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Intellectual Identity I define my intellectual identity as an active student leader wherever I am, both in China and in the United

States. In China, I was an active leader in academic studies and extracurricular activities. I graduated from English Department in Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College as Top One Student and as Shanghai Municipal Elite Graduate. Besides, I got different kinds of scholarships such as National Scholarship awarded by Department of Education of Peoples Republic of China, Super Award of Shanghai Education Development Foundation and Consecutive First Prize awarded by Tianhua College. In addition, I was entitled as Excellent Leader being Minister of Cultural and Sports Activities in Student Union of English Department. Not only did I organize many activities, but I also took part in many contests such as National English Speech Contest, Shanghai English Dubbing Contest, reciting, painting, photography, drama performing and sports competitions. What is more, I actively participated in many social practice activities, did some internships and volunteering work. Since I came to the United States last year, I have been devoted to doing more meaningful and practical work such as being a reading mentor of Book Buddies, peer mentor of Pacific International Tigers, substitute teacher in the Chinese Department of College of the Pacific (COP), helping Tianhua MA Cohort adapt to American life and study, organizing interesting activities for international students as President of International Life-Stockton and serving the local community. I was even in the newspaper Pacifican for my leadership in 2013 International Student Welcome Back Party. Besides, I was awarded a gift by a Chinese principal and praised by Mr. Liu,

director of International Programs and Services (IPS), and Dr. McFall, director of Learning and Academic Assessment of UOP, for being her interpreter when she was making a presentation for Chinese Presidents Training Program. What is more, I was on TV for my commitment to serving the homeless. Besides, I am currently President of Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA), the biggest Chinese group at the UOP, which has a direct relation with Chinese Consulate in San Francisco. On September 22nd, I led CSSA members holding 2013 Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Lunch Party and it was a big turnout and success! Although the above show my intellectual identity as an active student leader, there is one aspect that needs further development. That is, I am not so confident and active as I was in China as a doctoral student because of the Imposter Phenomenon (IP), so I need to overcome this negative feeling and be a completely active student leader in American classrooms. I plan to continue developing from different aspects as a scholar. I want to break the stereotype Chinese people hold towards a female doctor- the third type of person in the world (the other two types are men and women ;P). Not only will I focus on my educational research and be an academic scholar but I will also try to look for a teaching position so as to accumulate lots of teaching experience. I hope to become a reflective practitioner because I believe Theory + Practice + Reflection = Success. On top of that, I will not abandon my hobbies of Chinese calligraphy, ink painting, bamboo flute, skateboarding, Yoga or my favorite ball games such as basketball, pingpong and badminton.