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When Dave moved to central Florida in the fall the bees has just finished their pollination and

the colonies were boiling over.

After a month many of the colonies had lost large numbers of workers and only the young workers and the queen were healthy.

No dead bees were seen 1/3 of world agriculture production depends on the European Honeybee Bees suffering from CCD tend to be infested with multiple pathogens, including newly discovered virus.

Honeybees had suffered from a number of ailments that reduced their populations. CCD will not cause honey-bees to go extinct but it could many bee keepers out of business

If bees are extinct, most plants will be left without pollinators In 1987 for more than 45% of bee colony loss varroa mites were responsible Female parasite feed on hemolymph of the bees blood It was hypothesized that something had compromised the bees immune system, making them susceptible to an number of infection that healthy colonies would normally fend off due to characteristics shown by bees.

Other theory said that they could have been poisoned by pollen from genetically modified crops, specifically Bt crops.

Their digestive system wont allow BT to work Another popular theory blamed on synthetic poisons. The two main suspects were acaricids and pesticides.

In regular gene sequencing, researchers use computer software to put the pieces back together and reconstruct genome of original organism.

There were more than 170 chemicals found which include insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.

No neonicotinoids were found in the original samples. Its possible that bees afflicted by CCD were harmed by a chemical or mixture of chemicals not evident at the time we collected the samples

Cox-Foster with Ian Lipkin's group in Columbia University turned to microbe-hunting method called metagenomics.

Metagenomics was used to survey environments revealing surprising diversity of microorganisms.

IAPV was found in almost all colonies with CCD symptoms. IAPV is an Israeli acute paralysis virus. A vaccine or cure for bee viruses and IAPV would be desirable, but vaccines will not work on honey bees.

It can cause CCD or at least contribute to the problem Human beings needs to act quickly to ensure that the pact between plants and pollinators stays intact

B: summary Many beehives world have disappeared mysteriously, resulting about 100 crops to risk not pollinate. Scientists made a lot of hypothesis for their disappearance. The major one was colony collapse disorder, which results bees to lose a lot of population and make them vulnerable to any type of diseases. Some of the theories were Pesticides, poor nutrition, insecticides, and other diseases. A virus called Israeli paralysis virus was discovered along with the CCD. So it was identified as one of the causes for CCD, which was also the cause for the bees disappearance. The article also suggests that humans take a quick act to ensure that the pollinators stay intact and so that our diets remain rich in the fruits and vegetable we now take for granted. c. Reaction From my point of view I interpreted the article as a warning, If bees really disappear at once vegetable and fruits, or just normal flowering plants wont be able to pollinate. And in order to stop their disappearance we need to know the cause very, in this case its complicated because theres nothing such as one. Even though its identified that its CCD, its just a big chunk of the puzzle but we still arent able to figure out the smaller parts to plug in and that will be our limiting factor not to find a cure. So scientists have to put their effort on this and we also should not take them for granted. So what? Many factors such as IAPV are causing CCD which is causing loss of bees population Says Who

Diana Cox-Foster and Dennis vanEngelsdorp What if? Bees are no longer here? More than 100 species of plants wont be able to pollinate that includes the fruits and vegetable we feed on Reminds me of.? An earth without humans, because when some kind of specie has disappeared from earth their impact will start to show and its always huge weather its positive or negative.