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WHY DO PEOPLE EATSO MUCH SUGAR? WHY DO WE KNOW SO LITTLE ABOUT ITS DANGERS? HOW STRONG IS THE SCIENTIFIC CASE AGAINST SUGAR? ‘SHOULD IT EVEN BE BANNED ALTOGETHER? John Yudkin was one ofthe fistto pointoutthe dangers sugar when he published the original edition of Pure, White and Deadlyin 1972. Now inthis. ‘extensively rewritten and expanded edition, he reveals the new evidence about the dangers of sugar andits drastic consequences for ourheath. In everyday language Professor Yudkin explainshow suger consumption slinked to diabetes, heartandliver disease, dental caries and other conditions. He pays particularattention toits effects on young children and shows how they like everyone ese, can benefitfrom reduced sugarriniake. He also examines the role of the sugar industry, which has made strenuous fforis io dismissthe case ogains sugar Pure, White and Deadlyis a shockn productthatis an everyday (and often invisible) part of ‘ourdiet. should be read by all who are concerned with theirown and the nation’s welfare. dictment ofa (1) 80140083 NDIGNA NHOr ree JOHN -YUD KIN PURE, WHITE AND DEADLY eect ery ee Peete tect) Seer eens Job Yadkin was Profeor of Notion an Diss at he University of Landon fran 9541 1971 and is gow Emess Professor Boen in 191, he proseded from Chris's Cale, Cambri tthe Leta Hospi an ds resarch woekinthe Booemscl Laboratey and the Nuun Laboratory Cambridge; where hema ako Dizosor of Medal Stes a (Cras Cbg. His degre ince MLA. PhD, MLD (Can fab), PARC. and FSC Frm 14st 984 be was Pe {esr of Pygy a Quen lath Clg University of {Condon He bar pai sme soo artleron hems snd ‘tinal jar nals Sing Busnes, Ths Nuon Busnes, AZ of Shaming aod The Poeun Enolpasao Nason Als by Joh Yuin ont Author John Yudkin Pure, White and Deadly © PENGUIN BOOKS