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Pregnancy and Abortion

Submitted to: Maam Gieselle Viera-Kwo

Submitted by: Magas, Santa Hazzle B. Pudsoc, Vilma

Why do people have their babies aborted? What steps can be adapted for successful pregnancy? These are the two very currently undergoing different, there is one Pregnancy is the first development of human in opposite questions that bother most of the people prenatal issues. Though these questions are thing they have in common, the stage of pregnancy. stage on how life is developed. This is where the the mothers womb takes place.

Abortion is way of ending pregnancy through the different means. These may include the intake of pills or through surgical operation. But why do they need to terminate the development of a soon to be human? From the interview that we conducted, we are able to gasp these different reasons. Teenage pregnancy is one of the major issues that the youth faces nowadays. As the innovation of technology products progresses, so too are the numbers of youth facing these problem increases. They get to undergo what we called as transition age or puberty age where their biological aspects get to change. Parts of them develop and they get to be capable of reproducing. These is also the age where the youth prefer hanging on with their friends and indulging themselves on discovering things which sometimes include sexual curiosity leading them to pregnancy. Since teenagers are not that mature enough to handle such marital problems, they dont know how they are going to take good care of their womb. Their immaturity or lack of idea to handle such things leads them to have their babies aborted. Another issue was due to shame. Most of the families hate being the talk of the town due to shame. Teenage pregnancy is a very hot topic that most gossipers want to discuss. Gossipers usually talk with their best means to deliver what would satisfy them even to the point of ruining the life of that particular person. This then is a critical thing that every family wanted to avoid, avoiding being the talk of the town. Whether or not, we sometimes get in troubles like these. Gossiping is actually a very typical thing that happens on the provinces. To further elaborate, lets consider a collegiate student sent by her parents on the city to study, but without much awareness on how lives are lived on a city, the collegiate would get to be influenced by bad peers, she may be indulging herself on addiction with drugs and vices and later on, an unwanted pregnancy. To avoid the threat of shame and gossips against their family, she then would prefer to abort the baby. Financial status is also one of the major reasons that favour abortion. The Philippines which is one of the third world countries suffers on poverty. Try visiting the Smokey Mountain, there, you will witness how the Filipinos value every garbage just for them to be able to fed their starving bellies and how lots of opportunities were wasted since they cant be able to have good education. They were not given the chance to study and pursue their dreams due to insufficient finance. Its a big irony either on the part of the officials and politicians, them having fancy lifestyles with fancy cars, fancy houses and fancy foods. How come they are able to live their lives that way whereas the citizens around are suffering from the different threats of poverty. Its very evident how

corruption is very rampant in our country. Most promises made by the politicians during their campaign were focused on improving the lives of the people and fighting poverty, yet, where are these promises? No wonder whether there is a particular republic act stating that promises are meant to be broken'. Squatters have been surrounding Manila, the number of street children has been growing and malicious cases or incidents are increasing. You cant be confident to walk with your gadgets exposed or to leave your door unclosed at night since culprits or black hats will always be present with their malicious thoughts against you. On the latest survey regarding the common reasons why prisoners perform acts of stealing, it was mentioned that poverty was the main factor why they rob or steal things. Since they cant be able to provide the needs of their family, they have no other choice but to steal. Poverty is the main reason on why malicious thoughts are generated and why killing seemed to be easy. Couples who dont have enough financial resources prefer aborting the babies than having them born. Their main reason was they cant feed to many bellies. But is it just alright to sacrifice a life in exchange to poverty? Is it not the life that matters? To think of it, they should not have thought of doing sexual intercourse if they know that they cant feed the possible fruit of their action. They are endangering a life which is supposed to prosper and make a change on their lives. Poverty is never permanent. When a poor person struggles, he could get the kind of life he aspires. Try to look at Henry Sy, he was once a poor boy who really strived and got very successful in his life and nowadays owns the biggest malls in the country. If most people will have the perseverance of uplifting their lives, then there will be no cases of poverty. It is the irresponsibility of the parents that will be blamed for the shortage of foods and not the baby. They should not blame the baby for the baby is too innocent to receive the throwbacks of their actions. Other reason behind unwanted pregnancy is the case of rapes. Rape is a type of assault where one individual forces another to have sexual intercourse against the persons will. Rape happens on different situations and of different motives. Within your friends or any acquaintance, rape could occur as long as you are against that particular act. Rape also happens due to anger; these may occur when youve been rejecting or insulting people hurting them silently. Some rapists also wanted to prove how they can become powerful and on how they could be more masculine. They even torture victims and make them suffer just for them to satisfy their pleasure. Rape is not only happening on dark or narrow alleys but also within the house. Domestic rape usually involves every member of the family. Violence on mother and children has been the usual issue where maternal rape and statutory rape occurs. Merciless rapist attacks the mother, the sibling and even the child. Rape plays a very big role in abortion or the termination of the babys life due to unacceptable event. Basing from the interviews that we conducted, some agrees on the implementation of abortion especially when the wombs fruit was caused by rape. They said that the product of rape is unintentional and against the

