I - Models moral standards that are expected in the profession, such as confidentiality, fairness, honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity. I - Models a commitment to intellectual, moral and professional virtues. Comments: Mrs. Langin is truly a professional and models all the above stated qualities.

Professional attitude. I - Improving - Level I - Collaborates with all stakeholders in education. I - Values learning, students, teaching, and schooling. I - Demonstrates openness, courtesy, conscientiousness, reliability, caring and compassion. I - Identifies with professional educators. I - Dresses and behaves professionally. I - Discerns the extent to which personal belief systems and values may affect the instructional process. Comments: Marybeth identifies well with other educators. She works extremely well with our other 3rd grade teacher. Mrs. Langin often collaborates with her to share materials and ideas. When a teacher or other staff member is in need of help she is there to assist. Marybeth does not think twice about helping an Art Teacher hang projects in the hall or wash chalkboards after

school to help out our short staffed janitorial crew.

Professional development/service. I - Improving - Level I - Is involved in professional development and service activities. I - Performs non-teaching duties required of a teacher such as administrative tasks (attendance, out-of-class supervision) and school or community services (committee work, participation in events). I - Accepts teaching as a lifelong learning process and continues efforts to develop and improve. I - Uses community and home resources to enhance school programs. Comments: As mentioned, Marybeth performs non-teaching duties. She is also sure to be at the door when the bell rings at recess to supervise and help the playground supervisor with the children. Marybeth walks the children to lunch, makes sure they behave in the lunchroom, and walks them to and from every special to assure appropriate hall behavior.

Knowledge and execution of duties. I - Improving - Level I - Understands and effectively deals with issues of professional policy and practice at local, state, national, and international levels. I - Understands responsibilities associated with being a competent professional, including following law, regulations, policies, requirements and procedures. I - Involves and works effectively with all support personnel. I - Exercises good judgment in planning and managing time and other resources. Comments: See above

Knowledge of the school and its context. I - Improving - Level I - Understands the evolution of education and the teacher's role in a changing society. I - Understands the special characteristics and circumstances related to the students, staff, school and community. I - Develops practices to promote collaborative, supportive interaction in the classroom, school and community. I - Demonstrates an understanding of the economic, social, political, legal

and organizational foundations and functions of schools. Comments:

Human relations. I - Improving - Level I - Establishes positive and effective relationships with students, parents, colleagues, administrators, and community members. I - Demonstrates appreciation of cultural diversity, individual differences and exceptionalities of students. I - Discourages prejudice and unfair discrimination in their classrooms. I - Understands and respects varying points of view and the influence of one's own on others. Comments: Marybeth has taken it upon herself to send out positive communications to parents of students who need that little extra boost. She has in turn received great appreciation from these parents that she has taken time to reach out to them.

Overall Evaluation I-Improving; moving towards becoming proficient Additional Comments: There is no doubt in my mind that Marybeth will be proficient at the end of her student teaching experience. I am very impressed with Mrs. Langin's work ethic and her desire to succeed. She is very accepting of constructive criticism. When I have pointed out areas that needed improvement she immediately put forth the effort she needed to be successful. Mrs. Langin is an outstanding beginning teacher and continues to improve every day. It is a true pleasure working with her day in and day out. She is definitely an asset to my 3rd grade classroom.

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