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The Beauty of Art

To: Dr. Savior From: Nadine Wade Subject: Recommendation Report Date: December 9th, 2013 Dear Dr. Savior, The Beauty of Art has looked into how many students in public school those are not only having to pay for their school supplies, but also having to pay for their art supplies if they choose to take art classes. The Purpose of this report is to show you the progress we made in helping children and schools afford art in their schools.

The Beauty of Art Introduction

The Beauty of Art is a non-profit organization that helps children in need and their families. With that said this report would cover the issues that many families have to face if their children want to take art classes. It will also show how some schools dont even have an art program for their students. There will information about the poverty levels in New Mexico and how that affects schools and their families. There will also be information about how we indent to help the schools and families afford art in their schools.

In 2013 when the new school year was to begin a student going into 7th grade decided he wanted to take art classes. Unknowingly he went to his first day of class think he got all his school supplies. Until he went to his art class and his teacher gave him another long list of art supplies. His mother needless to say was a little upset she just spent so much money on all his other school supplies and now she has to buy more for a class that should provide most of this stuff for him.

The Beauty of Art

After the founder Nadine wade heard of this she began to do research into why the school doesnt provide these thing for their students. After finding out that most school in New Mexico has their students buy pretty much all their school supplies she wanted to make a non-profit organization that helps school and students afford their art programs because she believed that students have enough to buy when it comes to their school supplied that they shouldnt have to buy their art supplies.

The Beauty of Art

When she started to go to some of the public schools around she discovered that many of the schools had an art program but didnt have reliable art teachers and many didnt even have an art program for their students until they got into middle school. So she decided to not only help the student but also help the schools find reliable art teachers and also help the school have a productive and promising art program for their students at any age. She decided to have a part of her non-profit organization website be where art teachers can upload their resumes to the site and she had workers look over their resumes and send them out to local schools. When they would look over the resumes they would call them and have their own interviews with them to make sure they were reliable and steady workers the schools can relay on.

With New Mexicos poverty levels being at 22.2 % it has the highest share of poor people of any state. With that being said it is a wonder why many schools cannot afford to provide their students with art supplies. Many school are funded by grants and other funds. Many of these funds are for textbooks, transportation, taxes and so forth. Many of these schools have to get other funds for their art and

The Beauty of Art

music programs and many still dont get enough to supply all the necessary tools needed to have a successful art class.

Many of the art programs get grants between $10,000 and $100,000. Schools must apply to the NEA for this grant money and undergo a staff, panel and council review for acceptance. Schools may apply for during-school arts exposure programs, or after-school extra-curricular activities. All NEA grant funded programs must be in line with arts education standards at either the state or national level. Many Sates have individual funding for public schools art programs. With all these grants and funding out there some school are unaware

The Beauty of Art

how to use the funds correctly and keep their art programs up. That is why The Beauty of Art wants to help schools to keep a productive art program.

I conducted this research using different resources. Many of them were on the web. I wanted to find information on how grants were used and how many there were for art programs. I wanted to see what was needed of the schools to get the grants and where to find them. I found that there are many grants and funds out there for schools and their art programs. The Beauty of Art studied all about how to get grants and funds to educate the schools about how to obtain the money for their school.

I also wanted to find out what was causing many of these schools to have to find funds. So I looked at the

The Beauty of Art

poverty levels of New Mexico and how that can affect the schools and their families. I found that New Mexico is considered a poor state. That is why so may school need to look for the fund to support their art programs. Then it made me think why so many students choose not to take art classes because they have to buy their own art supplies. Many families cannot afford to buy all the supplies needed for their children to attend an art class. That is why The Beauty of Art wants to help the families afford for their child to attend art classes cause art is an important aspect of a childs learning.

The Beauty of Art held its first event October 18-20. We had such a great turn out so many more people came then we anticipated. We had so many items donated to us for the silent auction and raised over 1,000 dollars on the auction alone. We had so much artwork from students that we had to display them in two places. It was so wonderful to see all the schools participate. The arts and craft section for the children went great we had so many volunteers helping us. Our how to do it section went off great we had so many parents participating. The people really enjoyed the contest and really got into them. They really made

The Beauty of Art

wonderful pieces. The 50/50 went well we raised 1500 dollars so the winner got 750 and they were happy cause it went to a family who was in need of that money which made I all that more better. All in all the organization got their word out and raised over 5,000 dollars. I would say it was great for our first one and cant wait for our next one.

The Beauty of Art proposes that we have a plan to help New Mexico schools and the children of the state have and keep art in their lives. The Beauty of Art plans to help educate the schools on how to apply for grant and funds help fund their art programs. We also plan to help them by finding reliable teachers for their art program. We want the schools to have a promising art program for the children. So we plan to keep in touch with the schools and continue to have

The Beauty of Art

trainings for the teacher to keep the up to date on art works and how to teach the children new and exciting art. When it comes to helping the children and their families have art in their lives we plan to help them afford the art supplies needed for their art classes and even at home. We want to involve the families too and have fun art and craft fairs for them to enjoy. We plan to not only educate the teacher but the parents on how art can help their children in all areas of school. Art is an essential part of a childs life. It helps the children be creative and use a part of their brain that is normally not used. Art can be used for many things like therapy. It can help special needs children express themselves. Art programming can help young students improve literacy and critical thinking abilities. Art in an important part of our history and is needed in our life. The Beauty of Art wants to help keep art in childrens lives.

When it cam e to this report I used many rhetorical choices in my report. The main one is my research on how art is an essential part of a childs life. I have research and numbers to back up my problem. I have included information on why art is important in a childs life. The other thing I added was to add what schools have to go threw to get art in their schools and keep it. I really think this is a nice way to end the semester. It really ties together all we have been doing. I think doing real research for this project really help me and hopefully others understand the problem out their about art and why it is so important to keep art in childrens lives. I tried to make this report as persuasive as possible I want people to understand the need for art in schools and at every age. This non-profit organization is actually really dear to me and would like it to be real one day. The reasons I choose this problem cause I hold art dear to my heart and think art in important. I am really glad I took this class. The classroom discussions were helpful and really opened my eyes to see things in a different way. It helped me with my writing and realized what is needed to make a good report. The themes I feel worked well with what we were doing and we had some great discussions.