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Software Drill and practice

Advantages -Gives immediate, private feedback -Motivates students to practice -Saves teacher time correcting student work


-Immediate feedback to learning motivation -Time saving -Is self-contained selfpaced unit of instruction


-Compressed time or slow down process -gets students involved -Makes experimentation safe - Makes the impossible possible -Saves money and other resources -Allow repletion with variations - Allows observation of complex processes -Fun activities motivate students spend more

Disadvantages - teachers take advantage of this drill and practice like introducing new concept rather just for practicing and reinforcing familiar ones -Another disadvantage of Drill and Practice is that it contradicts the trend that students learn and use skills within context of their own projects that specifically require the skills. - It delivers direct instruction rather than allowing students to generate their own knowledge through hands on project - There are few packages of tutorials than any other kind of microcomputer software - Tutorials reflect only one instructional approach -There is criticism of virtual lab software , that there should be hands on activities - Students might get inaccurate or imprecise Perspectives on system complexity. - There is misused of stimulations

Experience I used Drill and Practice in my statics class. In which was used as homework and it will tell me if I got the problem wrong or right and give me another chance to answer the question correctly. Sort of like a flash card activity.

I had a math tutorials for math once in high school, it was for math, I didnt quite like it because my math teacher taught it in a different way

My experience using stimulation is using it in my biology high school class to dissect a frog. I really like that I used the stimulation instead of having to dissect the frog myself.

Instructional Games

-Critics feel that winning the game

My experience with instructional games

time on the topic

become a students Primary focus and that the instructional purpose of this goal -Confusion with game rules and real life rules -software packages use many terms to describe problem solving , and their exact meanings are not always clear - It might not be as effective as it claims to be -Some researchers believe that direct attempts to teach problem solving strategies can actually be counterproductive for some students - The cost of the software is high -The impact of an ILs on student achievement varies greatly with implementation methods - It might cause schools to view as replacement for teachers

Problem Solving

-Challenging activities motivate students to spend more time on the topic - Prevents invert knowledge by illustrating situations in which skills apply

goes into a charity game called free rice which for every right answer for the definition of a word , ten grains of rised to help end world hunger -My experiences with problem solving was that in Geometry we used this problem solving software in which we had to draw the figures

(ILSs) Intergraded learning system

-Can help provide supplemental Educational services require by NCLB Act -Benefits of drill tutorials; simulations, instructional games, and problem solving , depending on which activities are used -Easier to access via network or on time - Entire curriculum at one source -Personalized instruction matches

I havent really had any experience with ILS.

For a vocabulary lesson I will choose a drill and practice software. I could incorporate it into teaching by first giving the vocabulary lesson of the words I want them to learn, them making them get in their computers and do the drill and practice software. I selected this software because its a great way for students to get immediate feedback if they got the answer right or wrong right away in order for them to see their mistakes right away and learn from the errors I think is a great way for them to learn vocabulary best. I see myself using in the classroom so students could fit the best vocabulary word into a sentence and then, getting the result if they got it right or wrong. I think its user friendly and easy to navigate. I think its more like a trial and error that lets kids see their results right away. What I like about the software its that is really practical and easy to use and will get really good outcomes, I think its extra help for students to learn vocabulary than just leaving them to learn it on their own. What I dont like about it is that some students might cheat by just answering the questions until they get the correct one without comprehending why. I dont think there is another way that it could be improved.