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List of Firearms Designers, Gunsmiths and Manufacturers Prior to 1900

List of Firearms Designers, Gunsmiths and Manufacturers Prior to 1900

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List of Firearms Designers, Gunsmiths and Manufacturers Prior to 1900
List of Firearms Designers, Gunsmiths and Manufacturers Prior to 1900

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List of Firearms Designers, Gunsmiths and Manufacturers prior to 1900

(this list comes from www.American-Firearms.com )

unknown A. Waters & Co. A.B.Griswold & Co. A.H. Waters A.H. Waters & Co A.S. Babbitt Co. A.S. Nippes Aaron, George W. Abbey & Foster Abbey, F.J. & Co. Abbey, George T. Abendsen, Joseph ACME ACME Arms ACME Hammerless Adams F.B.E. Adams Revolving Arms Co. Adams, Daniel Adams, Henry W. Adams, J. Adams, James Adams, Mass. Arms Co. Adams, Tower Adirondack Arms Co. Adolphus Meier & Co. Adolphus Meir & Co. Aetna Arms Co. AETNA Afflerbach, William H. Ager, Alexander AGY Aiken, B. F. Ajax Army Alaska

Albrecht, Andreas Albrecht, Andrew Albrecht, Charles Albright T. J. & Son Albright, Henry Albright, J. Albright, J., Jr. Albright, Jacob Albright, Thomas J. Albright, William A. Albright, Zachariah Aldenderfer, M. Alert Alexander, C. W. Alexander, Donald Alexia ALEXIS Alford, Burkele & Clapp Alford, Farr & Clapp Alger, Charles C. All Right Firearms Co. Allegheny Gun Works Allegheny Works ALLEN Allen & Thurber-1837 Allen & Thurber-1842 Allen & Thurber-1847 Allen & Thurber & Co. Allen & Wheelock Allen Ethan Allen, C.B. Allen, Jacob Allen, Oliver Allen, Silas Allen, W.C. Allen, William Allin, Erskine S. Alling Allison, Thomas Allison, William Allisson

Allway, Axariah Almy, A. H. Alsop, Charles H. Alsop, Charles R. Altinger, Charles Altland Altland, Andrew Altland, Jacob Altmair, Peter Altman, Frederick Altman, Jonathan Ambler, John Jr. AMERICA American Arms Co.-1861 American Arms Co.-1870 American Arms Co.-1877 American Arms Co.-1890 American Bar American Boy American Bulldog American Eagle American Gun Company American Nut and Arms Co. American Repeating Rifle Company American Standard Tool Co. American Tool & Machine Co. Americus Ames Manufacturer Ames Manufacturing Company Ames Pistols Ames Sword Co. Amodeo-Salvator, Emmanuel Amos and Border & Co. Amos, John Amoskeag Manufacturing Co. Amsden, B.W. Anderson Andrews Ferry & Co Andrews, Charles

Robert W. Aaron Armstrong. Edward Annely. Conrad Atwater. George A. Peter Ansted. Angstadt. Asheville Armory Ashton. Adam Angstadt. E. Thomas Anschutz. Ansley. Jesse Anstadt. James Annely. Andrews. J.B. Jacob Andrews.Andrews. Daniel Aubrey. Peter Angush. & J. William Anthis (William Antes) Archcraft. & J. Thomas Andrus & Osborn Angeli. H. Charles Asa Waters Asa Waters and Son Asa Waters II Asa. Henry Atley. John Armendt. Auber. Joseph Angstadt. A. James Armstrong. Artz. Albert James . A. Thomas Areis. John Armstrong. E. Joseph Angstadt. Peter & William Aston. Jacob Anstat. George Ashcroft. John Arrowsmith. Francis Aristocrat Armbruster. Antes.

John Baker. Robert Bailey. Babcock Babcock. Bakewell. William G. Richard Bacon & Co. N. Jacob S.A. Ayers. Baker. Baker.Auer B.Co. Nicholas Baker. G. William Bald. M. Balthasar Augusta Machine Works Austin & Freeman Austin. Bacon Arms Co. Thomas K. Joseph Baker. Ball Repeating Carbine . Joshua Baker. Baby Russian Backhouse. John Baker. William Ayres. Frederick W. Bacon.H. Moses Babcock. R. Norwich C-T. Bacon Manufacturing Company Bacon Mfg. Babbitt Co. George Baker. Melchoir Baker. W. & Co. Thomas Bair. Ball & Williams Co. L. T. Avenger Ayers. Andrew Baker. Baker. John Baguet Bailey. Robert Jr. Baer. Auer.

Robert Beals. Barton. Fordyce Bear. John Philip Beck. A. Thomas Bates.Lamson & Co. Isaac Beck. John Batchelor. Samuel Bay State Arms Co. W. Basler. N. Christian Beck.B. Barrett. Samuel Barger. and A. Luther Barrett.A. Gideon Beck. . John Beck. W. Robert Barns. Ballard Patent Arms Ballard Rifles Ballard. Balsley.R. J. Christian the Later Beck. C. John Valentine Beck. Ball.H. M. Bang-Up Bannacker. Beck. George Baum. F. Barlow. Barker. George Bannerman & Sons Barber. John Beauvais (or Beauvair) R. Bateman. F. J. Barrett. Barnhill. Albert Ballard & Co. R. Francis Bauer. Christian the Earlier Beck. Christian Bandle Gun Co. J. Silas H. Beale.B. & Co. & Co.

Bee. Hiram Berg. Alexander J. Joseph Ben Kittredge & Co. Barnhart Bergersan. Peter Belton. Billinghurst. Michael Benfer. Billups and Hassell Bird & Co. Peter Bellis.H. Hall. Abraham Berlin. William Billings Billings & Spencer Co. Nicholas Bicycle Biddle Biddle. Peder Beringer. Benjamin Beer. Amos Bennet & Haviland Bennet. John Bender. John Bell. Belles. Berdan. George Beerstecher. & Co. Philip Berry. Thomas G. Peter Berry. William H. J. Bender. John Berlin. C. Berger. W. Beyer. Bell. Henry Bergen. Benjamin Bilharz. . Isaac Bernds. Frederick Beidler. George Big Bonanza Bigelow. Bennett. Jacob Bender. Christian Bender.

Orison Boardman. James Bolen. Bliss. A. Alexander Bishop. John Bond Bonewitz. Bonanza Bonawitz. Black. Samuel Booth & Co. William Bismarck Bitterlich & Legler Bitterlich. and Hoffman. Frank J. William Blautz. M. Biship. Henry Black. Bitz. D. James Blair. Gustav Adolph. H. Bobb. Black. Bisbing.G. Henry Jr. Bishop. Charles F. E. Blittkowski.Birkenhead. J. Frederick William Bloodhound Blue Jacket Blue Whistler Blunt & Syms Blunt. Boone. Hermann & Co. John Boniwitz. Anthony Bodenheimer. John Blickensdoerfer & Schilling Bliss & Goodyear Bliss Frank D. . William Boker. Amos S. James Bonnet. John Bisbee. Boland. William H.

Albert Bown. William Bosler. John Bowman. J. J. John Brady Brall. Boulton. Samuel Border. Peter Bown & Tetley Bown & Tetley Rifle Manufacturers Bown. James Bowshinger. James & Son Bown. Nicholas Boyington. Lewis . William Borchardt. Boulton .M.R. B. Daniel Border. Henry Bowen. David Boyer. Francis E. Alexander Boyer. Henry Boyer. William Boyden. John Border. James Bown. Enos Border. William Bowers. Henry Bourne. George Boyer. William Boushinger. John Boynton. E. Bowen. H Bowness. J. Benjamin Boyer. Boyd. Henry Boyd. W. Hugo Border. Joseph Boss Boston Bulldog Bosworth Bosworth.Booth.

Boy's Choice Brand Brand Arms Co. Peter Bronoup. William Brindle. & E. James Brooklyn Arms Co Brooklyn F. John F. Brown. Isaac W. Briggs. . A. Frank and Frisbie. George Brenise. Briggs. Brand. Brooks. George/a> Brettell & Frisbie Brettell. Robert A. Augustus Breigle. Co. John Brooks. Joseph Brown & Hirth Brown Manufacturing Co. Britz. William F. Broswell. Braun. 1900 Brong. Christopher C. David Brown. 1861 Brockway. Norman S. Bristol Firearms Co. G. Brown. Alexander T. Jacob Brandt. Norman S. Frank Brettell. A. Jacob F.A. H. Frederick Breneissen. Brandt. Jacob Brenberger. Brashers. Joseph Bridesburg Armory Bridges. Francis Brooks. Brown. Adam Brockway. John Brant.A. M. Brown.

