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Leslie De Loza & Edith Martinez 9/5/2013 Baby Genetic Modification I.

Background & Development: The first geneticall !rescreened "a" girl #as "orn in 199$. %enetic !rescreening #as de&elo!ed to hel! co'!les and #o(en that are 'na"le to ha&e "a"ies on their o#n. %enetic (odification can also "e 'sed to correct or !re&ent Do#n ) ndro(e and other diseases that can "e har(f'l to the "a" . These "a"ies are also *no#n as designer "a"ies+ the definition is+ , "a" #hose genetic (a*e'! had "een artificiall selected " genetic engineering co("ines #ith in &itro fertilization to ens're the !resence or a"sence of !artic'lar genes and characteristics../g(.org0 %enetic (odification is illegal in (an co'ntries+ incl'ding the 12. The go&ern(ent #ill not hel! or contri"'te to an scientific e3!eri(ent that !'r!osel or 'n!'r!osel alters or changes inherited genes. II. General principles and explanations: %enetic !rescreening is "asicall the re!lace(ent of (itochondria. The (itochondria that is defecti&e is re!laced #ith health (itochondria fro( the donors egg. Mitochondria are organelles that ta*e n'trients and con&erts the( into energ for the cell. 4hen this ha!!ens the child contains e3tra genes that are not fo'nd in either of their !arents. 5o!las(ic transfer is #hen !arts of a donor cell are in6ected into the cell of the #o(an #ith infertilit !ro"le(s. /7egalado0 - scientist in 8ong 2ong na(ed Dennis Lo disco&ered that it is !ossi"le to get the "a" 9s D:- fro( the (other;s "lood strea(. , < Lo9s esti(ate+ as ('ch as 15 !ercent of the free=flo#ing D:- in a (other9s "loodstrea( is the fet's9s.. /7egalado0 This co'ld tell the doctors and !arents the characteristics of the "a"ies "efore the 9re "orn.

III. Applications: %enetic (odification is !o!'lar toda and it contin'es to i(!ro&e. %enetic (odification is still "eing (odified and tested. /8o#ard >ac?'eline0. 5f co'rse geneticall (odif ing a "a" so'nds great+ eas and &er "eneficial+ "'t "elie&e it or not this does ha&e it9s li(its. - &er !o!'lar *ind of genetic (odification is #hen !arents ha&e a genetic disease that the don9t #ant their child to inherit and 'se %M to *ee! the illness fro( "eing !assed on. /Ti(es 8igher Ed'cation0. )cientists fo'nd a #a to (a*e "a"ies health + " testing the "a"ies e("r os for inherited diseases or sic*nesses s'ch as+ hereditar cancer and dia"etes. @arents toda ha&e "een doing this to *ee! their children safe and health . That9s &er good "eca'se ha&ing a health "a" #o'ld "e great. It9s also "eneficial "eca'se it9s sto!!ing the de&elo!(ent of a disease "efore the "a" is e&en "orn. )cientists ha&e "een doing research and e3!eri(ents that can "ring 's a ste! closer to redesigning "a"ies. IA. Implications: The !ro9s to this are+ sto!!ing a sic*ness or disease to hel! ens're the "a" is health . )o(e thin* that it is #rong for !arents to tr to change the #a a "a" loo*s or is going to loo*. 5ther !arents arg'e that if o' #ant the "a" to loo* a certain #a + that !erson sho'ld (arr so(eone that has that trait+ then there is no need to change the #a a "a" #ill loo* li*e. %eneticall (odif ing a "a" for health iss'es is fine+ "'t the 9re a!!earance is 6'st o't of the !lace. )o(e !eo!le "elie&e that children are a gift of god and their a!!earance is (eant to "e the #a it is+ /%eneticall -ltered <a"ies...0 that the sho'ldn9t change god9s creation. )o(e !arents thin* this sho'ld "e 'sed "eca'se it9s a "eneficial. Works Cited "CP U. ." C!ristian Post. "# Aug. "$%&

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