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¢ EOIM COLFER'S ice AO ANNO Maan B)s 1A melee a) TaN THE GRAPHIC NOVEL ee COMO PRA ORC RO Men MLL Lal OUR STORY BEGIMS SEVERAL YEARS AGO AT THE Dawn OF THE TWENTY-FIRST ol aUG Hen Na Young Artemis Fowl is a criminal genius and the USEC U RUE UC ma Rue tat CACO UTe) technologically advanced crimes of this century UTM eM Lemuel Rel MoU ETM GTCM ToL Lar UI Ce Le) (eB Fairy gold. The only thing is, these are not just any old fairies . . Artemis is plotting to hold a fairy to ransom and restore his family’s Silat mesa Me CN eR a RE MMLC MeOH Rael TT) where the fairies are armed and dangerous, the gadgetry is mind- Ge Ue UCU Re eee ede eee Lec aT) Ur el TUM RCN een UA My Lm experienced anything like this Selmore aT ‘Reads like the fastest, punchiest comic strip you've ever come across’ — Daily Telegraph a Rr UCC RCE laa uel Leeroy Adapted by EOIN COLFER & ANDREW DONKIN Art by Giovanni Rigano Colour by Paolo Lamanna 8) PUFFIN BOOKS,