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Honore Gabriel Riqueti Comte de Mirabeau 12345 Croissant Circle Le Bignon, Lle de France 45210, France 111-222-3345 Honore

December 12, 2013

To whom it may concern, Im writing to you to apply for the job as the Coordinator of Revolutionary Instruction and Implementation. I found the job listing on and would love to help the Revolution and get the job. You can also contact A.R.J. Turgot for a recommendation. I am a great leader and am able to negotiate. These skills are extremely helpful in a Revolution and in this situation I can help. I am a hard worker and I have a sense of determination, the other reason I would be perfect for this job, is my story is truly a comeback story. I got in legal trouble earlier and have was even in jail and almost given the death penalty and I since have preserved and worked my way up to the top. I have a never give up attitude. Thank you for considering me for this position. If chosen, I will bring pride to everyone involved and put a smile on many faces.

Sincerely, Honore Gabriel Riqueti Comte de Mirabeau