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Modern Day Tales Assignment

Due Decem#er !0 )A* and Decem#er 11 )2* Frame 3 40 pts &ndividual Tale 3 40 pts

You have just finished reading The Prologue to The Canterbury Tales and The Wife of Baths Tale and should be familiar with the design of a frame story. Chaucer used the design of a frame stor in The Canterbury Tales b framing the stories told b the !ilgrims with a stor about a tri! to Canterbur . This assignment consists of two sections" writing a frame story and writing an individual tale. The frame story must be done in a group and the tale must be done individually. You will receive two grades # one for writing a frame and one for writing an individual stor . $! to five students will wor% together in a grou!. &ll writing must be acce!table for classroom reading. 'ow" get !um!ed( This is going to be fun( W&Y more fun than another assessment( )ere are our instructions*

Part 1: The Frame

1. Think of five modern day people that come from very different walks of life +i.e. !riest" telemar%eter" high school cheerleader" movie star" com!uter nerd,. -ven if our grou! doesnt have five members" ou still need to have five characters in our frame. !. Make a character chart for your five characters . Write descri!tions" as Chaucer did" for each of the five. .a%e a chart showing their names" occu!ations" dress and accessories" !h sical descri!tions" and interesting information about them. ". Think of a situation that could #ring them all together and force them to spend time together +i.e. stuc% in an elevator during a !ower outage,. The !ilgrimage serves this !ur!ose in The Canterbur Tales. $. %rite a story telling a#out each individual and how they came to #e together . /n the stor e0!lain wh the decide to !ass the time b each telling one stor " how will the best stor be determined" and what !ri1e the winner will get. $se Chaucers Prologue as a guide. a. b. c. d. The stor must tell wh the characters are together and are telling stories. The stor must describe each of the five characters. +2efer to our chart as ou write this., The stor must be a minimum of two double3s!aced t !ed !ages. The grou! must share its stor with the class.

Part !: The &ndividual 'tory

&fter com!leting the grou! frame stor " each member of the grou! will write a stor told b one of the characters invented b the grou!. 'o doubling u! on characters( 1. (ach group mem#er will write a story that is appropriate and suita#le for that character to tell . 4or e0am!le" the Pardoner in The Canterbury Tales was a greed man who told his stor about greed or the Wife of Bath has been married man times and is an ambitious woman" so she tells a stor about listening to womens !ers!ectives and relationshi!s. Your tales must follow this model. /n the e0am!le on the bac%" the garbage man could tell a stor that shows how im!ortant cleanliness is. !. (ach story must contain a moral or a life lesson. $nderline the !ortion of our writing that communicates the lesson of our tale. ". (ach story must #e a minimum of two dou#le spaced typed pages )honors* and one page )academic* in 1! point font. $. (ach group mem#er must share his or her story or a summary of it orally with the class .

'u#mitting +our %ork

-ach grou! will turn in their frame stor and their five individual stories together. &ll five names should be on the frame stor . The names of the individual stor writers should be on the stories the each wrote. %ant (,tra -redit./ You can dress as our character on the !resentation da . You can write our !rologue or tale in rh ming cou!lets. 4igure out an engaging" interesting wa to !resent our !roject. 5et creative # if ou have an idea" we can tal% about it.

(,ample Prologue
$!on entering the $nited 6tates" a countr in fear 7f ever disease that can attac% an time of the ear" -ver !erson" either citi1en or tourist" Whether the were ill or their health was the !urest" Were !ut into seclusion for two long wee%s. &nd in rooms of five" the %now not whom the ll meet. 'ot being divided b gender" mone or jobs # The finest beings could be roomed with the dirtiest slobs. 'or were the divided b nationalit " so whom the have to live with The might not actuall be able to converse with. But four different strangers that all s!o%e the same language Were !ut into one room and were able to manage. There was a wealth " British Baroness of twent 3si0 ears But when ou hear her stor " our e es will fill with tears. )er mother died when she was ounger &nd she was often beaten b her drun%en father. 6he once had a true love that was unfortunatel !enniless. But her father forced her to marr a noblesse. Though she doesnt love her husband" he still is a good man Who gave her ever thing she as%ed for" even im!orts from 8a!an. 6he has a child that doesnt %now her own mother Because she was alwa s too bus doing one noble thing or another. &fter eight ears of marriage" she is still in regret &nd now is on vacation because she is ver u!set. 6he is a !etite woman and is anore0icall thin. 6he is well3groomed" has brown e es" and ver soft s%in. 6he wore a heav coat over her e0!ensive blue suit" &nd to sa the least" her satin heels were 9uite cute. )er diamond earrings made her face glow &nd her blond hair was u! li%e it was done b a !ro. There was an immigrant coming in from :ietnam. & guerilla grou! murdered her dad and her mom. 6o" she left her land in search of freedom" )o!ing one da to find libert in another %ingdom. 6he had a wealth famil before" But she lost her claim and now she is !oor. .aterialistic things she does not !ossess" 7nl love and determination were held close to her chest. 6he wanted a shelter" somewhere she would be safe. )er almond sha!ed e es often made one forget she was a waif. The were dar% and had a ver !rominent stare. 6he was !ale" thin" and delicate" with long" straight hair. 6he wore dirt rags that were torn and old" &nd as a result" ou could tell she was 9uite cold. 6he had o!en calluses on her right hand" Because she had wor%ed in the fields in her native land. The sandals she wore were falling a!art But nothing could am!utate her strong" loving heart. There was an astronaut that stood !roud and tall Who learned how to wal% before he could crawl. & genius he was" ever moment since birth The onl rival to his brain was his girth. &t twent " he too% u! an interest in flight" &nd" ama1ingl " he learned how to fl overnight.

)aving gone to the finest college )e ac9uired all the needed %nowledge. )e learned well and aced all of his tests. Before he %new it he was better than the rest. '&6& came calling" the 2ussian 6!ace Program too. )e got to !ut on a s!ace suit that was shin and new. )e had blac% hair" blue e es" and was shoc%ingl !ale" But when he wasnt wor%ing he was into0icated with the finest ale. &lwa s in flight" he has limited friends" Yet" his wor% is a choice not a means to an end. There was a veteran" an intelligent and built oung man. )e was si0 feet tall and rather tan. )e had brown e es" brown hair" and a brown moustache. &nd" on his right chee%" he had a scar from a lash. /n his late fifties" he loo%ed ver tired. )e wore his uniform and boots that have long since been retired. )e has !ost3traumatic stress disorder 4rom %illing men along the Cambodian border. &nd in his wallet" he does carr & !icture of the woman he was going to marr . But now he is a janitor at a tal%3radio show" )is co3wor%ers are the onl !eo!le he %nows. 2eturning from /tal where he went for vacation" )es an &merican marine that once defended his nation. $!on arrival" each one sadl were told That a deadl disease" the all did behold. )owever" the still had a chance to live 4or there is a medicine that doctors could give. $nfortunatel " the cure was e0!ensive &nd the time it too% to get was 9uite e0tensive. 7nl one !erson !er room could have a chance at the limited su!!l " While sadl the other four left ma eventuall die. 6o among themselves" the had to decide Who in the grou! would be the first to survive. The agreed together that each should tell a tale. The one with the best stor would be the one to !revail. &n one who bac%s out will lose their dail rations )o!efull this %nowledge will lead to telling the tales with !assion. The e0!ectations are clear and cannot be misconstrued. 'ow here are the stories" lets ho!e the are good.