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Lesson Plan Template (ITE 604) Name Katie Lutz #u$%ect Life #cience &rade Le!

el ' I, #ETTIN& T-E #T.&E -/P# III #T.N(.0(# Benchmark #/,',1,+ IN#T02/TI3N.L 345E/TI6E# Condition

Lesson Title Mutations (differentiated instruction wit student acti!it")

(ate ))*)+*)+

Benchmark #/,',1,6

Benchmark #/,',1,4 Criterion

Performance (begin w/action verb)

By explaining that small differences between parents and offspring could produce descendants that look very different from their ancestors, !B"# express why there is variation within a specific species$ By explaining why variation(s) in a species% gene pool contributes to its survival in a constantly changing environment, !B"# analy&e why some individual organisms are more likely to survive compared to others$ By analy&ing how organisms% body structures contribute to their ability to survive and reproduce, !B"# infer why certain organisms survive while others do not$ .NTI/IP.T307 #ET (!arm'(p or Bell !ork) (Time )* minutes) #hink'Pair' hare +ntroduce , different visuals of animals that are similar but not identical, perhaps , butterflies of different colors$ -ave students write in .ournal for / minutes about why they think the butterflies are different, what caused them to be different0 "re they the same type of animal0 -ow do you think the different appearances might affect the life of these butterflies0 tudents will then share their thoughts with their neighbor for , minutes$ #eacher will then 1ping'pong2 discussion around room to hear students thoughts$ II, ./92I#ITI3N ), #.7 (8xplanation) (Time 9 minutes) tudent participate in 14et the !igglies52 :emonstration (see instructions) .&EN(. ITEM# P3#TE( 3N 803NT 43.0( )$ 3ariety is the spice of life ,$ 4et the !igglies5 /$ 6our choice7 comic strip, one'pager or story/essay

#EE (;odeling) (3 ( tructured Practice) :emonstrate to < student 1trees2 how to hold up tudents will pull down as many !igglies as the canopy, and then demonstrate to the rest of possible in 9 seconds$ !hen time is up students

tudents will act as though they are animals living in the forest and they need to obtain at least 9 !igglies to ensure their survival$ !ill need < students to act as trees and hold up the canopy$ Checking for (nderstanding7 8nsure students understand that !igglies are their food and they need to obtain at least 9 to ensure their survival$ :, #.7 (8xplanation) (Time )* minutes) )$ :iscuss what the 4et the !igglies simulation represents in real life (ie/ competition for resources, food, water, shelter etc$) "sk how many students didn%t get any !igglies (they are dead5), how many got under 9 (they are starving and going to die), others will be okay as long as they continue to get enough !igglies in the future$ ,$ :iscuss variation among individuals$ !ere there some students who were more successful compared to others0 !hy0 Checking for (nderstanding7 "sk >uestions to ensure students understand that there are limited resources and that variation among individuals can affect success$

the class how to pull down the !igglies$ =emind students to be mindful of one another, but that the ob.ect of the game is to get as many !igglies as possible in the time allotted$

have to stop pulling the !igglies from the tree canopy$

Checking for (nderstanding7 8nsure students understand what the ob.ective of the game is$

Checking for (nderstanding7

#EE (;odeling) ?or variation among organisms7 "sk for a student volunteer and ask the class to point out differences between the teacher and the student$ +f we are both humans, why do we look different0 #rying to get students to mention that we look different because our genes are different$ #hen explain to students that genes are different as a result of mutations$ #eacher should be writing key terms on the board as the conversation continues7 @ey #erms7 competition for resources struggle for survival variation random mutation

(3 ( tructured Practice) tudents are actively participating in conversation and are answering >uestions and participating in demonstrations$

Checking for (nderstanding7 ?ormative7 temperature checks, >uestions/answer

Checking for (nderstanding7 ?ormative7 asking >uestions, temperature checks +, #.7 (8xplanation) (Time )9 minutes) #EE (;odeling) tudents will conduct 14et the !igglies2 :emonstrate to students what each mutation simulation again but this time they will exhibit a will look like$ random mutation$ tudents will identify < different mutations that are possible during the

(3 ( tructured Practice) tudents will participate in 14et the !igglies2 simulation accounting for their mutation$

simulation (ie/ kneeling, slow etc$) as well as a 9th choice for no mutation$ tudents will randomly be assigned a mutation$ Checking for (nderstanding7 8nsure students understand that they can not pick their mutation, they are random$

Checking for (nderstanding7 "sk students if they think the mutations will help or hurt them on their >uest to obtain as many !igglies as possible$ ;ake sure students understand that the mutations are random$

Checking for (nderstanding7 :iscuss the effects the mutation had on their survival$ Compare how many !igglies students got and if the mutations helped or hurt them$ !as there anything that was not expected0 -ow does this relate to a species survival in the real world0

III, /3N#3LI(.TI3N &2I(E( P0./TI/E if applicable (Time AAAAAAAAAAAAA)

#2MM.TI6E .##E##MENT ("ssessment of Bearning) if applicable (Time ,9 minutes) tudents will now work independently on their choice of assignment$ #hey have the choice between the following options7 comic strip, one pager, short story/essay$ ee handout for explanation of each option$ /L3#20E if applicable (Time 9 minutes) 8xit lip "nswer the >uestion7 1!hat are mutations and why are they important to the survival of a species02 M.TE0I.L# Pieces of rope to represent !igglies Plastic fencing/netting for tree canopy to hang !igglies from IN(EPEN(ENT P0./TI/E if applicable