Matthew S. John B. Budd. Browning. William Burgan. Richard P. Burg. William E. John Partridge Bullard Repeating Arms Co. Andrew Burgess Gun Co. Robert Buckland Brothers Bucklin.Brown. John Bryce. John F. John M. Silas Bryce.P. Jonathan Browning. Wm. Samuel O Budd. S. Brown. S. Bulldog Bulldog Single Shot Pistol Bulls Eye Bunge. Browning. George Buchanan. Christian W Buchmiller. Emanuel Burgess. Brown. John & Sons Brown. John Brown. William H. Bunsen. Samuel Buchel. H. Bruff. Burkele & Clapp . C. R. Brother & Seaver Bruff. Brown. John Bruce & Davis Bruff. Buffalo Bill Bull Dozer Bull. George C. William Buchanan.E. James Bryant. Brutus Bryan. Brubaker.

Burly. W. Calderwood. S. A. H. William Burns. John Carr. Carleton. Abner Caruthers Canfield & Brothers Captain Jack Card. William Cadman A. Burt.W.E. Martin J. Butterfield. John J. Butler. D. Elon B. Ballard C. C. Butterfield & Nippes Butterfield. C. Charles Carrell. Bird & Co. Sharps & Co. Charles Butler Butler. Burnside. Allen Cable. James N. James Burnside Rifle Co. Wiliam Caldwell. C. Homer M Calhoun. . Richard Butler. Benjamin Butterfield. Campbell. Bethel Buss. M. William S. Lawrance Carroll. Jesse S. Henry Carlton.H. Burton. Thomas Butler. M. Carny. Addison M.B. Lawrence Case Willard & Co. Byers. Carlisle. Caroline Arms Carpenter. Carnman.

Chicago Fire Arms Co. Edward Christ. Benjamin H Chambers. Chase. O. Anson Chase. T. William J. Cilley. William Cherry. George W. William Cheyney. Challenge Chamberlain. Charles Chicago Arms Co. Jedediah Caswell. John M.Caspari. Reuben S. D. Christian Champell. Tristram Champion Chapin. Clark & Co. Chapman Charles Chapman. H. Rifles Clapp. M. Champell. John Clanton. Cherington. Clapp. Thomas P. John Christy. J. Joseph Chaffee. Clabrough. Luther Chapman C. Frederic Caswell. Dexter H Chambers. Joseph C. Christ Centennial Center. Thomas Cherington. Hoffman & Co. G.. Chichester Chieftain Childs. F. Cave. William Cherington. Christopher. Gates & Co. John Chesebrough. A. Clark and Lambe . & J.

James Cobb. Jacob Clines. Daniel Clark. William Clause. Colemann & Duke Collier. Jefferson M. Cohn & Marston Colburn. Henry Clevell. Robert Cody. David G.1842 Colt-1847 Colt-1848 . Clark. Jesse Cline. John Clipper Clippinger. John W.1900 Colt. W Clewell. James Clark. J. Valentine Coates. John Clark.Clark. Elisha Haydon Colt-1836 . Thomas W. Joseph Clough. Coldrein. Clark. Clark. Henry Cobb. George Clause. Michael & Sons Cofer. Samuel Columbia Armory Columbian Columbus Fire Arms Co. I. Clark. Landon Cochren.J. Columbus Firearms Manufacturing Co. Sherrard & Co.H. Nathan Cochran Turret Cochran. . Cochran. F. Clouse. J.

David Conner. Jr. Robert K. Richard Continental Continental Arms Co. Conner. Cook & Brother Rifles and Carbines Cook Ferdinand and Francis Cook. Conning. Connecticut Arms Co. Cook. Confederate States Ordnance Works Connecticut Arms & Manufacturing Co. Converse. Thomas Cookson.M. H. D. George Cosmopolitan Arms Co. Cornay.& Co. Colvin. Davis Colvin. Conrad. Francis Cornet. Maslin Cooper. Cook. David Cooper & Lavely Cooper & Livesy Cooper Firearms Mfg. Charles Cornwall Hardware Co. John Cooley. Cooper.Colvin. Frank Corbley. Nathan B. George G. J. . Correll. Copeland.D. S. J. Robert J. D. Cornwell. Comet Cone. Jacob Cook. Samuel Constable. Charles A. J. Co. James Conqueror Conrad.

George Cunningham. George G. S Craft. Silas Crissy (Crissey). William & Joseph Craig. Alex Cummings. Crossland. William (II) Craig. Cummings. William Cunkle. George Wahington Craig & Musgrave Craig. Elias Criswell. James F. Thomas Coulaux. George R. O. Abiah Cox. James Cummings. Cowell. William (III) Creedmore Crescent Crescent Fire Arms Co. John Cowdan. Samuel Croll. Alexander Curry. Ebenezer Cowels & Smith Cowles & Son Cox. Criner. Samuel Cover. Simon Croner. Julien Coutty. Abiel Craft. Abraham Crooker.S.Coughlan. Daniel Cromwell. D. John Crossland. Joseph Craig. A Crispin. John (II) Crowell. William (I) Craig. Crown Jewel Culbertson. William . William & Son Craig.

Nicholas Cutter. N. Daniels. Czar D. Ealry Dalby. Gonter & Dickert De Huff. Darling. Daisy Daisy Air Rifle Daisy Manufacturing Company Daisy. B. Davis. & Co. Davis. Dance. W. Henry . George De Brame. & Sons Day. Marvelle C.Cushing.A. Henry & Charles Darling. D. Benjamin Daugherty. Davis & Bozeman Davis. JR. De Huff. G. J.. Charles N. J. D. Silas De Bender. N. J. & B.P. Dance. Enoch Dalby. James Dance Brothers Dance.R. Benjamin. Florian Daily Arms Co. Henry Dead Shot Deberiere. Davis.R. M.M. Alexander Dalby. A. Lefever Dahis.H. Alvin D Custer.H.E. Pistols and short Firearms Darlington. Absalom Davenport Firearms Company Davenport. Benjamin & Barton Darling.

John Demsey. Deringer. John (II) Deisinger. Defibaugh. Philip Despatch Desverneys. Jacob . John Derr.Debolt. Henry W. Johannes Derr. Benjamin Deringer. Delong & Sons Demirett. Henry Deeds. Andrew Detwiler. Wendell Delaney. T. Derr. Sr. David Defibaugh. Defender Defiance Defibaugh. Benjamin DeWitt Clinton Dickert & Gill Dickert. Detweiler. Anthony Jr. Peter Derringer. Henry. Nelson Delassize. L. William Deringer Revolver and Pistol Co. Milton Defibaugh. L. Jr. Christian Derr. John Dennis. J. William Dehuff. Deringer Rifle and Pistol Works Deringer. Demsey. Daniel Defibaugh. Henry. John Dehuff. Mathew Demuth. Abraham Dehuff. Anthony Devore.

David Dickinson Co. Dodge. E. Daniel A. John Dover. Francis Downward. Dictator Diebenberger. Dimond. Driesbach. Driscoll. Dimick. Geo. William Dowler.E. J. Duckworth. David Douthert. H. & J. Dietz. W. Jacob (II) Donham. James Dimick. N. Moses Dickson. James . Jacob Doll. L. John Dillon. John Double Header Douglas. Dolfus Draper. & L. Reuben W. William Dinslow & Chase Dinsman. Nelson & Co. Joseph Douglays. John Drepperd John Drew. J. Dorner (Doner). Horace E. Dreadnaught Dreirback. Thomas Drake. John Dippeberger. L. Dickson. Heinrich Diesinger. Daniel Dingler. F. Dickinson. B.Dickey. J. Ezra Doll. Henry Distebart. Dickinson. Drippard.

Tryon Co. Eagle Eagle Arms Co. Henry Eckler. Dunmeyer. Alexander Dunham. Andrew Dunwick. William Dutton. Eclipse . Jacob Earnest. J. Robinson. Lamson & Co. Eagle Co. Lewis Earley. Remington & Sons E. John Dwight. E. Eberman. John S. Chapin & Company E. Duvice (Devece). Amos Earlhood Early. Jacob Earnest. Allen & Co. G.Dunbar. Jacob (I) Earthquake Eastern Arms Co. Jonathan Dunmyere (Dunmyer). Maker. C. Peter Dunseth & Sutton Dunseth. Eagle Manufacturing Co. E. Meacham Co. H. E. E. Eastman. George Dunlap. Job Dunham. Lewis Dunkle. Dickinson Co. L. David Dunmeyer. Amos Early. Robert Eaton & Kittredge Eaton. Ealer. Robert Jr. New York E.

