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Fuentes ENGL 1101 11-21-2013

Alrodwan Youth Alrodwan youth is a nonprofit organization founded in the seventies by the religious Iraqi leader Sayed Muhammad Alshirazi. Sayed Muhammad comes from a very famous family that is heavily involved in the concept of religion. He is one of the greatest people that worked hard in order to identify the idea behind the Islamic religion. Many people understand Islam in an odd way, and Alshirazi family played a great role in explaining the structures behind the idea of Islam. Sayed Muhammad is one of the greatest scholars of the Alshirazi family, and he is well known for his writings. Nevertheless, he has gained the title for being the person that has written books about many different kinds of fields. During his lifetime, AlShirazi has written more than 1000 books about different subject areas, and this qualifies him to hold a world record of authors with the highest number of books written. One of the best ideas that Sayed Muhammad Alshirazi developed and organized was the Alrodwan Youth Camp. This camp has become very well known in Kuwait after all of the work that has been put to it. Sayed Muhammad, the founder of the organization succeeded in attracting young people by developing interesting activities in this organization. Youth usually comes to this camp to study more about Islam, and about how to deal with all kinds of situations that youth can face during their life time by learning how to give a public speech, developing leadership skills, and organizing goals and priorities. All of this is taught by Sayed Alshirazi and the people he has chosen to help him with his work. Additionally, there are other activities that Sayed developed for in this organization. For example, sports like

Allqallaf 2 soccer and rugby, as well as field trips to museums and other places of learning. Alrodwan youth has many goals that they are aiming for: such as preparing the generation to be able to practice educational work, learning how to communicate with people in life, raising young individuals who are highly efficient and can act as loyal leaders, and developing the talents of the youth so they can invest their skills and energy in improving the countrys economy and future. The research in this paper will show how this nonprofit organization can help youth and promote the country. This organization is divided into four sections: which are advisors, administrative body, staff, and participants. The first section, which is the advisors, is separated into the old staff, a group of intellectuals with experience in field work, and religious scholars. Moreover, advisors have many rights, for example, they can get involved in the formation of the administrative body, even though there is an election for the staff to choose the administration, and to give administrative advice about the programs of the organizations. On the other hand, the administration can select the staff from the participants after they undergo certain types of tests. Plus the staff that is chosen should be of a certain age, which is at least sixteen years old or older and they should possess good leadership skills. Furthermore, they must be committed to attend and participate in all activities of the organization. The four sections of the organization gather every July to discuss the events, activities and financial report of the organization for the past year and the next year; moreover, they conduct the election process for the nomination of the administration in the same day. After the announcement of the results, the advisors appoint the president and the vice president, as well as the amanuensis (Financial Manager) of the organization.

Allqallaf 3 Alrodwan Youth has a variety of activities throughout the year, some of the activities are seasonal and some of them are weekly. One of the most important seasonal events is the spring camp. Since 1978 and until nowadays, Alrodwan youth spring camp has been one of the most famous camps in Kuwait; in addition, the staff asked Sayed Sadiq Alshirazi -the brother of Sayed Muhammad Alshirazi- to create a title for the camp according to a religious occasion, which coincides with the time of the establishment of the camp. Furthermore the camp includes many aspects such as sports competitions in volleyball and soccer, the night comedy show, and lessons about religion and life skills. The participants divide into three sections according to their age and each stage has its own staff and special programs commensurate to their mental abilities. Also every stage has a different name; for example, the Alshabiba was the given name for the stage for nine to twelve year olds. On the other hand, there is a comprehensive weekly program that has several aspects such as sports, religion and reading club. Besides that, from time to time they reside educational courses like writing articles course and how to be a successful leader. The members of the organization usually meet each other every weekend in the Great Messenger library or in the Albaqer mosque. In these meetings, the members start their program by reading a couple of pages from the holy Quran; after that, the members chat with each other about a subject or something that recently happened. Also the staff hosts professors, authors, sports players, and religious scholars to give lectures to the participants. The staff then chooses three of the people in attendance to give a speech in public without preparing for it, the staff will also choose the subject for them; additionally three others in attendance, chosen the week before, will have the option to give a prepared speech about any subject they choose. At the end there is a general knowledge contest with symbolic awards for the winner, also they have dinner together and sometimes they play soccer before dinner.

Allqallaf 4 In the organization there are many committees such as the media committee which is responsible for the organizations magazine and publications. Also, the media committee has active accounts with various social network web sites. For example, their Instagram account is Alrodwanyouth, and those accounts cover almost every activity for the organization. In addition, this committee is responsible for the design and publication of the advertisements in order to attract new subscribers to the organization. Even though the media committee is considered an important committee, it is the committee of programs preparation thats most imperative because the whole organization depends on its work, as it is responsible for arranging all of the organizations weekly and seasonal programs. An additional committee is the sports committee which is responsible for any activities involving sports in Alrodwan Youth; for example, this committee oversees the indoor soccer tournament at the end of the summer. Those committees are the dynamo of organization because the work hard all the time for the success of the annual plan which is already prepared. Anyone committed to attend and participate in the majority of the activities of the organization and registered as a member of the general assembly will belong to the organization formally. The new members have problems in adapting with the atmosphere of Alrodwan Youth in the beginning, but the staff is very eager to help the new members to adapt and learn their jobs. No old members will ever look down upon the new members. On the contrary, elder members extol the new members work even if it is substandard or bad because they know deriding will not help the new members, rather it will alienate them from being in the organization. The new member should learn how to respect his peers in work and to be patient in attaining his goals in his volunteer work. Also he should know the main goals of the Alrodwan

Allqallaf 5 Youth organization, as well as learn how to keep the name of Alrodwan Youth in the summit of other nonprofit organization. Any organization in the world will face problems but it varies from place to place. Alrodwan Youth has surpassed a lot of difficulties in the past and it is still facing a lot of problems, but remains steadfast. In the past, Alrodwan youths have had problems with many religious and political parties because of the organizations loyalty to the Alshirazi family. Moreover, there has been a lot of internal division in the grouping of the organization. The organization faced, and sometimes still faces, financial problems because of a lack of donors. On the other hand, the association has a good money resource from a Kuwaiti politician. Alrodwan found a solution to solve the financial issues, which affected the quantity and quality of the activities provided. In the interview with Alrodwan Youth member Mohammad Khalil, some of the questions which had been asked to him were, How long have you been a member in the Alrodwan Youths?, and his answer was Almost twelve years. The second question was Why are you involved in this community? And he answered, Because I believe that every person should develop his skills individually and I appreciate the volunteering work. The third question was, What are some of the methods you use to communicate with other members? he answered usually by cell phone and the social media network; for example, Facebook and Twitter. The last question was What do the words Lemona and Sahaba mean to you and to the other members? he answered, In the organization every member has a nickname for some reason, Lemona means lemon in Arabic and it is our funny friend Aqeel Abdulradas nickname. We gave him that name because he loves fresh lemon juice. In addition, there is a famous saying for Imam Ali the cousin of Prophet Muhammad which is an opportunity come fast like a cloud and

Allqallaf 6 sahaba means cloud in Arabic so I created a weekly program that we can discuss the life opportunities. In the overview, the non-profit organization Alrodwan Youths which has been founded by the Iraqi leader Sayed Muhammad Alsherazi has noble goals that they worked hard to achieve. The association has many different programs throughout the year in Kuwait. They are very good in planning for their activities and organizing for the seasonal events. The staff of the organization has enough experience to attract young people and develop their abilities and teach them new skills. They overcome many problems that faced them in the past years.

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