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Bullying- Lesson 2 5 Grade 60 Minutes By: Alexandria Kvenvold Context for Learning Attention to students backgrounds, interests, and

nd needs WHO are the students in this class (or in this group)?5th grade students: approximately 30 students WHAT conditions might impact the planning and delivery of the lesson? Large number of students any many IEPs and 2 students that may have paraprofessionals. e !ill end up running out of time and !ill have to "ontinue most of the end se"tion to a different day. #ote: I did have a Para tell me that our students had a rough day in musi" yesterday. $hey said that !hen it "omes do!n to it they !ere not listening to the musi" tea"her and it !as almost as if they !ere bullying him. %he made a "omment about ho! I should ma&e sure it is &no!n that bullying does 'ust not happen student to student but it also "an happen student to adult or adult to "hild. Lesson Rationale ( )a"& up !ith eviden"e WHY are you teaching this lesson? This is lesson two of three that the fifth grade classrooms are supposed to cover. Content Standards and ELD (as appropriate) ( *epeat as needed Standard ! "# Students $ill co%pre&end concepts related to &ealt& pro%otion and disease pre'ention to en&ance &ealt&( )(*( !
1.8.1 1.8.2 Analyze the relationship between healthy behaviors and personal health. Describe the interrelationships of emotional, intellectual, physical, and social health in adolescence.

Learning +b,ecti'es (Establis&ed -oals)! Given the bully lesson 2 video, articles, group posters, and class discussions, the learners will be able to showcase their knowledge in the set bully article by writing and presenting about it in order to demonstrate that they comprehend bullying. Standard ! .# Students $ill de%onstrate t&e abilit/ to use interpersonal co%%unication skills to en&ance &ealt& and a'oid or reduce &ealt& risks( )(*( !
4.5.1 4.5.2 4.5.! 4.5.4 Demonstrate effective verbal and nonverbal communication s ills to enhance health. Demonstrate refusal s ills that avoid or reduce health ris s. Demonstrate nonviolent strate"ies to mana"e or resolve conflict. Demonstrate how to as for assistance to enhance personal health.

Learning +b,ecti'es (Establis&ed -oals)! Given the group work and group presentation on their assigned article, the learners will be able to work in groups to showcase their knowledge of their article to the class by writing posters as a group and then presenting in order to demonstrate their use of interpersonal communication skills to advocate their knowledge of bullying.

Objectives as given on the pre-written lesson: Students will be able to identify bullying behaviors and selfreflect on the topic of bullying. Students will be able to practice skills such as eye contact, and demonstrate self-confidence. Students will be able to work cooperatively in a jigsaw learning activity.

0or%ati'e Assess%ent ()rocess) ( *epeat as needed 1itle and description of assess%ent acti'it/! Student )articipation in S%all -roups and Class E'aluati'e criteria! Did eac& student acti'el/ participate in group ti%e and class ti%e2 Did eac& student sa/ so%et&ing during t&e poster presentations2 3&at t&e assess%ent is designed to assess (tie to learning ob,ecti'e)! Students de%onstrating t&eir abilit/ to use interpersonal co%%unication skills to pro'ide kno$ledge of bull/ing article along $it& $orking in a group( 0eedback to students! 4o$ could /ou &a'e $orked toget&er as a group2 4o$ could /ou %ake sure t&at /our ideas are all &eard2 4o$ could /ou eac& $ork toget&er2 4o$ could /ou delegate ,obs2 4o$ could /ou %ake sure /ou are on task2

Bullying- Lesson 2 5 Grade 60 Minutes By: Alexandria Kvenvold Su%%ati'e Assess%ent ()roduct) ( *epeat as needed 1itle and description of assess%ent acti'it/! *nfor%ational )aragrap& responding to t&e 5uestion! 63&at $ould /ou sa/ about bullies if /ou $ere inter'ie$s on t&e 'ideo27 E'aluati'e criteria! Are t&e/ being &onest and true2 Doe t&e/ actuall/ ans$er t&e 5uestion2 Do t&e/ $rite at least a paragrap&2 Are t&e/ using prior kno$ledge2 3&at t&e assess%ent is designed to assess (tie to learning ob,ecti'e)! Students are co%pre&ending concepts of bull/ing and able to put into t&eir o$n $ords $&at t&e/ $ould sa/( 1itle and description of assess%ent acti'it/! -roup )osters E'aluati'e criteria! Did e'er/one contribute (eac& person needed to $rite at least once)2 Does $&at is $ritten co%e fro% t&e article2 Does t&e pictures explain properl/ t&e article2 3&at t&e assess%ent is designed to assess (tie to learning ob,ecti'e)! A tie bet$een t&eir abilit/ to co%pre&end t&e concepts of bull/ing and also using interpersonal co%%unication to %ake sure e'er/one $orks on t&e pro,ect toget&er(