Michael Edwards. Peter Jr. Empire Empress Encore Engel. James Edmond. George Engle. Peter Engles. Willard C. Eicholtz & Bros. A Elton. Michael Elliot. Christian Engles. Thomas Emery. William Elgar. Charles A. Josiah Elly. John Elector Electric Elgar. .Eddie. Reuben Ellis. Barney or Barnet Engle. George Elder. Peter Elton. William H. William and Smith. Elgin Cutlass Elgin. Antrobres (or Antrobus) Edwards. Ezra Engle. C. John Eister. Davis Elsworth.1831 Elliot. Michael Jr. George Eliphalet Remington . Jacob Edmonds. Elliot's Arms Company Ellis. Ells. David Edwards.1816 Eliphalet Remington .M. Edwards. R. J. Eicholtz.

Farington. Gustau Ernst Schmidt & Company Ernst.J. Warren R. Samuel L. Frederick Farrow Arms Co. Adam Ernst. Evans. De Witt C. . Owen Evans. Evans. E. J. John Estep. B. Evans. Glassick & Co. Cornelius Eureka Eustace & Company. Evans Rifle Mfg. Federick Fainot. Jacob Escherick. Caleb S. S. Falk. Ferdinand Escherick. & F Fainot. & E. John F. Farnot. George F. Co. Frank Farnot. Faries. Evans Evans & Hassall Evans Repeating Rifle Co. Francis Eshlman. Daniel Evans. F. George F Fairbanks. W.Enterprise Gun Works Erichson. Anton Escherick. Georges F. Edward Excelsior Express Eyster. B. James E. Abbey & Company Faber. Stephen Evans. Evans. Evans. Evatt. O. Evans. A.

William Fayetteville Armory Pistols and Rifles Fayetteville Arsenal Feder. George W. George II Fay. Field. Conrad Fetter. Favorite Favorite Navy Fay. Peter H Fish. Joseph I Finnegan. Co. Joel II Ferree. Jacob . William Finch. Fenno Ferree. Isaac Ferree. Isaac Fishel. George Spencer Ferree. Joel Ferree. Philip Jr Ferry. Langstroth & Co. William Fauntleroy. Joel I Ferree. G. Daniel Fish. John Fiehl & Weeks Fire Arms Mfg. Isaac I Ferree. Philip Ferree.Farver. Fay. George Fay. Fay. Andrews & Co. Joel Thorton Ferree. Fife. Jacob Ferree. Henry C. Robert H. Fesig. Harmon Figthorn. John Fichthorn. Joseph Finch. Andrew Figthorn. Andrew I Fillman.

George Fisher. Fogarty Repeating Rifle Company Folger. Francis Fisher. George Fondersmith. H. James P. John .Fisher. Flegle. James Fletcher. Charles Foehl & Weeks Firearms Manufacturing Co. Luis Fondersmith. George Fleharty. William G. Elijah Fisher. Fleck. William H. Frederick Ford. Valentine Fleeger. John Fondersmith. Christian Fleeger. Peter Fleeger. Jacob Fordney. John Fleeger. John Fordney. Foehl. Charles Fogarty American Repeating Rifle Co. Paul Fitch & Waldo Fitch. Folk's Gun Works Folsom Brothers & Company Folsom. Fondersmith. Florence Armory Flowers. William A. William Fopay. Harrison Fisher. Jacob Fisher. Melchoir Forehand & Wadsworth Forehand & Wadsworth Company Forehand Arms Company Foreman.

Austin T. Frederick. John Friede M. William Fowler. Thomas Foster. Abram Frankenau. William H Forrest. John Fredericksburg Manufactory Freeman. Joseph Foulkes. Fresh. Freeman. Frisbie.. Joseph Freund. H. JR. Fraizier. Fox Co. Fox. Francis Frank. George Henry Fraizer. & Co. Samuel Forker. John I Forker. John Fred Bifflar Co.Forester. Fox. A. Joseph Forker. Fox. Joseph Frontfield. W. John Forker. Frank W. George Pratt Foster. Freund. Casper Forsyth. Allen H. Oskar Frankfurt Hardware of Milwaukee Fraser (or Frazier). John Frazier. George Fox.C. Hoard's Amory Freeman. J. Austin T. John Frontier . George Frick. John Forker. Adam Foster. B.

J. David Geddy. Gallatin. Martin Fryberg. Garrett. Bartholemew G. . George Fry. James Sr. Thomas Ganster. Joseph Fry. Peter Ganon. Garrett. George W. Geddy.Frost. and Co. Andrew Fuch. Edward J. V.J. Samuel Geiger. Albert Galloway.F. John Gass.B. Peter Geddy. M. Henry Galbreath. George P. Fox Co Gable. Martin Frye. John Fry. Samuel Garrison Garver. Gehrett. Gardner. Samuel Galbraith. William Gedney. George Fundersmith. George H. Henry Galt & Baker Gamma. John Gallager.H. Fry. William Garrett. Gardiner. J.F. Franz Gander. John Gale. Richard Jordan Gautec. Valentine Gatling Gun Company Gatling. J. William Gall. Jacob Furgeson.

William Gibson. Abraham Gibbs. Jacob Gillam & Miller Gillam (or Gilliam) and Miller Gillespie. Samuel Gilmore. Leonard Geirsh. P. Henry Gibbons. John Gibbs.B. Frederick Germ. Samuel Gibson. J. Benjamin Gill. Nicholas Gillreath. Joseph Gibbons. H Gillespie. August G.B. Charles George. James Gill. Fredrick Gerner. George D. . Gingerich. William Geisse & Korckhauss GEM Genez. Gibbs. Thomas Gibson. Henry George. Jacob Georgia Armory Geotz. Thomas Gibbs Tiffany & Co. J. Gill.Geiger. George Ginter. Gillman. D. Daniel Gillman. Lucius H. Asa George. C. George George. Henry Gibbs. Jacob F Gibbons. Thomas II Giles. Gibbs. Charles Getz.

John W. Emanuel Gouty Governor Graeff. William Golcher. Goodell. Peter Good. Samuel Goddard. John . Alfred D. John Glass. Valentine Glassick. Joseph Gomez. Graham. Gordon. Goodyear. Samuel Glass. Charles J. Godwin. John Gonter. Daniel Glass. Frederick Goff. Peter Goodall. Gobrecht Gobrecht. William Graffelder. Glass. James Golcher.W. Hugh Cook Glass. John Goulcher. L. Thomas Goekem. Frederick Goodsell.Ginzer. Ewald Goetz. Daniel Gobrecht. John Goughnour. Emerson Godfrey. Edwin Gonel & Schott Gonter. John Graeff. A. Peter Napoleon Graham. James M. Daniel Gougler. James II Golcher. Joseph Granger. Frederick G. John Golcher.

James Greene. B. Charles Griffith. Grove. Gregg. Frederick Guardian Guest. Guest. Joshua Great Western Gun Works Greene. Henry Grove & Co. Myron E. Grubb. Tobias Gruler. J. James R. Grubb. Joseph and Rebetey. Grave. Greenwood and Gray Greenwood. J. T. Samuel Jr. Gray. Gray. John Gray. David Gring. Thomas & Co. John Grimes. Grove. Samuel Sr. Guidon. Joseph Gruler. & Co. Charles Griffith. Durrell Greene.Gratiot Manufacturing Co. Charles H Griffith. John D. F. J. Gross. I. Gregory Gridner. Augustus Grunigal. Ruben Griswold & Gier Griswold & Gunnison Griswold. Miles & Co. C. Samuel Griswold. . Lot Greenleaf & Cox Greenough. J. J. John Guger. Gross Arms Co.

Martin Hadden. Gunter. Aston H. T. George A.P. Sive Guion. John Haga. Michael Gumpf. John Hahn. Aston & Co.Guilbert. Stophel Gumph. Andrew Gumpf. H. A. A. Nicholas Hachen. Christopher Gumpf. Christian Hachen. Hachen.C. Edwin and Campbell. Christopher Gunlock Manufactory Gunnison.M. Isaac Hains. F. Isaac . James Haeffer. Folsom Sporting Goods H. Wolfgang Hagy. William Haiman. and Brother Haines. L. Wolfgang Hager. Jonathan Haggan. Hahn. & D. Edwin Gwyn. John Haga. John Hafer. Wolfgang Hacker. Aston & Co. Pistols H. Gumpf. Peter Gwyn & Campbell Gwyn. Christian Gumpf. H & G Folsom Arms Company H.W. Jacob Haeffer. Amos Ashley Haines.

