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Current Events in Africa

Religion Project Comparative Essay

Honors Humanities 9 Honors Seminar Friday, December 6 Friday, December 13 Research & Summarize Current Events Article about topic Final Comparative Essay Due

Research, understand, and then summarize a current event in a specific country in Africa about the religion of study. The article must have been published or occurred in the last 5 years (at the most!). You will write a summary of the event to add to your comparative religions essay. Consider how one of the major world religions impacts peoples lives is serious ways. Be sure to include the source and proper MLA citation format. Expectations for Current Events about a Religion: 1. Research an event that relates to the religion of study (in Africa or a specific city or country!) 2. Write a paragraph to summarize the event and what happened 3. Write a paragraph to explain how the religion impacts people today! Choose one of the religious elements (that you write about in your paper) and answer one of the questions below. 4. Add the paragraphs to your essay This requires you to revise your introduction and your conclusion! 5. Write an introduction and conclusion that includes an overview of the comparisons (or differences) between the major world religion and traditional African religions and also an explanation of how religion impacts people today. Elements of ReligionQuestions for Written Paragraph from Current Events Article As you research a current event, consider the elements of religion: 1. GodsHow do ideas of a Supreme Being impact people today in Africa? 2. BeliefsIn what ways do religious beliefs influence how people engage with others? 3. Practices & RitualsBased on the religious practices and rituals, what are the effects of a major world religion in Africa (or a specific city or country)? 4. Leaders & PeopleWho are the people involved in the current event? Why? What do they want? Why? What do they hope to accomplish? Why? 5. Religious PlacesWhich places were impacted by the event as it relates to religion? Why? Given the worship practices, how are the religious events or changes influencing people?