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SME presentation by Ashfaq Afridi

Who is Fred Smith?

Born in 1944. He was defected by a bone socket hip disorder called Calve-Perthes disease Got Bachelors degree from Yale University in the mid 1960s. Fred smith enlisted in the Marines and was sent to Vietnam for Education

Fred Smith entrepreneurial talents

At the age of 15 learned how to fly.

At the age of 16 along with his 2 friends formed Ardent Record Co. This business still exist and produced a number of hits, including Rock House and Big Satin Mama

History of FedEx
Begin operation in April 1974, with 14 Falcon jets servicing 25 cities. By mid-1974 start losing more than $1 million a month. Lost $13.4 million in its first two years. 1976 FedEx went public and by 1980 revenue had zoomed to $415.4 million & profit soared to 38.7 million.

1999 The company has become No.1 overnight shipper in the world, delivering more than 3 million packages to nearly 210 countries each working day.

Most familiar service. Handles millions of shipments. Delivers in 1 to 2 business days.

Cost effective. Alternative for small packages. Distance and time are wider.

When customers need it now. 24hrs. 7 days a week, including nights, weekends and holidays.

Heavy weight shipments. Less than truck load (LTL) freight. 600 miles next day delivery. 1,600+ miles second day delivery.

Custom brokerage. Electronic custom clearance. Speed shipments across the border.

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