-Columbus Hard Pan Hardinger. Charles W. J. H. & Bro. Peter Harning. Samuel R. Hampton. Hale. Harrington & Richardson. P. John . Han. Samuel W Hall.. Hamilton.Halbach & Sons Haldeman. Hanatter. Jacob Hankins. Harris. L. Jacob Happoldt. William Hanni. James Hamilton. Connecticut Arms & Mfg. John N.J. Frederick Hantz. John M. B. John M. Hamilton Rifle Company Hamilton.H. William Hammond Bulldog. John Half-Breed Halfpenny. Clarence J. Alexander Hall. Charles W. Harris. Inc. Happoldt. Hieronimus Hanson. S. Hammerlee. Hall.Charlestown Happoldt. Harpers Ferry Armory Harrington & Richardson Arms Co. Albert Hall. Henry Harris. J. Co. Hale & Tuller Hale. Phidello Hall-North Hamelin. John D.

J. Aaron Hartman. Samuel Hart. Heasley. Jacob Hawken. Henry Hawksley. Frederick Hartzog. Abraham . Isaac Hartsock. James Hausmann. William S. Haydat. B. J. Aaron Hart. Joseph Heckert. Henry Hawken. Nicholas I Hawk. Peter Hartsel. Hartman. Randall D. Hart. Henry Hawkins. Samuel Hawken. J. Hawken. & Bro. William I Harshman. William A. David Hartshorn. David Hartzog.. George Hartzog. Hay. Hawkey. & S. Jacob Haslet. William C. George Harson. Peter S. William Haws & Waggoner Hawk. Haviland & Gunn Hawes & Waggoner Hawken Hawken. Nicholas Hawk. Christian Hawken. Philip Heed. William Harris.Harris. Victor Haynes. Samuel Harris. Hartford Arms Co.

Henry Deringer Rifles and Pistols Henry. August . and Son Henry. Tyler Henry.Hehn. Joseph Henry. Hilliard. J. Jonas M. Hess. James Henry. John Henry . Abraham Henry. Abram Henry. Solomon Hettering Hill. David Hess. Hirth. Peter Henkels. B. John Henry. Jacob Hertzog Hess. Moses Henry.H. Jacob Hess. James & Son Henry. Daniel Henley. W. Hennch. Hillegas.gunsmith family Henry Arms Co. Daniel Henninger. Albert V. J. John Joseph Henry. William Sr Henry's Gun Factory Hentz. Gun Factory Henry. J. Nicholas Hero Hersh. Joseph Henry. D. J.H. William Henry. Granville Henry. William III Henry. J. Peter Henninger. Samuel Hess.

Cyrus B. Jehu Hollingsworth. Gardner L. William Holyoake . Freeman W. Jehu and Mershon. Samuel S. Hood Firearms Co. Joseph Hoffman. Hopkins. Holmes. Holdry. R. Hockley. Philip Holt. Hollingsworth. Hiram Hollenbeck. Albert Holden. Joseph Holtzworth. Hopkins. Peter Hoffman. Ralph S. Hood.C. C.Lownes & Co. Hood. Walter Hoff. Henry H. Holsapple. Holtry. Jakob Holcomb. Sillian Hoke. Conrad . Matthias Hoard. Hoards Armory Hobbs.B. Horn. John Hoffman. and Son Hodgkins. Hopkins & Allen Hopkins & Allen Arms Company Hopkins & Allen Manufacturing Company Hopkins. H. John L. Charles W. John Hoak. D. G. James Hodgkins & Sons Hodgkins. Hooper.Firearms and Machine Shop Hoak. Louis Hoffman. Robert Lettis Jr. Frank A.

Imperial Revolver Inhoff (Imhoff). L. & Co. Humberger. Cyrus Horner. Peter Sr. Davis S. Humbarger. Howell. William T. John Hummel.Hornberger. R. William H. W. Humes. Benjamin Hyde & Goodrich Hyde & Shattuck Ich. Alfred Hotchkiss. Adam Hunsicker. Howland & Aspinwall Howlett. Hutz. J. Peter Jr. W. Hunter & Comstock Arms Hunter Arms Company Hunter. Jacob Imperial Arms Co. Adam Humberger. Benedict International . Lewis Hornet Horstmann. John Jr. Hulbert Bros. Chas. Huber. J. Frederick Horner. Jacob Horner. Henry Hunt Hunt. Christian Ickes. James Hunts Repeating Rifle Hutchinson. Horner. & Sons Hotchkiss. Benjamin Berkley Howard Brothers Howard. Abram Hudson & Siebert Hudson.

H.M. Jacob. Michael Jameson. J. Garrett & Co. Stevens & Company J. J. S. Rupertus Arms Co. J. Joseph Jacob.B. Cooper & Co.P. McBride & Co. J. Lovell Arms Jackson. Iver Johnson Arms Co. Lewis . W. William Israel. McNaught J. & Co. John Jenison. Henry Jas. Alfred & Son Jenks. Samuel Ithaca Gun Co. John Jackson. Warner & Co Jeffrey. Iver Johnson Arms Works Iver Johnson's Arms & Cycle Works Iversen H. Stevens Arms & Tool Company J. Bolton & J. Elijah Jarecki. Butterfield & Co.F.M. Smith & Hyslop Irving. Jenks Carbine Jenks. Jacob.Iron City Gun Works Irving. Jenks-Herkimer Jenks-Merrill Jennings. H. Lindsay Manufacturing Co. J. J.P. J. Dance & Brothers J. IXL J. Robt Jaquith. Barton Howard Jenks. J.

William Johnston. Judson. J. Johnson. Bye & Co. Joseph Johnson. R. Caspar Joy. Ira N Johnson. Marlin Johns. Henry Johns. John Johnson. S. Johnson.Jennings. John Johnston. Thomas C. James Johnson. Judson. Felix Johnson. H. H. J. Johnson. Samuel Jones. Isaiah Jewel John Lovell & Co. Rev. Solomon Kapp. Charles van Buren Kampt. Isaac Johnson. Johnson. Johnston. P. Jacob Joseph Grubb & Company Joslyn Joslyn Firearms Company Joslyn. Charles Jorg. Iver Johnson. Benjamin F. Albert Jones. Alfred Kappal. W. John Kaup. Mr. Justice. Abel. Meredith Johnson. Andres S. Jost. Justice. Johnson. Kaeding. Leroy . Kapper. J. H. John M. Philip S.

Charles A. Nicanor Kendler. Chambers King. George Keyser. W. William W. C. Elias Keller. Lewis Kern. Isaiah Keen. John Keim. George . Kennedy. Kaye. John Kelker Bros. Moses Kirlin. W. William King. John W. Henry Kemper. Samuel V. Kendall & Lawrence Kendall. Kerr James Kerr. W. KENO Kepelring. Keffer. King. Keene. George Kettering. Shriver & Company Kendall & Co. Thomas Kistler. John Kennedy Kennedy. Charles Keen. John F. King. Chas. King Single Shot Air Rifle Mfg. Isaac Kinsey. Kearney & Gilbert Keefer. John W. Keller. Kellogg. Walker and Co. Jacob Kehler. George King. Michael Kessling. John Keller.Kaupert.

Christian Kleinhenn. J. Jacob Kline. Adolph Krep. Henry Knave. Henry Koch. Peter W. Henry Koop. Charles Monroe Koch. Emanuel Kline. C. Krick. Andrew Kopf. Isaac Krider. Jacob Kraft. L. Henry Knauf. Krider. Andrew Klipzig & Company Klocker. Philip Klinedinst. Anton Knoderer. William Knox. Benjamin Klein. Robert Knupp. Daniel Knappensberger. George Kreutner. Chris Kline. Koons. Charles Kittridge. Koch. Theophilus Knouse. Conrad Kline. George Kreps.H. Joseph Knetzel. Christian Kline. Andrew Kopf. Jacob II Kraft.Kittemaug Kittredge. Krag Jorgensen Kramble. John Klyst. Jacob Knepper. George Kraft. John . A.