will of the victim. They also said that it is better to have the baby aborted especially when the rape was domestic; this is mainly because the baby will possibly be born abnormal due to the blood relationship of the rapist and the victim. Children who were raped and bears a child needs abortion since their bodies are not fully developed and they cant be able to carry the baby, if their baby wont carry the situation, it might affect their health condition and they might be the one to suffer. Life begins at conception. Once the sperm and the egg cell meet, the prenatal stage development starts. Prenatal stage or pregnancy takes 9 months or 280 days, in other words, 9 months of caress and critical nurturing. The period of zygote involves the formation of 46 chromosomes, where the blastocysts are formed that will later become parts of the body like hair, teeth or sensory nerves. After the second week from conception, the period of embryo takes place. This period involves the formation and development of organs such as brain or heart. Following the eighth week, the embryo faces a critical period, growth must occur for the baby to be developed naturally. For example, if the eyes and ears do not develop during this stage, they will never be formed later on, and if they are formed abnormally, they will be permanently damaged. The embryo will be very sensitive to environmental influences such as the presence of certain drugs can have a devastating effect in the subsequent development. The period of fetus starts from the third month until birth where growth and development of the body parts continue dramatically. Major organs begin to function and movements can be sensed. At the end of the normal thirtyeight weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is ready to be born. Delivering a baby is not just as easy as on how you defecate. Delivery involves indulging yourself in pain since the mother should undergo labour. According to our teacher in psychology, labouring is ten times as painful with that of a dysmenorrhea, so youll get to see how your mother loves you and how she sacrificed just to have you born. After the baby was born, critical nurturing still doesnt end. The period of infancy starts where you as an infant is already physically separated from your mother, youre very helpless and you highly depend on your parents for your survival. With your parents affection, they would be very glad to provide you with things you need. Time and again, you get to grow and become independent. You learn how to stand, crawl, sit, walk and speak. You also start to become curious on the different thing that you see around your environment. Puberty overlaps and you will get to notice different changes in your body. Psychologists claim that adolescence stage was where identity crisis and emotional instability occurs, where curiosity about sex also arises. Since time runs, you may not notice that you have grown and become more matured. Youll then have also your baby and youll undergo what your parents experienced. Youre so lucky because amidst that very complicated stage of life, you were still given the chance to live. You were able to witness how beautiful this world was created by God. You also saw how you become a blessing to others especially to your parents. Youll also get to learn how complex life is. Imagine if your parents didnt give their attention on you. Without the proper care allotted by a particular mother to her child, the baby may be born abnormal. You then should be thankful youre

