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Math Lesson Plan Format Grade Level: 4th Grade Topic (from Common Core State Standards): 4.NBT.B.

5- Multiply a whole number of up to 4 digit by a 1 digit number, and multiply by 2two digit numbers using strategies based on place values and properties of operations. Rationale: When students see the relationship between single digit numbers and double digit numbers that end in a 0 will help them to build the foundational understanding they will know on multiplying numbers in a by a multiple of 10. Objective: Students will be able to describe the effect of multiplying a number by a multiple of 10, and know that they can multiply the first non-zero digit and then add the total numbers of zeros from the problem to the back of the answer. Content and Strategies Focus/Review: Play School House Rock video- My Hero Zero Teacher Input: There is a relationship that we can see when we multiply 2 single digit numbers and when we multiply a single digit number to a multiple of 10. For example: When I multiply 3*4 I get 12. When I multiply 3*40 the answer is 120. Teacher underlines the 12 and the 1, 2 in 120. As you see if you look at both the equations the only difference is there is a 0 in the ones place. If you look at the answers there is a 0 in the ones place as well. Guided Practice: What if I had 8*50? Write down this problem in your math notebooks and put your pencil down when you are done with the problem. When the students are done ask a student to come up and show how they solved the equation. Independent Practice: Students will work on page 47 in their math text. If they finish early they will work on their morning math work or they can work on their daily math homework which is page 50. Closure: Gather the students attention using the clap pattern management tool. When you have the students attention ask them if someone would like to show the class how they got the answers to number 1 on page 47. After the student has shown the class how to solve the problem ask the class if someone wanted to share the word problem they created that went along with question number 1.

Evaluation/Assessment of Student Learning: If students get an 80% on page 47 they have showed understanding of the objective. If they get less than 80% I will do individual differentiation or if over 50% of the class does not score at least 80% on 47 I will teach a mini lesson to the whole class. Materials/Technology: Page 47 of math textbook. (1 for each student) White board marker White board Plans for Individual Differences: LD: Have him work on page 47 with the aid of a multiplication chart for possible reference. Down Syndrome: Have her work on her basic number sense with teacher assistant. Standards for Mathematical Practice 1. Makes sense and perseveres in solving problems. 2. Reasons abstractly and quantitatively. 4. Models with mathematics. 6. Attends to precision. 7. Looks for and makes use of structure. 8. Looks for and expresses regularity in repeated reasoning.