Henry Lappington. Jacob J. Langeay. Lake. Lamson Arms Company Lamson. Michael Kuntz. LA Hyde & Goodrich LA Lullman & Vienna LaFitte. Kuntz. Pond Co. William Kuhns. G. Charles Laidley. Theodore T. LA. Field Lapkeehler. S. William L Haiman & Bro. Leonard Kuntz. Lambert. Peter Kunkle. Peter Kunze. Jacob Kuntz. L. W. Goodnow and Yale Landers. George Krotz. John S. Carl Latil.Kriegbaum. Ziegmund Kryner. Lawrence . Martille Laib. J. Benjamin Lane & Read Langdon. William Laquequist. H. Ira Lally. Laudenslager. Lamson & Co. & Co. Landis. Henry Lauderman. John Lama. John Langstroth & Company. Michael Lamb and Brother Lamb. Rodger N.C. Peter Kurth. William Lauer. W.

1876 Lefever Sons & Co. Lennard Lennox. Adam Leitner. John Ledbetter.Lawrence. Joseph Lawrence. Frederick . Richard Lawton. Valentine Lechler. Legler. Joseph Lehman. Thomas Lefaucheux. . Philip Lefevre. William Lee Arms Company Lee Firearms Co. Henry Jr. Henry E. Jacob Leavitt. James Leech & Co.E. Robert W. CSA Leech & Rigdon Leech and Rigdon Leech. H. Leckner.1899 Lefever. . Daniel M Lefevre. John Legdon. A. Ignatius Leman. Eugene Lefever Arms Co. Lee. Henry Lechler. John Lawrence. Lefever Sons & Co. Henry E. David Leffingwell. Samuel Leffel. Le Mat. Andrew Lenzhaner. Charles F. Daniel Leaycroft. Alexandre Leader Leather. Leman. Leitner. Edwin S. Lefever. Leban.

D. V. Lewis Lins. G. S. Jacob Lever. John Limerick. and Phillips.C. Lindsend. Edward Lindsay. Lindner. Lins. Libeau. William J.P. Frederick & Franz Linzel. Franz A. William Lepley. Lilly. John Ligon.M.G. Leonard. August E Lion Littig. Edward Lindsey. A. Charles J. Leonard.W. Robert H.Leonard. Joseph Lescher Lether. George Liddle. John P. Peter Little Giant . Lewis. J. Valentine Libeau. E.C and Pfleghar. T. Lifred. Valentine Liberty Liddle & Kaeding Liddle. James Henry Liddle. Charles J. A. Frederick Lins. Adam Lepley.. James Lilly. Sons & Company Lewis. James Linberg. George Jr. Linberg. S. Libean. Linde. Robert Liddle. Patterson Lilly. F.

Lower. C. Long. R. Lock. & D. Abraham . James Lodge. Macon Armory Magahan. Lombard. Jacob Jr Lohner.C. Daniel Z. Samuel Lowell Arms Co. Joseph Long. & Co. James Lyon. Lowmaster. John P.S. Joseph Loesch. Jacob Llewellyn. Lullman & Vienna Lunnsmann. James II Livegood. Francis Lutz. William Lynch.Little John Little Joker Little. Daniel Little. J. Reuben H. Matthew Lloyd. James B. J. Warren M&B Machine Gun Williams. Levi W. John Long. Ralph Longer. John Loudenslager. Jesse Lyman Gun Sight Co. London Pistol Company Lone Star Long. J Lowry. James Little. Lutz. J. Lott. John Lord. Little. Lombard. H. Lyman.

Remington Maker Marshall Arsenal Marshall Wells Co. Philip Maine. Robert Marston.. Markham Air Rifle Co. Marston. W. Marston and Knox Marston Fire Arms Manufacturing Co. M. Michael Manhattan Arms Co. P. S. J. Marlin Firearms Co. Joseph C. Marlin. Manhattan Firearms Manufacturing Co. William Marker. William W. John Marques of Lorne Marril. Edmund Mahla. Duncan Mallison. S. Henley and Co. Marston. Jacob Maltby & Henley Distributors Maltby. Newark Manhattan Firearms Manufacturing Co. Martial Whitney Martin. Norwich Manhattan Firearms Manufacturing Co.. Daniel Marker. Maltby-Curtis Manger. Marston. & Co. Latrobe & Thomas.Maher.. NY Mann.M.W. Marker. Marlin. Henry Martinoff. George Manson. Julius . Marshall. George Makenzie. J. Stanhope Marston.

Alexander Mccoy. John D. Robert McCartney. Walker & Co. G.K. Alexander C. George McCullough. D. Mayesch Maynard Arms Corporation Maynard Gun Corporation Maynard. James McCamant. William McCosh. William Massachusetts Arms Company Massachusetts Manufacturing Company Maxim. Andrew McClelland. Kester McCrum. Call McCaly. David McClelland. Thomas J.Mason. McClanin. Edward Maynard. Charles McGirr. Keen. James Mayall. McLanahan. W. Samuel II Mccoy. Samuel McCosh. McDonald. Asa McClelland. W. John Jr. Perry. McKean. James & John McCord. Sir Hiram Stevens May. J. Enos McClelland. James McCartney. McFaden. J. James McClelland. Hugh McCallister. . James Mccullough. McKahan & Noble McKahan. James B. Mason. McCain.

Thomas & Co. Co. Meriden Fire Arms Co. Metzger. Friede Meylin.H. Merrimack Arms & Mfg.M'Cormick & Co. Mendhall. A. Merrimack Arms Co. Jones and Gardner Meriden Fire Arms Meriden Firearms Co. Merwin & Bray Merwin & Co. Mead & Adriance Mead. Metropolitan Police Metzger. Merrill. Joseph Meier. Latrobe and Thomas Merrill. F. Adolphus Memphis Novelty Works Mendenhall. Meunier Gun Company Meunier. J. Martin Michler. John Meyer. Jacob Metropolitan Arms Co. Mershon. Merrill.. Hulbert & Company Merwin. J. John Mewhirter. James H. Jacob Meuhirter. Samuel H. S. R. William . Ralph S. Merwin. John Meals. Merriman & Co. Robert M'Cosh & Brant Meacham Co. Meals. Merrill Patent Fire Arms Manuacturing Company Merrill. Jones & Gardner Mendhall.. Joseph Messersmith. J.

P. Jason Millspaugh. John Miles. Mohawk Mohawk Arms Co Mohegan Mohn. John Moll. Willis E. Moll. William Moore. Moores Patent Firearms Co. & George W. P. R.Milbank. Daniel Moore. Isaac M. Miller. Samuel Miller. Minneapolis Firearms Co. William & Co. William D. Minneapolis F. Henry Minesinger. Jessie Moon. Miller. & D. John Jr. Miles. . R. Miner. James Miller. Moore. William A. James and John Miller. J.A.Co. Moore. John Miller. Calvin Miller. Benjamin Moll. Arthur Moore. AJ. Moore. Moore. Mills. Peter Monarch Monitor Moon. & Co. Benjamin Mills. David. William H. Anson Mills. D. Moll. John II Moll. Mathias Miller.

Abraham Myers. Galt & Brother Myer. James Munger.D. John P. Mossberg. Murray. & Sons. Muir. O. Edward Moses. Thomas Morwitz. J.P.P. Muscogee Iron Works MW. H. Inc. Morse. Oren Mossberg. Ames Manufacturer N. William Henry Morse Morse. Martin N.P. William Morineau. Lucius Morgenstern. Ames Pistols Napoleon Nash. Oscar F Moster. O Moses. Neal. George W. R Mylin.Moore's. Murfeesboro Armory Murphy & O'Connel Murray. Sons Morgan & Clapp Morgan. Daniel B. J. J. William Mulholland. L. Daniel National National Arms Co.F. . Neal.P. Geo. Henry Myer. W.F. Philip Morris & Brown Morrison. Mountain Eagle Mowry. Ellis Myers. Philip Myers.

Newcomb Newcomb.Neave. . J. S. John Nickerson. Frederick Newbury. J. Frank Never Miss New Haven Arms Company New Nation's Southern Armory New York Pistol Co. Thompson Neff. Henry H. John Nonpareil Norris. Samuel North & Couch North & Savage North & Skinner North. W.-C Newbury. Norris. Niemeyer. David Noble & Little Noll. Henry Noll. S. Rufus Nicholson. P. John Neihard. John Nichols and Childs Nichols. Charles V. Newcomer. Abraham Nippes.-A Newbury Arms Co. Nippes & Company Nippes. Jacob Newton. Nichman. Peter Nepperhan Fire Arms Co. Newbury Arms Co.T. Nero Netzer. James Nichols. John Newhardt. John Neif. H.G. and Clement.