Acade%ic Language (8ocabular/) )ully+ )ully )ehavior+ $arget+ bystander+ physi"al bullying+ verbal bullying+ relationship bullying+ online bullying+ "yber,bullying+ -one+ gossip+ rumor+ anonymous+ revenge+ retaliate *ntegration English Language .rts, *eading+ .rt 9aterials /ideo 0our 1on"epts or&sheets Pen"ils .rti"les 21opies3 Posters 4ar&ers Example Posters *nstructional Strategies and Learning 1asks to Support Learning 1i%e : 9aterials Learning Acti'ities ()rocedure) )urpose (+b,ecti'e) +rientation;Engage%ent;9oti'ation ( .ny order 4ook#8ideo %ee belo! Rele'anc/### 5o! does it relate to them6 4it t&at it &appens e'er/ da/ and it does not ,ust &appen c&ild to c&ild, but it %a/ &appen c&ild to adult or adult to adult or adult to c&ild( Re'ie$ )re'ie$! -o o'er +b,ecti'es< %o they &no! !hat is going on for /ideo and Partner or& the day hat !ould you say6 7roup or& Content 1hoose all that apply 21an repeat and add ro!s3: Presentation8Expli"it Instru"tion+ %tru"tured Pra"ti"e8Exploration+ 7uided Pra"ti"e80eedba"&+ Independent Pra"ti"e8 .ppli"ation+ 0ormative .ssessment+ %ummative .ssessment 3 minutes /ideo: In the 4is, It9s my life: 2$!eens ta&e on3, Presentation8video of person ,1omputer+ %ho! the "lip titled ;)ullying< thoughts on !hat a bully is and %4.*$ board !hy they bully. 1ore 1on"epts =0 minutes @ivide the "lass and thin&,pair,share. 5ave them fill out ra!ti!e"A##li!ation- Main ,> ?ey 1on"epts the ;> ?ey 1on"epts< !or&sheet about the video. %hare ideas o$ t%e video riting

or&sheet ,Pen"il A 4inutes ,> ?ey 1on"epts or&sheet A 4inutes ,$ea"her Examples of both posters and arti"le.

Bullying- Lesson 2 5 Grade 60 Minutes By: Alexandria Kvenvold their responses to the "lass Bn the ba"& of the !or&sheet !rite a short informational paragraph to respond to the Cuestion: ; hat !ould you say about bullies if you !ere intervie!s on the video.< %ho! example of group pro'e"t: $hat I read the arti"le "alled: Bnline )ullying. $hen I made t!o different Posters. Poster Bne: =. $hat had the title of the arti"le 2. D main ideas8topi"s from the arti"le 3. Bne pi"ture to explain the arti"le or topi"s >. #ames of group members Poster $!o: =. $hin& of 2,E "lassroom rules based on the arti"le. )rea& students into D groups of > or 5 @istribute "opies of the follo!ing arti"les to small groups and the posters. 7ive time to read arti"les and ma&e posters. .rti"les "an be found on: http:88pbs&ids.org8itsmylife8friends8bullies8index.html =. hat Is )ullying6 2. ho9s . )ully6 3. ho9s . $arget6 >. 5o! to 5andle It 5. Inno"ent )ystanders E. .re Fou a )ully6 D. )ully 0ree Gones $5E 0BLLB I#7 ILL #EE@ $B )E 1B4PLE$E@ B# $5E #EH$ @.F: If needed: more time to "omplete group assignment Ea"h group !ill ma&e a presentation and ea"h person !ill need to spea& at least one time. 1lass dis"ussion ,%et Expe"tations of a 1lass @is"ussion ,Iuestions to as& or topi"s to revie!: ,,Istatements ,,*ole,playing on interventions: Istatements+ assertive+ humar+ !al&ing a!ay. ,,.dults that you "an tal& to ,,5o! "an you tell bet!een "onfli"t+ bullying+ and 'o&ing. ,,5elping friends being bullied. ,,5o! do your friends or family influen"e !hat you do6 &ore &on!e#ts Person thoughts on bullies feedba"&8pra"ti"e+ %ummative .ssessment. .naly-ing Influen"es Presentation and Expli"it Instru"tion

2 4inutes ,1ount by D 20,30 minutes

'or(ative and )u((ative Assess(ents* ra!ti!e and A##li!ation+ A!!essing ,n$or(ation* ,nter#ersonal &o((uni!ation

.dvo"a"y Interpersonal 1ommuni"ation+ .dvo"a"y+ 5o! to %elf 4anage+ .naly-ing Influen"es

Closure ( .ny order Re'ie$ )re'ie$! 3e $ill continue $it& $orking on co%pleting t&e posters;presenting t&e posters; and;or continuing $it& Class Discussion to%orro$ $it& 9rs( )eterson( 4o%e;0a%il/ *n'ol'e%ent<1alk $it& /our fa%il/ about &o$ /ou $ould &andle c/ber bull/ing, talking $it& t&e% about $&at c/ber bull/ing is and be t&eir teac&er(

Bullying- Lesson 2 5 Grade 60 Minutes By: Alexandria Kvenvold Extension;Lesson =uilder Closing State%ent Class Discussion >ote! %ost of t&e ending section! presentation and class discussion $ill need to be done at a later date if ti%e goes o'er ($&ic& it $ill) Content *nfor%ation (Resources) P)%

http:88pbs&ids.org8itsmylife8friends8bullies8index.html Pre, ritten Lesson