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1. Circle the answer:


Do you like ___________bag? It was a birthday present from my mum.

a) these

b) this

c) those

2. Put the words in the right order and make sentences:


3. What are the opposites of these adjectives?


4. What are these occupations?

-When youve got a stomach ache you can go to the d____________.
-My mothers a n____________ at the local hospital.
-I like traveling. I want to be an e_________________ like Christopher Columbus.

5. Write the sentences. Use the right form of have got.

Nicole/ a brother and a sister.

My friend James/ long black hair.

Spiders/ eight legs.

6. Write the questions using present simple:

you /enjoy/ cooking?

your/ math teacher/ wear/ glasses?

Where/ your best friend/ live?

7. Complete the sentences with was, wasnt, were, werent.

There ______________ some interesting people at the party on Saturday.

My grandmother died when I ___________ a baby.
I didnt want anything to drink. I ______________ thirsty.
There was a big spider inside George and Paulas tent, but they_____________ scared of

8. Complete the sentences. Use the past simple.

Tom __________________ (listen) to his new CD before he went to sleep.

Alisons train ______________(arrive) at 8:45.
I _______________ (see) Tyco at the weekend.
The journey __________ (take) 18 hours by ferry.

9. Complete the questions. Use past simple form of the verbs.

-_________________________you write a letter to your aunt? ( you/ write)

-_________________________ at the swimming pool? ( your friends/ be)

Where ________________________on Saturday night? (Sadie/ be)

10. Make sentences. Use the past simple form of the verbs.

Maria/ sing/ three songs at the school play.

They/ make/ their first record in 2003.

I/ not write/ any emails last night.

11. Complete the sentences. Circle the right answer.

I love eating ______ cream when its hot.

a) eyes

b) ice

I love swimming in the ___________.

a) see

b) saw

A ____________is a bag you carry on your back. a) tent

c) sun
c) sea

b)rucksack c) caravan

12. Read the descriptions of jobs. What is the word for each one?

This person plays music on the radio. d_ _ _ j_ _ _ _ _ _

This woman brings you food in a restaurant. w_ _ _ _ _ _ _
This person works in an office and helps the manager. s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

13. Choose the right words.

Phillips mum came to this town _________1983.

a) in

b) at

________time did we get home last night?

a) When

b) Which c) What

Who was your first teacher? a) Mr Joe. b) Three years ago.


c) on

c) He was very

14. Correct this mistakes:

- I go to the cinema yesterday. ___________________________________________
- Where you go yesterday? ______________________________________________
- He runned across the road. _____________________________________________

15. Complete the sentences with words for places in town.

-If someone steals your bag, go to the _______________ station.

- You can buy dresses, sweaters and socks at a _____________ shop.
- A ____________ sells newspapers and magazines.

Natasha Stojkovska