Daniel Oswan. Oswalt. Thomas Palmer. Frederick Overton. Samuel . Palmer. Jesse Pannabecker. Orr. Jefferson Pannabecker. E. John Pannabecker. S. Henry S. Henry S. Norwich Falls Norwich Falls Pistols Co. Stephen OK Old Hickory Oliphant. Willis H. Osgood Gun Works Ostrander. David O'Dell. Mighill Oberteuffer. Palmer. Nunnamacker.S. George A.. George Nunnemacher. Charles A. North. Paersch. Henry C. Hugh Osborn. Adalbert Palmer Palmer. William Palmetto Armory Pannabecker. Chauncy D.North. Whilliam II Palmer. Waller Ormsby. John Owen. O'Connell. Abraham Nutting. Simeon Norwich Arms Co. North. John Olmstead. Norwich Lock Manufacturing Company Norwich Pistol Co. Courtlandt C. and Skinner.

Patriot Peabody Peabody Tool Company Peabody. Jacob Penetrator Pennabecker. Frank P. Co.J. Jesse Pennabecker.Paragon Parker Parker Brothers Parker Safety Hammerless Parker. Peavy. Percival. Jeremiah Peerless Pence. Path Finder Patrick. Wm. Abijah Peck. Albert Parker. Daniel Pennypacker. Peabody-Martini Sporting Rifles Peace Maker Peace. Snow and Co. Henry O. Andrew Parole Parry Firearms Co. Pearson. William Pennypacker. Parkhill. Orville B. Perfect . Charles II Parker. A. Pecare & Smith Peck. John Pennabecker. John Peavy. Charles Parker. A. R. Samuel Pennabecker. Jefferson Pennabecker. Parsons. Hiram Patent Arms Mfg.

Plate.Perkins & Coutty Perrey & Goddard. Phips. David Pointer Pomeroy. G. A.. Horatio B. Ploug.P. Daniel Pfleghar. Edwin Phillips. Pettengill. James Phillips. Co. J. G. William J. H. PET Peterson. C. Lemuel . F. AJ. Renwick Arms Co. Henry Pickney. Perry Patent Firearms Co. Plant. James Phoenix Armory Pickel.R. Amzi P. Samuel Pobst. Ebenezer H. Pim. and Pierce. V. S. Perry. & G. Perry. Pettibone. Alonso D. Perry. H.S. Abraham Pierce. Cyrus A. Plant's Mfg.R. Samuel M. Plant's Manufacturing Co. Ebenezer Pierce. John Pinafore Pioneer Pitt. Pieper. Perry. Perry. William Jones Pittsburgh Gun Work Plant & Hotchkiss Plant. Philadelphia Rifle Manufactory Phillips.

Pomeroy. I. Harry M. Porcher. Co. Pulaski Armory Pulaski Gun Factory Quackenbush. George W. H. George Pratt. Isaac Princess Prophater. Pope. Jacob Potts. Premier Preot. Poultney & Trimble Poultney Thomas Pounds.B. Daniel E.A. Powell. Ball & Company . Powell. Georg Protection Protector Protector Arms Co Providence Providence Police Providence Tool Co. D. Prescott. W. Price. Patrick W. Rufus Post. Palemon Power. Henry Marcus Queen Quinaboug Mfg. Azariah Pratt. E. Poyas. Seth Pond. Charles Powers. Elisha Pratt. Lewis Pratt. Armand Prescott Pistol Co. Lucius W. R. Francis D Prairie King Prall. Porter. Joseph Ford Porter.

Peter . James Reed. Requa. E. Edward A. Reinhard. Renwick. Rappahannock Forge Rashmore & Son Rathfong. James Reidy. Peter Reiss. Radcliffe & Guignard Ranger Ranking.R. H. Liddle & Co. Edward A. Red Cloud Red Jacket Reed. Cornelius Reid & Tracy Reid Patent Revolvers Reid. S. N. Jno Reily. George Rathfong. Jacob Rattler Raymond. Remington. Henry E. Remington Remington Arms Company Remington. David Rebetey. T. Augustus Reckling. Raymond. Reedy. and Robitaille Read & Watson Reasor. S. Josephus Resor. Leonard Reichwein. Phillip Reliable Rembert. George Reiffsnyder. Samuel Remington-Rider Renwick Arms Co. Edward S. James P.

Peter Rogers & Brothers . Rodgers. E. W. Richardson.C. S. William H. Robertson Robertson. Martin Rob Roy Robbins & Lawrence Robbins. Henry Reynolds. Edward Ripley. Israel P. Robinson. Gustave Adolf Robertson. Benjamin S. Henry Rodier. Roeser. Joseph Rigdon. Robin Hood Robinson & Krider Robinson. Roberts. William Robertson. David Hall Richards. William A. J. Rizer.T. Kendall & Lawrence Robbins. Arms Manufactory Robintaill. S. Rigdon. Charles B. Orvil Robinson. Mathias Roesser. C. Plant & Hotchkiss Rice. Riley.C.Retriever Reynolds. Ansley & Co. Richmond Armory Richwine. Louis C. E. Ezra Ritchie Ritter. Cornelius Rider. Robinson. Charles Rodge. Richardson. H. Jacob Riverside Armes Co.

Rogers & Spencer Rogers. William Rush. James Ross. Elisha K. Rome Revolver and Novelty Works Rood. Jacobi Rupp. & Co.H. Saelm. Sacket. Co. William Row. J. J. Richard Safe Guard Saltonstall. and Roberts. William Ruggles. Rollin White Arms Co. Morgan L. Henry S. William H. Roper Repeating Rifle Company Roper Sporting Arms Company Roper. Rogers. Bethuel Samples. Royal Rudolph. Roop. A. Henry Rogers. Nathaniel Samples. Ryan. E. Roop. .B. Fordyce Rupertus Patented Pistol Manufactory Rupertus. Ruggles. John Root. John Ruppert. Thomas S.R. John Ryan Pistol Mfg. John Ross. Jacob Rupertus. Herman Rupp. Nathaniel Rowe. Robert Sarson. D.D.

Schillinger & Neff Schillinger. Edward B. Arthur W. F. Henry Scharf.S. A. Jr. Schaum. Sr. Schreckengost. William C. G. Leopold Schoenemann. Frederic Schafer. John.H. G. Savage. George . Schreiber. Schoen. Schanz. Schalk. E. Lincoln G. Schreyer.W. George Schreckengost.P Schoverling and Daly Schoverling. Savage Revolving Fire-Arms Company Savage. Michael Schreckengost. & Company Schnader. Schreiber.O. F. John.A.S. J. Schneider & Glassick Schneider. Schorn. Levi Schreckengost. Henry Schreckengost. Savage & North Savage Arms Corporation Savage Revolving Firearms Co. Daly and Gale Schreckengost. Schaeffer. Schalk. P. Wm. George W. Conrad Schreckengost. Schenck. Charles Schmidt. Frederick Schofield. William G. Christian Scheaner. Franklin Schneider & Co.

R. C. Thomas . Frederick Sell. C.Schroeder. F. Shannon. Seaver. E. W. Scott Revolver Rifle Scout Searcy & Moore Sears. H. Wm. George Schubarth. Abraham Scott Scott Arms Co. H. Hartley & Graham Schulte. Shattuck. Roebuck & Co. Casper D. Jacob the Younger Selma Senator Shakanoosa Arms Co. Salewski & Schmidt Schroyer. & Co. Christian Seifert. A. Jacob Seibert. Joshua Shaw. Jacob the Elder Sell. Edward Sell. Frederick Schweitzer. Christian Shattuck. Schuler. Jacob Jr.S. Shaw. Co. Shakanoosa Arms Mfg. Seaver. Sees. Sharps. Joseph Shaw & Ledoyt Shaw. Schwarz. & Hugh Sharps Sharps and Hankins Sharps Rifle Company Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company Sharps. Schumann.

C. Taylor & Co. the Younger Shuler Shuler. E. Martin Sherrard. Andrew Short and Biscoe Short. Biscoe & Co. Slotter & Company Smith & Hyslop Smith & Jennings Smith & Wesson Smith American Arms Company Smith. Skinner.Shawk & McLanahan Shawk. George W. the Elder Shriver. Abel Shawalter. Simpson. Paul J. A. John D. Shriver. Anthony . Simpson. Slocomb. Wm Sheets. Arnold K Shorer. Simpson. Shell. Frank H. Chauncy D. R. John Shell. Slocum Slotter & Co.S. Samuel D. Daniel Shell. Sizer. Short. John I Sieber. John Shuler. Andrew Smith. John Sheanor. Christian Simeon North Simms and Brothers Simonton. J.J. J. Shippey. M. Slate. R. J. Siebert.

