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Chinay Benjamin English 103 Reflective Essay Due 12/10/2013 Prior to entering English 103, my writing was lacking

in every aspect of literature. I had trouble with punctuation, apostrophes, commas, and subject verb agreement. Before entering Northern Illinois University and attending English 103, I had very low expectation of the writing. I figured if I continue with the way that I wrote in high school I wouldve been fine. I learned that college writing is more advanced than high school writing and that it tends to come with more challenges. The paper that I demonstrated the most understanding for the needs of my audience was my Narrative Essay. This excerpt from my Narrative Essay demonstrated my awareness of my audience, His hair so bright His smile so witty His voice so sweet His eyes so pretty Though he is too young to understand me, I try to speak to him 'I love you' I say, he only laughs But his laughter, Oh! just as lovely as he is It continuously rings through my ears Even though he is gone now I love the feeling of him in my arms It as if he is my own child My own bundle of unconditional love I never thought another being could affect me as much as this tiny infant but I was wrong He is my everything and I care about him more than I can explain It is a wonderful feeling This love I have inside me For this beautiful baby For the Beautiful One Analyses were the papers I showed the most understanding for when writing genres. This excerpt is an example of analyses, Dont be a hero: This point must be stressed. Do not try to save anyone but yourself because more this strengthens the possibility of them slowing you down and end up being dead weight. If you are in a group of people, from Michaels history, they all died one by one. If Michael Myers is attempting to kill you, you must use your weapons and attack him in order to stay alive. Try your best to stay alive. Michael Myers kills people when they are most vulnerable. He has killed people before and after they were partaking in intercourse. He also has killed people because they either lived in or enter his old residence. This is an example of an analyses writing because it gets

beyond mere description and into examination and explanation. The paper that shows my strongest understanding of evidence was my stereotype essay. I used multiple cited sources of evidence. This is an excerpt from it, Lesbian is the term most widely used in the English language to describe romantic or sexual attraction between women. The word may be used as a noun, to refer to women who identify themselves or who are characterized by others as having the primary attribute of female homosexuality, or as an adjective, to describe characteristics of an object or activity related to female same-sex attraction. (John & Zimmerman, 2009) The papers that showed off my analytical skills the best was my Narrative essay. An example of my analytical skills on my Narrative essay was when this was stated, He was born at The University of Illinois at Chicago hospital. Holding the child that I frantically prepared months for didnt prepare me enough for him. As the doctor began to pass me my nephew, thoughts began racing through my mind. I thought, What if I drop him? Will I hold his head correctly? Will he like me? Will he ever love me the way that I have loved even before he took his first breath? I was nervous to hold him but I did it. I evaluated from my own perspective. The project that showed my best mastery writing process was my essay that I received a 77% on. I was unable to find my papers and compare them because they are lost. An example that can replace the comparison is when one of my papers had numerous grammar mistakes. After that paper I hadnt received that many mistakes anymore. The difference of how I revised my paper was the fact that I accepted constructive criticism and applied it to the paper. That paper was also the most polished work. This was my best work because I applied myself, took more time with the actual paper, and added more detailing. I also broke down everything to give the audience a better understanding. I have become a better writer simply because I started caring for my writing. I will continue to make improvements. The experiences that affected me the most was receiving bad grades. In the future, I will continue to care.