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Size Title: What Parts are there to a Plant? Subject: The parts of a plan URL: http://sciencenetlinks.

com/lessons/what-partsare-there-to-a-plant/ Audience: Teachers that teach grades K-2. Purpose for exploring this site: To get ideas on lessons and activities for students Notes on possible uses of this website and URLS for useful linked sites: This website could be used to give teachers ideas on how to encourage and motivate students on learning about plants, parents could also get involved in the kids learning about the environment they live on and can assess this website for ideas on how to teach them. To determine the worth of the website you are considering, evaluate its content according to the criteria described below. Circle Y for yes N for no and NA for not Applicable 1. First Look A. User is able to quickly determine the basic content of the site. Y B. User is able to determine the intended audience of the site 2. Information Provided A. The author(s) of the material on the site is clearly identified B. Information about the author(s) is available N N Y

C. According to info given, author(s) appears qualified to present information on this topic. Y D. The Sponsor of the site is clearly identified. Y E. A contact person or address is available so the user can ask questions or verify information Y 3. Information Currency A. Latest revision date is provided. Date last revised. N B. Latest revision date is appropriate to material. N C. Content is updated frequently. NA D. Links to other sites are current and working perfectly. Y 4. Information Quality A. The purpose of this site is clear: business/ commercial-entertainmentinformational-news-personal page-persuasion Y B. The content achieves this intended purpose effectively. Y C. The content appears to be complete (no under construction sings for example) Y D. The content of this site is well organized. Y E. The information in this site is easy to understand. Y F. This site offers sufficient information related to my needs/purposes. Y G. The content is free bias, or the bias can be easily detected. Y

H. This site provides interactivity that increases its value. Y I. The information appears to be accurate based on users previous knowledge of subject. Y J. Grammar and spelling are correct. Y 5. Further Information A. There are links to other sites that are related to my needs /purposes. Y B. The content of linked sites is worthwhile and appropriate to my needs/ purposes. Y Total Based on the total yes and no answers and your overall observations, rate the content of this site as: Yes Very useful for my information needs______ worth bookmarking for future reference ____ Not worth coming back to Comments: Why did you select this website and what are your thoughts on using it for a lesson after completing your evaluation of it? I selected this website because I am interested in teaching 2nd Grade, and this websites helps you know how to encourage young kids to learn about science, the environment, and the parts of the plant. I liked the idea of scavenger hunts to make it more exciting for students to learn. I think I will use it in a lesson after completing the evaluation on it because

even though I wouldnt follow everything I will still use some of the ideas to implement a plan and encourage students to learn about the parts of a plant.