Spencer Repeating Rifle Company Spencer Revolver Malby. Gun Co. Smoker Smooth. Martin Smith. Smith. James Smith. Smith. Asa Smith. Sneider.Smith. Gilbert Smith. James D.C.C. Wilbert L. Smith. South Carolina State Armory Southern Armory Southerner-1867 Southerner-1869 Southron Southwestern Foundry Spalding & Fisher Spang & Wallace Spellier. L. August Spencer Spencer Arms Co. Jacob Soper. Smith.M. William H. Dexter Smith. Henley & Company . P. Charles E. Horace Smith. Benjamin Franklin Smith. WIlliam S. Elijah Snider. William S. Otis Smith.H. W. Homer Smith. Patrick Smith. Smith. Smith. J. Snell. L. Daniel Smith. Stoeffel Smith. R. Smith.

James Stith.Spencer Safety Hammerless Spencer Sporting Arms Company Spencer. Obadiah Stock.T. Nathan State Military Works Steel. Julian Star Starr Arms Co.M. Arms & Tool Co. J. Stoefel.J. T. H. Adam Stillman. Eben Townsend Starr. William Stokes. John Sterling Steven. Thomas . Joshua Stevens. Starr. Curtis R Stilgenbauer. Starr Arms Company Starr. Icaac Newton Phelps Stone. Kissam & Company Spiller & Burr Sprague and Marston Sprang & Wallace Springfield Armory Springfield Arms Company Spy Stafford. John Stickney. Christopher M. Spies. Simon Steward.F. Spies. Spies. James Steinman. Standard Tool Co Stapf. E. Alexander T. A. Spies.W. Adam W. Stevens. Stalcap. Theodore Stocking & Co.

Sutherland. Daniel & Co. and Company Suter. L. Argulus Tanner. J. Syms. Garrett and Co. Taylor. J. Terrier Terror Terry. C. & Co.L.C. Lewis G. Sweitzer. Strong.B. Thames Arms Company . Taylor. J. Swett. Studivant. William Montgomery Stossmeister. Tarpley. J. H.Stonewall Storm.T. E. Samuel Swamp Angel Swebilius. and E. Terrel. Strong. Samuel Success Sumner Armory Suplee Biddle Hardware Suter. Tarpley. Casper Sutherland. S. N. Tarpley. Garrett & Co. Thomas L. S. John Taylor.B. Sherrard & CO. Stull. Swift Symmes. Tallassee Tallassee Armory Talyor. Theodore F. Swett.C.G. & F. L. Carl Gustave Sweet. Taylor. J. Charles C. Alonzo L. AJ. Sturtevant. C.

Thompson. Robertson & Carey Thillman. C. F. Louis Tripp. Tiger Tileston Tilton Todd.-Wo Torkelson.Thayer. G. Jacob F. Co. William Thornwald. Triplett and Scott Triplett. Jos Thomas E. Samuel Thornton. Trumpler. Tower's Police Safety Townley Hdw. Robert D. S. D. Charles T. True & Davis True Blue Trumpler. George Todd. F. Co. Alfred Torkalson Mfg. Frank W. August Thrasher. Ryan Thomas Griswold & Co. Joshua Treber.B. Co. John Trimble. Friedrich Tomes. Joseph M. Tiesing.-H Torkalson Mfg. Townsend. Townsend. Tonks. Tramps Terror Treat. Tryon Brothers . Thuer. D. George H. Melvain & Co. Trowbridge. Trumpler. Co. Toggenburger.-Wa Torkalson Mfg. George M. Alexander Thurber. L. Reinhard T. Alfred H.

Union Revolver Unique United States Armes Otis A. Tryon.C. Arms Co.M. W. U. Edward Tryon.Tryon Co. Tryon Jr. & Co. P. U.E. Tryon. & Co. Arms Co. Uhlinger. Sherrard & Co Tucker. Dennis Tryon..S. Charles Turner & Ross Turner & Ross Co Tycoon Tyler Ordnance Works Tyler. Edward K. Labon Tucker. L. Tyron. James Tyron. Underwood. E. Union Arms Co. (brand) Uhlinger.. Shelton Tyrer. Sherrard & Company Tufts & Colley Tughardt. George K. Edward K.S. & Company Tryon. Horace . Smith Company Universal Updegraff. U. Edward K. William P.K. Henry Tucker. Arms Co. Henry Union Union Arms Co. & Company Tyson & Co. L. New York Union Arms Company Union Jack Union Knife Co. & Son Tucker.

Utley, Grey Van Dyke, Owen Van Houten, James H. Vanderfrift, Issac and Jeremiah Vaughn, Aaron C. Veiled Prophets Verner, A. Verner, Aaron Verner, Andrew Veteran Veto Vickers, John H. Victor Victoria Virginia Manufactory Vogler Vogler, John Vogler, Timothey Volcanic Arms Company Volcanic Firearms Volcanic Repeating Arms Co. Volpius, H. W. H. Davenport Fire Arms Co W. N. & S. W. Wurfflein Gun Company Wade, Abner Wadsworth, Henry C. Waechler, Louis Waggoner, P., Jr. Wagner & Bros. Wagner, George Wagner, J. Wagner, John W. Wagner, M. Wagonhorst Wahlquist, Charles J. Wakeman, Harvey Walch Fire Arms Co. Walch, John

Waldecker, Henry C. Waldren, Alexander Waldren, William Waldron, A. Walhill Rifle Works Walker, Asa Walker, E. H. Walker, G. Walker, J. J. Walker, Jabez Walker, James Jr. Walker, John Walker, Joseph Walker, Louis N Walker, S. L. Walker, William Walker, William II Walker, William III Wallace & Sons Wallace, R. C. Wallace, Samuel R. Wallace, Victor M. Wallace, William Wallach, Moses A. Wallis & Birch Wallis and Rice Wallis, Thomas M. Wallower, E. Z. Walsh Firearms Co. Walsh, James Walsh, James T. Walsh, John Waltehaefer, Christian Walter, J. N. Walters, A. Walters, A. II Waltherspier, Martin Wampler, J. M Ward, Benjamin Ward, G. N. Ward, H. D.

Ward, Otis Ward, S. H.. Ward, William G. Ward, William H. Warden, Lewis Wardwell, Frank A. Ware & Morse Ware & Wheelock Ware, Davis Ware, Joseph S. Ware, O. & J. S. Ware, Orlando Warfield, Oliver D Warin or Waring, J. H. Warner & Lowe Warner & Wesson Warner Arms Corporation Warner, Benjamin Franklin Warner, C. A. Warner, Charles Warner, Chas Warner, De Witt C, & Brother Warner, Frank P Warner, George Warner, H. W Warner, Horace Warner, James Warner, Jas. & Co Warner, Joseph Warner, Thomas Warner, William C. Warren & Steele Warren, A. L. (or J.) Warring, W. W. Washburn Iron Works Washburn, Nathan Washington Arms Company Washington, Lewis Washington, Thornton A. Wasserman, Bernhard

Watson. George Watson. Weatherby's Inc. Andrus Waters. Fred Waters Waters & Wittemore Waters. Waters. Weatherby. H. A. Alexander T. Zachariah . B Weaver.Wasserman. Isaac L. A. Weaver. Watson. P. Waters. Weatherhead. Henry II Watrons. Crypret Weaver. J. Waters. Henry Watkeys. Coleman H. Charles P. Norris O. Watson. A. S. N. and Co. Watt. Stephen V. Weaver. Frank W. Joseph Weatherby. J. William Watts. Arad Wayman. Joseph Way. Weaver. Roy E.H. Watson. William Watters. John Watters. Jonathan Watson. Elijah Waters. M. Waymire. Asa Waters. Baron C. John Watertown Arsenal Watervliet Arsenal Watkeys. A. Weatherby.W. Hugh Weaver. J.H. Walter Watt. Waters.

George G. II Wells. William Weldon. John C. Weiser. Weed. Charles Webster. Solomon Weinold. H. Welch. Daniel Weeks. Georg L. John C. Welch. J. Webb. S. Harry C. H. William Weisburger. T.Webb. Lemuel Wells. Webb. P. M. Joseph II Webber. Philip Weisgerber. Theodore Wells & Hale Wells. Thomas K. Webel. Joseph Webb. Welker. Henry Webber. H. Weeks. W. Edward A Weiss. James Webb. Wells. J. John H. Wells. J. D. Jesse Wellerding. Henry Weirick. W. Wells. A. Wells. Weddell. Weiser (Wiser ?). A. Weisheit. Robin Weldy. Wegle. William Welch. Daniel Weller. Weidman. Brown & Co. W. Weeks. Richard . G. James Welch. D.

