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The Co !"#$%&

Th'ee E((e%&$#" E"e e%&( o) &he Co !"#$%& *RCP +(#) Jurisdiction must allege case is w/in SMJ (some states require PJ & Venue) Statement of the Claim needs to only state facts, not legal theory relied upon Relief demand for specific relief (i.e. money damages, in unction, etc.) S!e,$#" P"e#-$%. R/"e( 0(1) must plead fraud wit! particularity 0(.) must plead any special damages "t!er #laims do not demand a specific pleading Le#&he' #% P"e#-$%. $% &he A"&e'%#&$2e +(e)(3) $ party may set fort! two or more statements of a claim or defense alternately or !ypot!etically (applies to %ot! & &) must %e a reasonable basis (11)

Mo&$o%( #.#$%(& &he Co !"#$%&

Defenses 43(1) defenses against t!e 'alidity of t!e complaint Motion for More Definite Statement 43(e) if complaint is so ('ague and am%iguous t!at & cannot reasona%ly %e required to frame a responsi'e pleading) Motion to Strike 43()) if !as included (redundant, immaterial, impertinent or scandalous) material in complaint, & may mo'e to !a'e material stric*en from pleading Consolidation & is limited to one pre-answer motion Waiver 43(h) #ertain defenses t!at can %e raised %y +,(%) motion will %e wai'ed if t!ey are not included in t!e +,(%) motion PJ, Venue, -nsufficient ser'ice of process. %ut /0J can ne'er %e wai'ed Mo&$o%( De"#5 6( O1"$.#&$o% &o A%(7e' 43(#)(4) states t!at a & must file answer w/in 20 days of complaint 43(#)(8) filing motions alters time allowed %/c & is t!en not required to answer until +1 days after court answers motion

Vo"/%&#'5 D$( $((#" ; ways *RCP 84(#) No&$,e o%,e before eit!er answer or motion for summary udgment (w/out pre ) S&$!/"#&$o% parties agree (w/out pre ) Co/'& O'-e' courtorder (w/out pre ) I%2o"/%&#'5 D$( $((#" *RCP 84(1) for failure follow procedural rules. 3efault is w/ pre udice (.!ceptions 6 PJ, /0J, /er'ice, Venue, -ndispensa%le Party) *RCP ;< allows to argue for relief against udgment to dismiss De)e%(e( #.#$%(& 2#"$-$&5 o) &he ,o !"#$%& 43(1) & can plead eit!er in answer or %y separate motion: 4ac* of /0J 4ac* of PJ -mproper Venue -nsufficient /er'ice or /er'ice of Process Failure to state a claim upon which relief may be granted L$1e'#" $%&e'!'e&#&$o% o) &he ,o !"#$%& no dismissal unless appears %eyond dou%t t!at t!e can pro'e no set of facts in support of !is claim

The A%(7e'
3 ossible Responses to 2ac! $llegation $dmit, 3eny, 4ac* /ufficient -nformation any not admitted 5 denied A))$' #&$2e De)e%(e( 3efenses t!at must be e!plicitl" pleaded $% &he #%(7e' if & to raise in trial +(,) non6e7clusi'e list of affirmati'e defenses (including8 contri%utory negligence, fraud, res udicata, /"4, illegality) Co/%&e',"#$ 6 claim against t!e offering reason w!y t!e is lia%le to t!e &

The Re!"5
9s response to counterclaim ( does not respond to affirmati e defenses)

A e%- e%& A e%- e%& #( o) R$.h& *RCP 49(#) Pleading my %e amended once as a matter of rig!t Complaint may %e amended once at an" time before # serves his answer (-f no responsi'e pleading, w$in %& da"s' (nswer an answer may %e amended once within %& da"s after & !as ser'ed it A e%- e%& 15 Le#2e o) Co/'& *RCP 49(#) freely gi'en %ut %ased on actual pre)udice t!e ot!er party A e%- e%& &o Co%)o' &o E2$-e%,e *RCP 49(1) issues, not raised %y pleadings, tried wit! e!press or implied consent W#$2e' Po"$,$e( *RCP 43(h) Cannot use amendment to void waiver of affirmati'e defenses *nless if t!ey are amended in t!e time period allowed as a ri+ht Re"#&$o% B#,: *RCP 49(,) 6 ,he amendment relatin+ back allowed ifit is permitted %y law %y t!e statute of limitations, OR not c!anging name of &9s and same conduct , transaction, occurrence, OR c!anging &, AND same conduct, transaction, occurrence, AND *new/s!ould !a'e *nown it was proper party