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Hierarchic: 4 Main Ideas


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Main idea Main idea

Cooperative learning strategy where each individual student will become experts on subsections of a topic and teach that subsection to others in the group.
Main idea Main idea





Specifying learning objectives -What is it you want your students to learn from this? (What type of imitative?) -How do you plan on helping the students reach the goal? -Have your goals been met? How will you introduce the topic or lesson (Make sure its engaging) Preparing study guides -Prepare study guides that will help the students better understand the lesson. (Study guides, graphic organizersetc.) - Make sure you have both visual and effective study guides to help students see related concepts and make meaningful connections with material. Forming student team -Heterogeneous grouping (boys/girls high/low achievers, race, gender ethnicity)

Assigning Experts -Teacher divide students up in groups (Original and expert) while assigning one major topic (teacher/student choice). -split students up according to the subtopics Information Gathering -Although still in groups, each individual student is given his/her own assignment. -students begin the in-depth study of their assignment while gathering resources and doing additional research. -Teachers can also hand out study guides that will be beneficial Expert Meeting -With their expert group (Students with the same sub-topic), students discuss their finding while comparing and contrasting. Peer Instruction- Students return their original groups and teach them about the new research and information. Set a given time the students are meant to present. Encourage taking notes and asking questions. Review and closure Fill in gaps of useful information.

Formative assessment-Class discussion with feedback and ideas. Students could also submit one or two sentences identifying the main point of the lesson. Summative assessmentGiving students a quiz on the material covered (Short answer test) or an individual project to do based on what they learned from the other students topics in their groups.

Motivation for the students could be a graded assignment. The students are motivated by increasing self-esteem, individual and group responsibilities, leadership qualities, and verbal communication skills.

So what? What is important to understand about this?

The Model helps students realize they are important components of a whole and encouraging cooperation in any learning environment