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Creating a Visual for The Live Green!

By Sulliman Al-Ostaz


First, I will tell you the genre that I chose and why I chose it.
Then, I will describe the design process and certain choices that I made in the design process. Next, I will go over my thoughts for this assignment.

Last, I will take questions.


I chose to do a brochure for my visual. I chose a brochure because I wanted to describe multiple aspects of the Live Green! Initiative. I wanted to describe the program as a whole. There were no time constraints.

Design Process

Step 1 Chose Genre

I selected to do a brochure for my visual. Reasons? - No time constraints. - Wanted to give general information on the program and describe the the program as a whole.

Step 2 Chose Text

In my brochure, I wanted to include: 1. History of the program. 2. Mission of the program. 3. Accomplishments of the program.

4. How to get involved.

5. Contact information. The information that I included in the main text of each panel came from the live green website.

Step 3 Chose Images

I used three images in my brochure. The first image was found on the live green website. The second image was found on The third image was found on

Step 4 Designed Layout

Step 5 Added Text

Step 6 Added Images

Step 7 Chose Color Scheme and Added Outlines

I used green, light green, black and white for my color scheme. I used the greens because they go along with the live green theme and they give the brochure a bright and happy feeling. The white and black colors make the headings differentiable from the main text.

I used black-colored outlines with varying thickness to make the panels and images pop.

Final Brochure

Final Thoughts

At first, it was challenging to figure out how to use the different programs to design my brochure. However, it was very beneficial for me to become familiar with how to use these programs and design effective visuals. The skills that I have learned through this assignment will be very helpful to me both in my education and in the work-field.

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Now, I will take questions.

Thank You