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If contract to sell there is condition, the consent of the vendee is necessary unlike in contract of sale Donation a conjugal property

y Can the RD refuse the registration if according to it, the signature is forged? No, because it is merely a ministerial Are all lands in Philippines titled? No, some lands can still be owned/ acquired by Filipinos Regalia doctrine? If there is anomaly of something because it is not sure of something such case will elevate to LRA the decision will be issued by LRA administrator Alienable and disposable essence: if someone is occupying it, he can apply for ownership. However, if the LMB says it is not AnD such property reserved to the State In transferring title, OCT must be surrender so it must be cancelled and TCT will be issued

Can a co-ownership filed an action for the protection of his property without the consent of other soowners? Yes, and the benefit redounded to the other co owner Torren System purpose Functions of the register of deeds? LRA? Laws codified in PD 1529 p.18 Certificate of title Tax declaration importance: to see to it the owner is apying real property tax upon the property. Non-payment of accumulated tax for the property would cause the government to sell such property to an auction, if bought by the buyer, but the owner has the right to redemption for 1 yr or else the owner loses his right over the property Statute of fraud Oblicon

Purpose of registration