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Floor Hockey Lesson 1 Focus: Intro, stick handling, passing, receiving, and dribbling Objectives/Learning Intentions and Success

ss Criteria: o SALT... develop passing and dribbling skills needed to play floor hockey. o SAS....when the show proper cues during the dribbling and passing drills. Wisconsin State Standards o 1,2,5,6 Assessment o Students will be assessed through teacher observation o Pedometer step counts Change into PE clothes (10min) Take Archery Written Assessment (15min) Lecture (10min) o Youtube video- Intro to floor hockey and history. o Show Milwaukee field hockey site- opportunity for students to be able to be active after school. o Recap safety- Everything stays below the knees, no contact, if unsafe actions happen you are warned once, the second time you lose your stick privileges. o Pedometer protocol- clear pedometer, place on hip, cover up, take readings at the end of class, if caught shaking you lose 1000 steps for the day. o Equipment- sticks(parts of stick-handle, blade, heel , and toe), net, puck, and balls. o Cues for stick handling, dribbling, receiving, and passing o 5 Components of Health related Physical Fitness- muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular, flexibility, and body composition. Explain each and give example of floor hockey o Music- Which radio stations would you like to listen too for this unit? Warm up (10min) 3,2,1 run and dribble o You may chose your own partners. If you can't handle this I will assign you partners. o Cardiovascular- Partner up, one partner is running and other is dribbling the puck while they are walking focusing on the cues. o Muscular strength-2 times through-10 pushups(choice of regular, wall, or knee), 10 squats, and 10 lunges. Activities (25 min) (split class into half) o 1/2 class-Dribbling down to the cones and back pass to your partner then your partner goes (start walking, then slowly pick up the pace) X2 Dribble through the cones and pass back to your partner (start walking, then slowly pick up the pace) X2 o 1/2 class- Passing while standing still back and forth to a partner Partner pass and dribble down and back in the gym (start walking, then slowly pick up the pace) X2 o 1/2 class plays Hockey knock away 2 students start without a puck they then try to knock everyone else's pucks away. Once your puck is knocked out you go to the outside of the boundaries and perform 5 jumping jacks and then you are back in the activity. o 1/2 class is walking/running to improve step count(if they have pedometers on) Assessment (5min) o Report pedometer numbers to teacher then go change. o Go over cues for stick handling, dribbling, receiving and passing Change back into street clothes (10min)