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CE-1. Describe techniques or procedures for managing literacy groups & centers.

I have the hardest time completing a task if I do not know what is being asked of me. I usually write what is being asked in a place I can see it the whole time I am doing the assignment. This technique should be used in literacy groups and centers as well. Whatever you are asking the students to do, make sure they know what it is. Writing the expectations on the white board in the front of the room or listing it in bold on top of their worksheet keeps the students more aware and focused on what there end result should be. Getting to the end result requires clear directions. If the teacher wants specific outcomes, they must give specific directions. For example, if the teacher wanted a literacy group to write a summary of a story, it would be best to write clear directions. If the directions stated only write a summary of the story, the teacher might receive a something as simple as it was good. A better question would be Describe the main character in the story. Make sure to give three examples of from the book that support your description.