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46Q Date: Monday, 9/16/2013 Unit: Four Square Lesson focus: Given an explanation and demonstration, the students will recognize the critical elements of four square, by correctly responding to the questions posed by the teacher. Equipment: 6-8 Dodgeballs Location: Gymnasium Objectives: Learning Domain(s) Psychomotor Objectives Students will be able to demonstrate proper running and stretching technique. Students will be able to demonstrate and understand the basic play of Four Square Students will be able to record the number of times they successfully keep the ball in bounds Students will be able to assess themselves as well as their peers NYS Standards 1A Grade(s): 5-303 Period: 4 Number of Students: 25 Time: 10:15-11am







Assessment: Student self-assessment Students record successful number of times they keep the ball in bounds Peer assessment Informal teacher observations/Check for understanding questions o What are the rules of Four Square? o What happens when the ball hits the inside lines? o What happens when the ball hits the outside lines? o Where do you go when you are out? Link to previous lesson (pre-requesites): Last year, the students practiced skills necessary to play four square. Lesson structure and progression: Introduction: Brief greeting of the students, and overview of the lesson Warm-up: Running lanes and stretching on the floor Main: Review the rules and demonstrate Four Square. Students will then go right into games Closing: Students will be asked how they played in their game Progression: the warm-up will consist of students running in their designated running lane. After they are warmed up, they will sit on the floor and go through a brief leg stretch. The main activity will consist of the teacher going over the rules and demonstrating a game of Four Square. Students will go right into games after. Teaching Styles: Warm-up: Practice style practice of previously learned skill Main Practice and Reciprocal style practice of previously learned skill and self and peer assessment Safety: Shoes are tied/fastened Be aware of your surroundings look around Keep your hands to yourself

Remember not to touch any equipment that is set up Eyes and ears on me while I am talking

Rules of Four Square: The teacher will go over the rules and procedures of Four Square. The teacher will demonstrate and explain the game at the same time. The teacher will use three students to help them demonstrate and explain the game. The game explains that four players stand in each box labeled A, B, C and D. The person in square A is the server and will serve the ball to square D. The server must drop it and hit it underhand after the bounce to square D. The server cannot hit the line when serving it or it will be consider out. Once the server serves the ball, the person in square D will wait for the ball to bounce once then they can hit it to any box they want. Play will continue until a player commits a foul or fails to return a hit. The teacher will explain these following fouls to the students: 1. Failure to hit a ball once it bounces inside ones box 2. Hitting a ball in someone elses box 3. The fouls include: failure to hit a ball that has bounced into ones box 4. Failure to hit the ball out of your own box. 5. Holding the ball, and catching or carrying a return volley. The teacher will explain that after a person commits a foul or fails to return a hit, then they are out. A person will be waiting off to the side and once a person is out then they will go into square D. Everyone else will move up a spot depending on what spot got out.

Time 3 min

Task Introduction: Greet students and give overview of lesson Warm-up: students will demonstrate their designated running lanes. They will run from one side of the court while high fiving another student, who then proceeds to the other side of the court Stretching: students will mimic the stretches the teacher is demonstrating on the floor Explanation: The teacher will explain and go over the rules of the game. The teacher will then select three students to demonstrate game play

Organization Students will sit in the circle at mid court Students will be in groups of three and then divided. Two students will stay on one side of the basketball court, while the other student goes to the other side of the court. Teacher walks among students to ensure safety and that students are staying in their lanes Students will go to their designated floor spot and sit down and wait for the teacher Students will return to the circle at half court and sit down.


Challenges/ Modifications


Stay in lane High Five Run Be aware of others

Walking Skipping Galloping

3 min

10 min

Do it right Legs not bent Pull your toes up Inside lines are out Outside lines are in B ox 4 is the best Waiting line Rotate Remember the rotation

Bent legs Reach in Lay on side

15 min

Games: 5 students per each game. Students will get right into game play. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the game and rules. They will also assess themselves and their peers during game play

Inside lines are out Outside lines are in B ox 4 is the best Waiting line Rotate Remember the rotation

Catch the ball

7 min

Closing: students will assess themselves and their peers while talking over how their respective games went

Students will line up for water. Then line up for their teacher