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The Economic Importance of Tourism

Learning Objectives: To recap the economic importance of tourism To assess the economic impact of tourism in different countries To research how different countries are affected by tourism

Quick Quiz
1. In 2006, how much was global tourism worth? 1. $1 billion 2. $155 billion 3. $626 billion 4. $733 billion 5. $906 billion

2. How much does global tourism make every single day? 1. $50 million 2. $1.2 billion 3. $3 billion 4. $5.5 billion
3. What percentage of the global workforce does tourism employ? 1. 1.5% 2. 5% 3. 8%

4. Tourism has a ... 1. Domino Effect 2. Multiplier Effect 3. Snowball Effect 4. Employment Effect

And what is it?

Tourism is vitally important in earning money for different countries. Some countries rely on tourism a lot more than others. Rich countries have a balanced economy, of which tourism is just one part. However, in poorer countries, tourism is essential. For example, in Barbados, 80% of its national income comes from tourism. Try to think of as many jobs as possible that are created by tourism. Try to do it in a table this way. Here is an example:

Direct Jobs Gift shop workers

Indirect Jobs Farmers to supply to restaurants

Have a look at these 2 tables:

Countries with the largest tourist receipts (2005) Country USA Spain Annual tourist income ($ millions) 66 547 33 609 Countries with the most tourist arrivals (2008) Country France Spain Number of tourists (millions) 81.9 59.2

France Italy
China Germany UK Austria Hong Kong Greece

32 329 26 915
20 385 19 158 17 591 11 237 10 117 9 741

USA China
Italy UK Germany Ukraine Turkey Mexico

56.0 54.7
43.7 30.7 24.4 23.1 22.2 21.4

Questions: Which are the top 3 countries in each category? Comment on any similarities or differences that you see. Compare the balance of rich and poorer countries in the 2 tables.

Research Homework
Tourism affects different countries differently and different countries rely on tourism for different reasons and to different extents. But, now, get into groups of 3 and pick one country each from each box.

Rich Countries England

USA France Australia Japan

Poor Countries Kenya

India Pakistan Vietnam Papua New Guinea

Emerging Economies China

Argentina Brazil Morocco Mexico

Your job is to research each country and assess how important tourism is for that country, in terms of money, jobs, infrastructure etc. How much does it earn from tourism? How much does it depend on tourism? What jobs are created by tourism? What would happen if tourist numbers dropped? How else does that country make money?

Somewhere to start...
The BBC has profiles on each country in the world for vital statistics: And for tourism info, try the websites on the next page. Remember to use your own initiative as well. Once youve researched and collected data on the different countries, make detailed notes to answer the questions on the previous page (remember, finish for homework!)

England USA France

Japan Kenya India Pakistan Vietnam Papua New Guinea China Argentina Brazil Morocco Mexico