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Archery Lesson 3 Focus: Grouping and Score Sheets Objectives/Learning Intentions and Success Criteria: o SALT...

.. Score archery on their sheets o SALT.... Identify which step in the shooting processes affecting their shooting form and making the adjustment to tighten their grouping. o SAS....when they successfully write their scores on their sheet in correct order o SAS....when they make the adjustment in their shooting process to move their grouping tighter and closer to the bull's-eye/10's area. Wisconsin State Standards o 1,2,5,6 Assessment o Teacher Feedback specific and general while the students are shooting o Teacher Observation o Group discussion at the end of class about grouping and the shooting process. Change into PE clothes (10min) Lecture (10min) o Archery score sheets When we score in archery we always count high to low. When writing it on the sheet we do the same. o When writing down the score you always stand behind the white line so you do not get hit with an arrow when it is being pulled out. o When you have a tight grouping you have consistency in your shot. The tighter the grouping the better your consistency is. o Problem Statement- What part of the shooting process would you think affect your grouping the most? When you are shooting today try adjusting your aim, anchor, release, and follow through to have the most success with moving your grouping closer to the 10's area. When you make your adjustments focus on one and only one part at a time. If you try to make more than one adjustment you will not know which adjustment made the difference in your shot and grouping. Warm up (10min) 3,2,1 Run Walk o Cardiovascular- 3min run, 3min walk, 2min run, 2min walk, 1min run, and 1min walk. o Flexibility- Dynamic stretch- skip and arm circles, backwards skip and arm circles, high knees, butt kicks, open the hips up, and high knee butt kick combination. Activities (35 min) o Experiment- Shooting Practice o Analysis- When the students are sitting out they are discussing what parts of the shooting process they could change the next time they are shooting. In this discussion the students will pick a part of the process to try to adjust next time to figure out how to move/adjust their grouping. Assessment (10min)

o Analysis-What part of the shooting process moved your grouping closer to the 10's area? Why? o What part of the shooting process do you think is the most important? Why? o When we are shooting we want to try to stay consistent with everything that we do. When we make an adjustment we always want to try to change one small thing with every shot. If we adjust multiple parts of the process within one shot you are not sure what made the difference. Try to just focus on one part of the shot and you will have more success. Change back into street clothes (10min)