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Workflow check list

Work Flow Coordinator 1. Is the Change document and descriptions in English NO, ask !or translation in changing document !rom Europe "#. $. Is the %rawing in English NO: &eject' (ack to "# ). Check *a( o!!ice +. Project parts and &e, *e,el -. Products in series Project Managers 1. .ew parts .eed maintain master data and "/M $. Creation o! &outings !or 0ssem(lies. ). Parts in locali1ation +. %ecision what to do with parts alread2 deli,ered or on order. -. In!orm all concerned Engineers a(out the Changes in WF Industrial Engineering(IE) 1. Creation o! &outings !or C.C and 3heet metal parts. $. 0n2 jigs or production tools to (e adapted &esp4 IE to check &outings and to correct. ). 0n2 work instruction to (e adapted &esp4 IE to check and Prepare or modi!2 the Work instructions. Procurement 1. Change drawing at supplier site $. Check open orders and open contracts. ). Check the stock (phase in 5 out 6together with *ogistics) +. 7ow long does it take the supplier to pro,ide the parts according to the new re,ision -. Is it necessar2 to place an order !or the old re,ision to (ridge the time until the new re,ision is a,aila(le 8. Price changes In!orm FI 9. :o de!ine suppliers' compare o!!er' pricing etc.

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8. :o Program &esp4 M