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Learning Goals 1. Complete the diagnostic test to assess previous information on the concept of resume. R.10.1- R.10.5 W.10.

1 W.10.! W.10.5 !. Learn the definition of terms and concepts related to resumes. L"#.10.1 $. Complete %ost &est R.10.1- R.10.5 W.10.1 W.10.! W.10.5 '. Create resume.

Assessment Diagnostic Test

Format of Assessment Students received a diagnostic test with multiple choice and open ended questions.

Formative Assessment

Students will be given quizzes to assess and retain the information given. The format of the quiz is multiple choice. Students received a posttest with the same questions in a paraphrased manner to test their gained knowledge. The open ended questions were eliminated since they were rhetorical based and were used to motivate them to think. After learning about resumes students will then create their own to turn in as a pro!ect grade.

Summative Assessment