born completely. Others propose that this is only a cell and has not yet formed the image of a baby. Yet from the moment the sperm and egg cell unites, you dont know whether that united cell would someday become a president who would rule in righteousness, or a doctor that would cure illnesses. Why then deprive the babys right to live. On Newtons Law of Motion, he stated that in every action, there is an equal reaction, well this is not only applied in the field of physics that focuses on factors that happen to the environment but also to our every lives. When we want to do things, we must think and be aware on the possible throwbacks that may occur. We do unto others what we want others do unto us as what the golden rule states. We try to think of things to say if we wanted others not to be offended. So then in pregnancy, think first if you could be able to support or sustain the life of the baby that will be the fruit of sexual intercourse done. Pregnancy involves cognitive perspective and commitment. This requires major care and attention for this is where life starts to evolve. Somewhere around the world, there are these people who were not blessed with children. They who want to commit themselves on a harmonious relationship living with children. Who wants to nurture child who would give the joy they long for. Try to think of how they feel incomplete, how they long for children, how they felt worthless and how they spend their time look for means to bear. Why then terminate an innocent life if that was a very essential blessing that some of the people around have been deprived. Think of how lucky you are given the chance by your parents to live. They never thought of having you aborted, instead they have you born amidst the very painful labour that your mother had to undergo. Do you think its fair if you deprive that right of living to your baby? Raise and love them as your mother did it to you and treat them as your treasure given to you by God. Always remember that everything happens in a reason. If you have it accidentally then maybe theres a reason why it happened. Who knows, maybe that baby will be the one who will bring colour to your life. In life, we sometimes are given with only one chance and opportunity. We dont know if the given opportunity is only now, so if you are given the chance to be pregnant, dont miss the opportunity to have your own baby because maybe next time you wont be able to be pregnant again. Its best to have a child that really came from you than from others. Blood is thicker than Water. Remember also that time will come where you become very helpless and old, you will need someone to take care of you and that will be no other than your child. Based on the Scriptures, Genesis 35:11, the Lord promised to Jacob that He will bless Jacob with children, whom many nations would come from him and whom kings would ascend from him. It is then very clear how the Lord blesses every couple with children and how He wants every child live. During the time of Moses, God gave him the Ten Commandments which serve as guide on how to live life under Gods wisdom. It is very well stated on the Fifth commandment Thou shalt not kill how God was commanding us not to kill. Remember that the Lord is the giver of life and He alone has the right to end it. The fifth commandment gives us the responsibility to care

for both the natural life and the supernatural life that God has given us and all men. Natural life refers on our physical body while supernatural life refers on our soul. Based from our catechism lectures, killing of the natural body has different types, these includes murder, euthanasia, abortion, suicide, mutilation, and drug addiction. Murder is directly killing somebody; in the Bible, Cain was the first murderer who killed his brother Abel due to envy. Euthanasia or mercy-killing was usually done on countries where they kill people which are useless to their society. Abortion as defined above is the termination of pregnancy or the direct killing of a fetus or unburned baby. Every year, over 50,000,000 estimated babies were aborted. 50,000,000 lives were deprived of living. From these particular acts, souls are also sacrificed to hell, abortionists are surely aware on how aborting babies is a sin. People who do abortion or any type of killing may still be physically alive but are spiritually dead, that is because once a mortal sin is committed, the soul dies. Total submission of oneself to God or act of contrition would only be the way for the remission of ones sin. Abortion is a major sin committed against the commandments of God and when you do abortion, you are depriving the babys right to live. It depends on you to decide on what you think would give you what is best or necessary. In contrast with abortion, successful pregnancy requires safety practices and healthy lifestyle. Successful pregnancy was on the minds of the people who are committed to have a child. And successful pregnancy needs much care and attention to avoid the possible abnormalities that the baby could acquire. A mother should watch the foods she eats. Mothers who are seriously undernourished cannot provide adequate nutrition to the baby, and are likely to give birth to underweight babies. Poorly nourished babies are more prone to acquiring diseases and usually have low mental ability. Intake of drugs and alcohol by pregnant women endangers the normal development of the baby. Drugs and alcohols cause physical and mental impairment. Mothers who give birth at a young age results in a premature delivery and increased incidence of Down syndrome. Down Syndrome is happens when an extra chromosome is added to the 21st pair. Hence, those afflicted with this kind of disorder have 47 chromosomes. Children with Downs syndrome are typically retarded. Lifestyle of mothers during pregnancy is a very essential thing that affects the lives of their babies. The healthcare industry has developed a lot of means for progressive pregnancy. Healthcare also gets to adapt the different interventions that the information technology has provided. Different jigs and tools have been provided to the healthcare field for the ease of operation. As for us, students enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, we wanted help the mothers nowadays on how they will protect the lives of their family against health threats. In the future, we wanted to develop sites for hospitals that would integrate tips of healthy living. We also wanted to develop software that would give help the doctors and nurses manage their patients.

As a help to pregnant mothers, a site that offers medical and health tips will be developed. The site will also give means of interaction between the patient and the doctor. The patient can ask the doctor the necessary things she could do to maintain the health of the baby. The site will serve as the medium between the doctor and the patient. On the other hand, a database will also be developed to hospitals that need to easily keep track on the patients information. This is for the easy management and recoveries of data. Through the developed database, there will be an improved sharing of data, improved security of data, better data integration, minimized data inconsistency, improved data access, improved decision making and an increase in end-users productivity. Redundancy of data will be avoided. We could also be software developers regards to what most hospitals need. who will develop software with