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My Midterm Reflection So far in this English course I have written all different types of writing.

There have been in-class writings, the literacy memoir, peer reviews, and reading responses. Each type of writing served as a different purpose. Some were more en oyable to write while others were much more difficult. !ne piece of writing that really stands out to me is my "iteracy Memoir. The reason for writing this paper was to reali#e ma or literacy events that happened throughout my life. $ever before this assignment have I thought of events that shaped me into the writer that I am today. It made me reali#e that the way I read and write today directly reflects on those events in the earlier parts of my life. The length of the paper had to be between three to five pages. I had a couple of wee%s to complete the assignments with wor%shops classes throughout those wee%s. The paper was also written in first person for the audience to read. "oo%ing bac% at the assignment I am glad that I got to learn about myself as a reader and writer and why I read and write the way I do today. &nother piece of writing that stands out to me are all of the in-class writings. Everyday during class we are assigned one small, in-class writing about the topic we are learning about that day. The point of these assignments are ust to let us write freely and to get better at writing through practice. 'e are usually allotted around ten minutes to write down whatever we want to answer the (uestion on the board. )ut for some reason I ust do not li%e doing these in-class writings. I do not en oy only having a couple of minutes to thin% of what to write and how to phrase it in the best way possible. Even though it is ust an in-class

writing and it is not being graded I get paranoid that it is not good enough. 'hen I loo% bac% at them now I reali#e the purpose for them is to ust give more practice on writing to become better and appreciate them more, but when it came time to write them I truly despised them. "oo%ing at the bigger picture, this class is trying to teach me that there is always improvement on the way we write. There are many different ways to write such as first person, third person, informal writings, formal writing, and many others. This class also focuses on revision. $o ones first draft is ever their best draft. Revision is a part of writing. &lso having other people revise my wor% can help tremendously. My understanding of writing has changed throughout the course enormously. &t the beginning of the class I truly despised writing and now I am starting to en oy it more because I feel myself getting better after each assignment. I still may not en oy the act of writing and revising but I now the purpose and meaning behind it.