William Sr Welshantz. Franklin Wesson. B. Daniel Werner. B. Welshantz or Welshanze. Stephen Westerhood. Western Arms . Jacob Welshantz. Wesson. David Welshantz. Conrad Welshans. Edward West. West. Ard Welzhofer. Joseph II Welshantz. Joseph Welshantz. West. J. Norbert Wesson & Harrington Wesson & Leavitt Wesson & Leavitt Massachusetts Arms Company Wesson Firearms Co. Wesson. Edward Wesson. G. Edwin Wesson. Derreck S. George W Werner. Joseph III Welshofer. W. Joseph H. Peter Wesk. Otto F Wertz. Stevens & Miller West. James Welshans. Wesson. West. Welton. Bros. Charles Werner. Daniel B. Jacob Welshans. Frank Wesson. Abraham Welshans.Welsh. West. Joseph Werner. A. Bernard H. John Wesle.

T. Charles Wetmore. G. Whetcraft. Wetmore. Isaac Weyerman. George Wheeler. Western Arms Company Western Gun Works Westervelt. Wheeler. Wheeler. B. Peter B. Harry F. E. Wheeler. William Jr. J. B. G. Artemus Wheeler. E. Wheeler & Brant Wheeler & Morrison Wheeler. William W. W. Charles E. William Whetstone. John Whiddon. B. & Son Wheeler. Weston & Ullery Westphall.Western Arms Co. Albert G. Marshal Wheelock. Whall. Whitcomb. John H. Luke Wheeler. Whipple. Weyerman. Wheeler. J. W. Whipple. Albert G. Wheeler. J. Oliver Whilden. Wheeler. Whiston. R. James A. Wetzel. Ephrem Whit. William Whall. S. Isaac II Whalen. Thomas P. F. White Jacket White Magazine Rifle Company White Star .

White. Nathaniel G. Shattuck & Co. John N. Whitescarver. John K. Whitehead. Joseph P. Andrew E. White. White. Whitmore. Horace White. Luther C. H. White. H. J. Jr. Campbell & Co. White. Whiting. Lewis White.White. LeRoy S. Harry K. Matthew B. White. George W. White. A. Hiram H. James White. B. S. G. Mathew Whitelaw. John White. II White. Whitmore. Peter II White. Rollin White. Rollin Arms Co. Hiram H. White. White. White. A. White. White. Peter White. W. Benjamin Whitmore Whitmore & Wolff Whitmore. John Jr. Whitesides. . Whiting. White. White. E. Noble White. Frank W. Henry W. John M. White. Nicholas White. White. Albert M. G. John Whitman. White.

Eli Sr. Whitney & P. Wicker & Hagadorn Wickham. Eli Jr. Whyley. L. Samuel Wichlein. Whitney. Whitney. John Whitney. William H. Blake Whitney Armory Whitney Arms Company Whitney Forge Whitney Safety Fire Arms Co. Wickham. D. G. Whitney. Robert Wickham. . II Whitmore. Whitneyville Armory Whiton. Whittemore. William Whitten. John Whittier. Eli-W Whitney. John Whyley. Charles A. Whittemore. Whittaker. Charles Whitney. Wolff & Co. Amos Whittemore. Whitney. E. James S. T. Whitney. & E. H. John Wickeline. Burrel F Whitten. Whittemore. Whittemore. James M. Nathaniel G. G. Marine T.Whitmore. Thomas J. Luther Whysong. Whitney. George Whittemore. Eli-NH Whitney. Martial Whitney.W. Whitney. Harry O. N. W. Otis W. Whitney.

Wildridge. Case & Co. Henry Wilkinson. Wigel. Benjamin H. George . August Willey. Edwin Williams. C. George Wilcocks. Wilkinson. W. John Wild. Wilkinson. G. Abraham Williams. John D. Wilkins. Jacob Wide Awake Widmer & Co. Wiley. John (Capt. Wiley. Luther Wilde. Williams. Dominick Wikle. Williams. Elihu Wilder. R. Wilhelm Wigal. M. Elijah D Williams. Wilks. John Jr. Willers. Jacob Wiedemann. Peter Wigfall. R. Samuel Wigit. D. K.Wicklim. Widmer. Neil Wilkinson Bros. John Wilds. Edward Williams. Merrill F. John Willard.) Wilcox. Theodore Wilhelm. George Wilder. Enoch B William Glaze & Co. Jacob Wilkes-Barre Gun Co. Eli Williams. William Tell Williams.

Samuel Wilson. J. James W. O. Peregrine Willis. George Williamson. George Wilson. & Son Wilson. N. J. D. N. H. John Willis. Wilson & Evans Wilson. Williams. Richard Willis. Philip & Co. & Co. Solomon Williams. Wilson. William H. Wilson. Williams. Fred Wilson. Williams. George I Wilson. Henry A. P. J. Willis. Wilson. Alva Wilson. G. Richard D. J. Argyle Williamson. Wilmot.P. . Henry B. Robert Wilson. Oswald Williams. William Williamson Moore Firearms Company Williamson. Wilson. Wilmot. Williams. John R. James W. William Willis.Williams. Joseph Williams. Wilson. M. Williams. Wilson. Wilson. Nathaniel N. James W. H. David Williamson. Williams. Andrew Wilson. Joseph John Williams. J. B. George E.

Winans. Jacob . Gustavus L. M. Winfield Arms Co. Wing. Ira C Wingate. W.Wilson. A. & Co. Nippes & Co. Wintable. F. Winans. Abel Wintable. Thomas Wilson. Elisha Winterstein. James Winner. T. Adam Winship. C. Winner. Thomas B. Oliver F. Wirsing. Winship. George W. Richard Wingert. John Wirth. Wynn Winston & Co. W Winner. Gustave Winter. Abraham Winter Iron Works Winter. Wilson. William W Windsor Windsor Locks Windsor Manufacturing Co Windsor. Thomas J. Nippes & Steinman Winniger. E. Charles Wing. Christian Wirth. T. Wise. Wilt. Danile M. Wirsing. John Winters. Wilson. Winchester. Winchester Repeating Arms Company Winchester. William Winn. Robert Wingert. J.

Withers. & Pessota Wurfflein. Alfred Woods. Charles Yale. John Worly. L. Henry Worly. Dash & Fisher Wolf. Solomon Wittman. J. Wood. P. Charles O. John Wyler. . Frederick Wolcott. Charles B.Wiser. Andrew & William Wurfflein. John Wolf. Wolf & Durringer Wolf. Wright. Robert Workmen. Woods. W. Adam Wolf. John Withers. J. Worly.W. Jesse Worly. P. A. Wohlgemuth. Michael Withers. Elmer Wolf. James M. William Wolfe. H. J.L. Witman. Wolfanger. H. Wendell Wurfflein. Andrew Wurfflein. Worl. Meredith Wolfheimer. H. Theophilus Wright. J. XL Xpert Yager. S. J. J. Worly. William Withington. Woodham. Philip Wood.

D. M. Thomas Madison Yglesias. Yerian. M. M. George Yeisley. Jose Yoakum. Young. Nicholas & Son Yomens York. Daniel Yeomans. Nicholas Yokum. Brigham Young. John You Bet Youle.Yarborough. Young. M. Stephen Yeaman. Young. Yokum. Arcanthus Young. H. Charles A. John Young. M. David Yerian. D. John III . John Yates. II Young. Young. Yocum. John II Young. B. H. Henry Yeomans. James Youmans Young & Smith Young. D. Franklin K. Alfred Young. R. Henry Young. Yarger. Yerian. John Yerian. Theodore Yaw. L. Yaxley. Young. Caspar Yost. Yeager. George Yarbrough. Sanders Yost. & Co.

& B. Frederick Zorger. Zittel. Frederick Zittel. Seth Young. George Zollinger.Young. John Zuin & Clark Zuzer. Lewis V. Joshua Zeeck. Thomas K. Joseph Young. Carl Zartman. J. Andrew Zettl. George Zorger Zorger. John Ziegler. Youste. August W. H. Zuendorff. John Zamboni. John Zischang. D. G. D. Ziegler. Ignatz Zettler Bros. . G. Youngman. Peter Young. John A. Zettler. Zuberbier. & Co. Young. C. Zimmerman. August O. H. J. Zettler.

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