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R-1. Explain the key elements of a lesson plan.

There are many components in a lesson plan. The summary, student population information, materials, vocabulary, and closure should all be included in the plan. While all these components play an important role, I believe the three most important elements of the lesson plan are the standard, the procedure, and the assessment. I believe the standard is important because it is the concept you want the child to learn by doing the lesson. Its helps me to understand the importance of a standard if I think of a standard being a boat anchor. Without an anchor, some fishing boats will just float around randomly at sea. Sometimes they will float towards a place with fish and sometimes they won t even come close. So, like an anchor on a boat, a good lesson standard forces the lesson to stay close to one area.

The procedure is another important component of the lesson plan. This is the section that gives directions on how the child is going to learn the standard. It helps me to understand this component by relating it to a road sign. If a road sign isnt written with the arrow pointed in the right the direction, then the traveler wont get to where they need to be. Also, just like a bad road sign, if the procedure isnt written correctly, the learner wont be able to reach their destination. In this case, the destination is the standard.

The last component of the lesson plan that I find to be key is the assessment. The assessment is meant to measure the learners understanding of the lesson as it relates to the standard. A good assessment is crucial, as it gives actual data to the instructor about the

students knowledge of the lesson. With this data, reflections can be made with more integrity and it can also enable justifiable changes to the lesson if it seems that is what is needed.