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1st-3rd Stations Lesson Focus o Throwing with Scoops, kick, striking, fitness, throwing accuracy, rolling Objective o TSWBAT

TSWBAT identify which skills they are working on at each station at the end of class. Standards o 1,2,5,6 Assessment o Students will identify what every station works on at the end of class. Warm up (5min) o 5 exercises, 2 down backs, 2 laps Instruction (5 min) o Today we will be doing stations. These stations will be working on throwing accuracy, striking, kicking, fitness, and throwing and catching with scoops. Activities (30min) o Scoops Catch with partner, Individual work, and no throwing for distance Use wiffle ball, tennis ball, or fluff ball/foam ball. o Striking Wiffle ball, tennis ball, wiffle ball bat, lolly pop paddle, or tennis racquet If ball crosses another students path go behind the tees not in front. I don't want anyone getting hit. Use whatever ball or striking object that you want o Kicking Use a balloon or beach ball and see how many times you can kick it in a row. Use only your hands like you would in soccer o Bowling Use a gator ball, large foam ball, or kick ball trying to knock down a bowling pins o Fitness Jump ropes, line jumps, pushups, or hula hoops o Throwing for accuracy Hula hoop hanging from the basketball hoop Use a foam football, frisbee, gator ball, or fluff ball Assessment and line up (5min) o What was one station? o What was the skill that we were working on at that station?