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Reflective Competency Statement III Goal: To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance.

My goal is to support social and emotional development and to provide guidance. This is accomplished in many ways through out the day. Such as Develop responsive and consistent care giving routines. !rovide a nurturing and affectionate environment. !rovide safety and security while encouraging e"ploration. These are only a few ways that I feel would support their social and emotional development and provide positive guidance. CS III a: Developing effective social and emotional s#ills and a positive sense of self are important elements of children$s development. %ey social and emotional s#ills or personal characteristics that children develop in the early years include their capacity to: & Recogni'e and identify a range of feelings( in themselves and others & Manage their own feelings and )ehavior in socially accepta)le ways & Respond appropriately to the feelings of others & *orm social connections with other people( including their peers & Develop pro social attitudes and s#ills such as empathy( sharing and helping others Those are some good ways of developing effective social and emotional s#ills. CS III ): +s a child( I was always taught )y my family and others to ,treat others the way you would want to )e treated.- That is why it is important to me that the children start from a young age how to treat others with respect and not )e mean. I will try to effectively teach the children that it isn$t nice to hit some one or call some one a name and that )eing mean doesn$t solve anything. That way I hope they will grow up to understand others and )e nice to people even if they don.t /uit li#e them at first.