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Amy Sherer English 10 Music education is important to everyone because it helps students beyond the classroom.

Although music education is expensive, music education is important because it helps students develop their focus, their critical thinking, and their problem solving skills. Music education is important in schools because it can help students concentrate better. Music helps people focus in other areas as ell as participating in the music course. Music also helps you concentrate ork. !ou hile doing

on"t get as distracted from other sounds around the room or other ith A$$ or A$%$ listen to music to help

noises. #or example, some people

your &there' brain process your ork better and not get up and move around. &(ane )olling ood, M. #arouk *ad an, Msc' +ids imaginations are better in art and kids are more engaged in school Music education is important in schools because it is not ,ust day care here you sit and listen to stories. -t is here children can experience in pride in hat they

like and can achieve at. Music helps students ith a better understanding of the orld around them. Studies sho that students ho listen to music are more

successful on standardi.ed tests, such as the A)/. 0istening to music has many benefits and can help you in many ays. Music helps you calm do n, relaxes your, and relieves stress. -t can also be used hile you go through your regular activities during the day so that it doesn"t

take time a ay from your busy schedule. Another thing is that it helps you let out your feelings and express yourself. -t also helps you think outside the box. Music keeps you open minded because it helps you kno exactly hat the music is

saying to you. Music also helps express your self. #or example, if you"re happy you listen to happy songs and if you"re sad you listen to sad songs. Music educations costs a lot of money in schools. Music costs up to 120,000 dollars a year at schools. /eachers can get paid up to 30,000 dollars a year. /he instruments that are needed for music in schools are very expensive. -f you have the money to buy the instruments and its fun, then it is definitely orth the price of the instruments if you use them a lot. Some schools do not ant music education, but not everyone ants to

learn about music. 4y other people playing instruments might distract another classroom by the music being to loud from the classroom next to them. Also some teachers say that it distracts students from there ork.

5e should invest more money in music programs because people must learn the culture of music. Most places around the music corresponding to there culture and orlds have different types of

hen they learn about other countries

one of the first things you hear about is the different from your o n country is the music. -t is also a very interesting topic to study the history and evolution of music. #or example, learning ho simple rhythm and tempo involved over time

ith different cultures to eventually create many genres e have today.